Chic Tan

Sun. Sunbathing. Especially in the early spring, we feel keenly the lack of vitamins, UV …. Salvation in a beauty salon – tanning salon. Feeling of summer, golden tan …

And of course, dark, tanned skin always looks more beautiful in life and in photographs. But so many people can sunbathe on medical grounds. Or some white and soft skin. And she always burns, reddens from ultraviolet radiation. There are even burns. Tanning in home lie not evenly stained. Or sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, one of the most popular procedures in the world of beauty becomes studios – an instant tan without using spray UV! If you want to look like after a holiday in the resort, and at the same instant, it's just what you need.

Special lotion is very thin and evenly sprayed on the skin. It takes 5 to 10 minutes. The effect is maintained for 5 – 10 days it depends on the individual characteristics of your skin. But there were no streaks and spots, brightens skin evenly. On the face of the frequent use of cosmetics and enhanced regeneration of the skin will be tan run off more quickly than the body. Lotion pollinates the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Excess lotion and microscopic droplets left on the hair is removed at the first taking a shower. But not until five hours after spraying. It was during this time the skin absorbs the pigments that you shone gorgeous tan. It is not recommended to wear white stuff after spraying. To tan kept the maximum possible time, before the need to take a shower and rub oneself hard sponge. After taking a shower is not necessary to use creams for the body. Lotion Spray does not have a negative effect on age spots, birthmarks. But there is a BUT. Psoriasis and other skin diseases are the stop sign for that too tempting treatments! If contra-not, summer can occur at any time! Solntsebudet with you a few days! Source: Alisea

Author: Jackie