Cursory Money

If you live in a residential area of the factory, money for a taxi you have not, the iron front door periodically break amateurs to use access as a public toilet, then maybe you will come in handy set of useful knowledge and skills that will help you get out of this situation at a meeting with the brethren of the night is far from Robin Goudov because taking money from you, poor them, they certainly will not give up. So, as always, help comes to you psychology. Faster than the appearance of attacking you appreciate their psychological status, the greater the percentage of probability and save yourself and save the values. What do we do Cursory look around a group of attackers to find out who is in front of you, because it may be in the first place, just teenagers, the easiest option, and secondly, the real thieves, then harder, they are usually armed and resistance can be detrimental for you to complete, so in this case, it is better to give money and things, then getting to the phone to call the police. Believe me, not worth your life and health of trinkets and money. For “hot pursuit” of criminals to quickly find and worth your back safe and sound. In the case of teenagers use the old and good psychology.

It’s simple, choose the type of the snotty young boy or girl (in our time and it happens, unfortunately), and with confidence in his voice, asked: “And my father knows what you’re doing? I will see tomorrow, will ask why he does not give you any money! “With an emphasis on your personal acquaintance with the father of a teenager. All, consider a split in the group will come immediately, they suddenly lose interest in you and then disappear. Another way of psychological oppression, avoiding physical violence – it’s your persuasive ability to frighten even a large group of Gopnik. It consists of the following: Make the most ferocious form, the you can (if necessary, practice in front of a mirror beforehand), and looking at them, tell me no less fierce voice: “Let me here and then roll, but one I like throat teeth peregryzu!” Believe me, no one with loonies are not linked and the only thing that supposedly desperate victim’s throat, does not want to be, therefore, likely that they will retreat. By following these simple guidelines, you may be able to get out of anyone even the most difficult and desperate situation. Of course, no brute force always costs will fail, because people are different and psychological techniques are not always able to such a fast quick resolution leaning trouble. You have to understand that a 100% guarantee even dna examination does not. Therefore, the “House of Soviets” recommends not only have a strong mind, but still develop at least a strong body. PS: and ending with the idea of a dream, who do not, so I wish that they had at least one, but the most cherished dream – to have a dream.

Author: Jackie