Chamomile Usually

To relieve congestion and provide us with a pleasant dream night, more than once we have resorted to a glass of hot milk with honey; This simple recipe is very effective and its simplicity we tend to forget in pursuit of other more complex or costly remedies that they not tend to be as appropriate for holistic health. If we consume honey diluted in warm water, ninety minutes before meals, it will be a great relief for the ulcer, gastritis or stomach acidity; This is due to that it significantly decreases the rate of acidity, favours the healing of mucosal and may also have some effect on Helicobacter Pylori, a bacterium implicated in the development of the ulcer. This same preparation, immediately before meals, favors the digestive process in those who usually suffer from heaviness and slow to process food. Combining exercises to strengthen the muscles of the bladder with regular consumption of honey, usually greatly improve the urinary incontinence which usually affect mature women. In external use, honey can be used to accelerate the regenerative processes of the skin and promote healing of cuts, Burns, abscesses, ulcers or sores; in these cases honey has antiseptic, soothes pain and facilitates cell division that favors a quick and effective healing. Honey has multiple cosmetic actions in gels, soaps, tonics, creams, etc.; in these cases we can mention the masks of honey on the face or the use of one or two tablespoons of it in the bath water to relieve the skin like psoriasis or allergy problems. And although many more are indications of honey, we are going to close this article by promoting an almost unknown aspect in terms of its medicinal uses. Usually, when we have eyes irritated or with conjunctivitis, we resorted to an infusion of eyebright or Chamomile to alleviate them; well, if to this infusion we add a little honey, the results are much more promising. Here ended and the We do with the feeling of having shared another treasure of the many afforded us the nature so that we take full advantage for the health and well-being of the family.

Author: Jackie