Bad water, which is chlorinated to protect against acute infections, brings into our bodies dead bacteria – bacterial protein with every cup of coffee or tea. Even bottled water can not eliminate the protein of bacteria. Subclinical form of intestinal flow, colds, influenza infections cause only a small portion of protective processes in our body, and the bacteria die, but not 'burned' temperature. Consequence sedentary lifestyles, reducing physical exertion, and the resulting low activity of the skin, sweating, secretion from the intestine and kidney. Sweating in a sauna does not provide that the optimal action, as in sweating result of muscular work. " It is obvious that all of the R. Voll factors lead to chronic originally acute problems; profoundly blocked for years mesenchyme not only difficult to cure any ways, but the diagnosis, which explains the steady growth of 'difficult' patients.

Despite the much milder impact of brt as compared to classical mesenchymal reactivation by R. Voll, for its successful of the need to know a number of subtleties in full is not possible to describe in this article. Let's look at some. Like any method of treatment, every step of the brt neobhodino control enough informative diagnostic technique. In my opinion, the best diagnostic method is vegetative resonance test, giving the first series of integrative indicators (most important to track direction of reactions, from the standpoint of the law Hering), as well as indicators of qualifying, and enables us to model the situation, including the long term. For more information on this diagnostic procedure can be meet in a separate article.

Author: Jackie