Belarus Love

As an example, meets the aforementioned criteria, I consider it possible to consider a formula that I have proposed to analyze the properties of sen-love. Currently, the method of determining critical points in relationship partners, based on this formula, used to enjoy practical experts of Belarus, Uk-Rhine, Germany. Should say a few words about the considered mandatory-ism feeling. K Unfortunately, no clear and uncontested definition of love does not exist, and it is unknown whether it will do, considering the huge difference in views on love of different specialists. Can be infinitely long debate and cite Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm, of other scientists and philosophers who believe that love – it's instinct, artificial stvo, a biochemical reaction, triggered by pheromones, and still not come to a common point of view. One thing is certain, each of these assertions contained a grain of truth here and it is necessary to take practical applications, leaving all the arguments and philosophical debates on the sidelines. Many people believe that attempts to isolate part-lyayuschie love and systematize them, are equal 'vtaptyvaniyu' high sense of the mud. They firmly believe that such details are not necessary and in principle not possible, because we are, from their point of view, is a non-cognizable depths of the soul. But we can not also oppose the fact that every person, as personal, particular, has its own needs from the lower (food, shelter, sex) to higher (self-realization, self-knowledge) and a set required at some point needs depends on the influence of this time the circumstances.

Author: Jackie