How it works? Mechanism of action of Botox lies in the fact that the drug, interrupting the communication between nerve and muscle fibers, "off" the muscle, thereby reducing its activity. "Switching off" fibers are at rest, gradually smoothed out, and we lost over their former power, learn to show their emotions without their reflection on our face. Effect of the drug is felt in the first two or three days after the procedure, and the full therapeutic effect is achieved by the end of the second week. Eventually you wean severely reduce the eyebrows, mouth corners down dejectedly and screw eyes and learns to control his facial expressions. Actions take place – effect remains Botox is not "off" muscle Forever – The validity period of the drug strongly individual and can range from three months to a year that someone may seem big minus. In fact, this is a plus, allowing you to control the situation.

Often we do not dare to some cosmetic procedures, subconsciously dreading it irreversible changes. With Botox you have such a problem will not happen. If something does not like or you're bored of your favorite facial wrinkles, to understand exactly what it gave you a special appearance charm, you can no longer have recourse to Botox and satisfied with the result achieved. Those who are determined to change his appearance for the better and is going to use Botox to the final victory over mimic wrinkles, we can advise the following: do not repeat the procedure until the effect of the drug is not over yet, wait until the complete cessation of its operation – so you get the best results.

Author: Jackie