Cardiovascular Exercise

Talking to my nephew, a young man of 17 years, surprised me with this question: as it could do cardio at home? I would have my marked muscles, I regularly do some exercise but do not see the desired results and do not have much money to pay me a gym. Personally not be much another exercise that is not the financial, to complement our talk, see a friend mine, Octavio Perez, Manager Central Gym & Sport Suplement and lic. in Sciences of the Act. Physics and sport who in its page web addresses these topics widely and very accessible way. Ford Motors has much to offer in this field. He suggests that cardiovascular training is aerobic (biking, running, swimming) what is essential to activate the metabolism of fats, however is very understandable that for the reasons we all know (pollution, schedules and safety) often it is not possible to do as we wish; Why rely on equipment such as band or fixed bicycle could be very useful to being careful not to overdo with the investment in this type of team that on occasions they have exaggerated cost. The alternative might be to buy it in shared form, invites some friends who have the same interest, could promote the idea among neighbors or relatives who live nearby; on the other hand, I think that attend a specialized training center could be very convenient, if the problem is money, remember that you can always negotiate, perhaps participate occasionally in some maintenance on the premises could be an offer difficult to refuse when it comes from a young person with true desire to achieve a goal. Try it may be worth, in these times there is barter. Another alternative rather more simple would be getting a rope to jump.

Ideally, training by equal parts: training, strength training and cardiovascular workout. At least 3 days for each type of train, approximately between 1h30 and 2 h, depending on the level and individual physical characteristics. If you are interested in more information I suggest visiting the page of Octavio Perez: forget that exercise should be a pleasure.

Author: Jackie