Bet Or No Bet? Do You Have What It Takes To Be Happy, Healthy Gambler ?

I placed my first bet when I was in college. I did not do to make money, it was just a byproduct of what was in reality? emotion. You see, my first bet was for a total of 50 pence, and if you won it was only going to make 4 or 5 times my investment, but after the placement, I felt a rush like no other. He was now in direct competition with the bookmaker and I wanted to beat him. What happens is that I lost. I had challenged a seemingly insurmountable force and lost, but I felt great.

Only that it was enough to fill me with a great sense of satisfaction, and although I took a 5 bets before I won, after each loss I still felt good about myself. Bets are still held today and still have the same feeling. I gained experience I have, and as a result my bets are slightly higher in these days, but that’s only part of the battle to fight against gambling. Not yet care much about money, I just increase the size of my bet as a defiant message to the bookies saying it will not break. Because after all, is not that what they are trying to do? They have no morals, no sense of right or wrong, all I want to do is squeeze every last drop of money you have as quickly as possible and let them clean up after having given them the same pleasure. I have not given this pleasure.

We all know that the game can be very addictive, but not necessary. All you need is the right mentality, a positive mindset. Even when I lose I still consider myself a winner. The bookmaker has my money, but I have never taken something that me and my self-control. To lose this to them will ultimately lead to financial disaster and I’m not willing to allow this. While I’m in control I have my bets still on top, but can win more than one battle, but never win the war. If all a gamble like this, then the houses were losing bets. They have lost the only thing that keeps going? their superiority over us. To have a strong mind in difficult situations, to take a loss on the chin and still come out fighting qualities are valuable and the game could very well help achieve these properties. I know I am a stronger person for it. I have great confidence in myself, knowing that I’ll always be in control. Nobody can make me feel small, because I’m in control. This is how to bet, bet with your head, not with the heart. Be smart, not stupid. If you do not have fun when you bet, then do not do, if you can not realize that winning is not everything, then, my friend, are destined to lose his personal battle with the bookies and I would like to see happen . “Know yourself, know your enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”?

Author: Jackie