Cyprus Property

If you are thinking of buying property in Cyprus for holidays, retirement or if you just feel you need a fresh start in a good place, do not hesitate to move. Location crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. Cyprus – one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coast – an ideal place for both business and pleasure. Weather The sun shines in Cyprus more than 330 days a year.

The climate near the sea is quite different from climate in the mountains, which can be reached in just an hour away by car. Cyprus – one of the few countries in the world where you can ski and swim in the sea in one day. High standard of living high European standard of living makes it possible to enjoy it fully. Inexpensive Living in Cyprus relatively inexpensive life in comparison with many European countries.

Low-cost life and its high level can be fully enjoy your stay in Cyprus. Security in Cyprus and low crime. The police are always ready to help. Phone emergency 199 or 112 (all cities). Most police say in English. Legislation Cyprus legal system is based on English law, since the island was formerly a British colony. Education In addition to public schools with a high level education in Cyprus has a lot of English and Russian private school. Attractions In Cyprus you can visit the unique archaeological sites, museums, churches and monasteries. Public hospitals and health care private clinics / hospitals are mostly in urban areas, while improving cents and clinics – outside, covering all the medical needs of the population. Member of the European Union since 1 May 2004 Cyprus is Godea eu member.

Author: Jackie