Christmas Ointment

Appeared on the Internet quite a lot of publication of my article 'a strengthened version of the Christmas ointment from Roman Sviridov' which was published in 'Granny (recipes from 100 ills' Sergei Bondarev. All of these publications, gently speaking, it is not legitimate. No one asked permission nor have I, Roman Sviridov, author of the article, nor Sergei Bondarev – Editor 'Grandma (Recipes from 100 ills. "Surf the internet, set in any search engine" Ointment Seymovoy "or" Christmas ointment. You will be immediately provided a huge list of sites that posted my article.

Well, let them! First of all, an article on options for applying ointment Seymovoy I wrote for people. And the popularity of 'Stronger version of' I can judge by the number of hits this article on Yes, and searches for ointments Seymovoy confirm the uniqueness of this money and interest from Internet users. Ointment Helena Seymovoy showed high efficacy in the treatment of various diseases, and the newspaper 'Grandma (recipes from 100 Bed)' gets many letters from readers with positive feedback on the use of Christmas ointment. Ointment Seymovoy alas, not a panacea, but the ability of this tool to accelerate maturation of inflammatory focus and draw the pus, which creates favorable conditions for a speedy recovery. And our readers are making their adjustments and expand the scope application of ointment. So we get interesting letters from readers, in which readers share their modifications with original unique Christmas ointment, which makes it even more effective. For his part, I also sought to enhance the action of an ointment, and give it additional properties, such as painkillers, or strengthen blister agents.

And this is achieved by using as a basis for ointments, oil extracts herbal medicine, called simply 'oil'. Such oils, their properties, and how to prepare written this article. I described the properties and methods of cooking oils using herbs veronica drug, St. John's wort, cottonweed topyanoy, burdock root, calendula flowers, fruits, sea buckthorn and wild rose, walnut leaves, roots, erect cinquefoil, dandelion, grass succession, kidney, aspen, red clover inflorescences, laurel leaves, grass wild rosemary marsh. In the future, I hope there will be new developments in the ointment Seymovoy. His article in the original I posted on the site Recipes from 100 ills. However, I did not stop it. Specifically for users of the Internet, I coded a small booklet and now everyone can download it in a format djvu (to reduce the size of the book) from the site Recipes from 100 ills. I hope you enjoy. By the way, authorize the publication of the article and placing brochures on other sites, with provided the direct link to the poster. Roman Sviridov

Author: Jackie