Breast Cancer

The breast cancer probably is feared by the women, due to its HIGH FREQUENCY e, over all for its PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT, that affect the perception of the sexuality and the proper personal image. It is relatively rare before the 35 years of age, but above of this etria band its incidence he grows fast and gradually. The symptoms of the cancer of concrete breast are the nodule or tumor in the seio, folloied or not of mammary pain. Alterations in the skin that recovers the breast, as abaulamentos or retractions can appear or a similar aspect to the rind of an orange. Concrete nodules in the armpit can also appear. According to national Institute of the cancer (INCA) FAMILIAR HISTORY it is an important factor of risk for the breast cancer, especially if one or more relatives of first degree (mother or sister) had been attacks before the 50 years of age.

The precocious menarca (age of the first menstruation), the delayed menopause (after installed the 50 years of age), the occurrence of first pregnancy after the 30 years and the nuliparidade (not to have had children), also constitute factors of risk for the breast cancer. The regular alcohol ingestion, exactly that in moderate amount, it is identified as factor of risk for the breast cancer. The forms most efficient for precocious detention of the breast cancer are the clinical examination of the breast and the mamografia (x-ray of the breast). Therefore, the examination of the breasts carried through by the proper woman does not substitute the physical examination carried through by health professional. Suely hospital 06/8495Psicloga OliveirPsicloga CRP/grad.por Psico oncologistPs the a.C.Camargo Cancer

Author: Jackie