As Only

Look to straight ahead. Tighten your lower back muscles and lock the natural curvature of the spine to the end of the set. Inhale and hold your breath. Squeeze your biceps and lift one dumbbell to the shoulder. Elbows are immobile and are located on the sides of the torso. Do not push them forward.

As Only brush will be at the top of the chest, stop for 1-2 seconds, even more tense your biceps and forearm. Exhaling, slowly lower the dumbbell. At the lowest point, pause, and then do another lift dumbbells. This is one repetition. Tips Keep all the time, the upper arm (from elbow to shoulder) remained motionless and held upright. Pushing the elbows forward, to facilitate lifting, you're just "stealing" the load at the biceps. The body must be fixed in an upright position.

Do not deviate ago and do not push your pelvis forward to help the whole body to move the dumbbell off the ground in early recovery. Better take lighter weights. Remember, in the First of all – the correct form of movement, and only then the weight of the load. Do not bend or rotate the brush in his wrists. The palms are always facing each other. If, during the ascent, you deploy a brush, so that at the top palms facing upward, the load shifted the focus from the shoulder muscles on your biceps. Expanding the brush in the opposite direction (above the palm facing the body), you are stronger zadeystvuete brachoradialis muscle and the round pronator.

Author: Jackie