It is drawn away from the floor and lift the torso from the slope (due to the efforts of the legs) reported rod original impetus of motion. At this point, his hands relaxed and straight: they are only controlled by tossing a barbell. Only after the rod reaches the stomach, arms bent at the elbows and along with the delta join in the further movement of the bar up. Pull the bar to the chin quick, explosive movement. This will create a powerful inertia time of movement of the bar when it is approaching the top of the exercise, and you will have enough time to have time to sit down under the neck. Application To: Athletes with the level of training is above average. When: The first exercise workout legs or back. After flashing bar on the chest, do deadlifts, squats, leg presses, hook-squats, lunges and leg extensions.

How much: 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions with light weight to warm up, then 3.4 sets of 3-5 repetitions with a weight of 50-70% M1P (maximum weight of one repetition). Sport is an exercise in the arsenal of weightlifting develops power and strength of the whole array of muscles (hips, back, and delta), teaches them to work cohesively as a single mechanism, and gives a powerful impetus to muscle growth. Turn the jerk rod on his chest in a strength training program and a month later you just wonder how much will increase your results in athletics, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, hockey and martial arts.

Author: Jackie