Contraceptive Choices

Sometime in his youth, before the start of family life, I came upon a very small booklet. I do not remember the names and what she did not know, but here's a plate of it crashed into a memory forever, and ever since I use this knowledge and to practice them continuously for about 28 years. As a result, no unwanted pregnancies, the wife had never taken any hormones or something like that. Here is a small excerpt from the journal 'Gynecology. Magazine for practitioners. " 'Almost all the women start to use contraceptive 1 time in 25 years. Mostly it is oral contraceptives (hormone pills) or barrier (condoms). Latest cause more resentment than pills or hormone helix, which is pretty most use of their women.

In Russia, when in need of family control 46% of women have resorted to using condoms, 29% use IUDs. The most popular in all countries studied, are hormonal contraceptives: 90% of women are aware of them, 45% had ever used and 16% use in present. About tablets know 88% of those surveyed, 44% reported ever having used them, and 15% said they currently use. " The problem is concerned, we will solve it as follows: Table 1. All numeric data are given in days.

Cycle of early menstruation and before the next can, but we must remember the three days is impossible. Or protected by traditional. The best period. You can all! 21 2 8 11 22 3 8 11 23 4 8 11 24 5 8 11 25 6 8 11 26 7 8 11 27 8 8 11 28 9 8 11 29 10 8 11 30 11 8 11 Knowing that the egg lives 8 days not fertilized dies, it shall use. Suppose your cycle is 28 days. The first 3 4 days is impossible, it is clear, the possibility of an infection and no aesthetics. Also, doctors warn that the sperm remains active for 3 days (do not know who it is measured, but just in case it will be remembered) and what remains for us from the column number 2: 9 – (3 +3) = 3 days. Not a lot, but with courage and with all sorts of fantasies. Worse things are among those who cycle less and are much smaller. Well, further into the plate I I think everything is clear. Waiting for those 11 days – what a foretaste! It remains to acquire calendars. Especially men. Watch carefully for a wife or girlfriend. And the best just to ask, in the end it because it is also necessary. That's it. Hot and liberated you meet. Can quarrel in komentah indicated below the blog, or add something more substantial. I think that I'm not the only one who knows about it.

Author: Jackie