Current Constitution

The resumes of the courses of Psychology have presented some deficiencies as for the teaching of the federal and regional laws that determine the rights and duties of the Brazilians. To enclose all the subjects contained in articles of the Federal Constitution we would need specific chairs, with bigger duration that a semester. In the introduction of the Current Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil it is placed that it is a democratic state, that assures ‘ ‘ the individual and social right of action, the freedom, the security, well-being, the development, the equality and justice as supreme values of a society fraterna, pluralista and without preconceptions, established in the harmony social’ ‘ (FEDERAL SENATE, P. 4). This introduction in the preamble evidences the main values that base the life of the Brazilians in this country that is democratic: freedom, equality and justice. Knowing of these affirmations questions appear: what they keep the people submissas to the inaqualities? What it makes a citizen to accept to be discriminated, excluded, attacked, forcene if the constitution if it opposes to these practical? That values base the relations between the people? How these values are taught in the learning spaces? The answers if inside insert of all a complexity. It is retaken initial question of this text on the current education.

One knows that the schools of basic and average education, in its majority, do not accomplish educative actions that teach and make possible the pupils if to appropriate of the laws which they are submitted. A reality with citizens meets thus that are unaware of its rights, the legislative protections that they possess and the duties that must fulfill for being part of a population. Referring rights to the woman, the man, the family, the union, the security, the health, the education, the culture, the territory, the state, to the government, the environment, among others, integrate this constitution. More specific laws the groups as children, adolescents, young, aged, indians, questions of sexuality, religion, politics, philosophy, race, color and age determine rules of treatment and possibilities. Amongst the duties, referring subjects to the elections, the military service, the prohibition of crime, the aggression, the restriction of freedom and exploration meet. To influence in the action of these laws we need in them to become the change that we want for our society. The transformation alone will be possible with the support and action of each citizen inside of its context, its university, its course, its house and obtains exactly. We need to reflect and to look at critically for our daily one: Which situations we neglect? The which inaqualities we blind in them? What we discriminate of prejudiced form? The which situations we omit in them? What we are submissos? That values base our relations? How our form of being affects we and to excessively?

Author: Jackie