Anxiety and Traumatic Anxiety

When we are born all we are put under two basic laws: the law of the gravity and the law of the basic or existential anguish. On the law of the gravity there is little to say because everything is obvious and easy; if you do not create it, to try to jump without returning to land in the ground. On the existential anguish it is necessary to clarify some points. If the life is a trip, imagnate for a moment that you are stopped in your vital highway. Forwards a unknown world is abre to everything that comes represented by the fear to the future or fear to the future. If sights back, appear the fear to lose the well-known, or walked, and if takings bring back to consciousness of that moment, you will be scared to lose the control of the moment or what is the same, fear to the confusion.

At first glance we can think that the human being is extremely vulnerable because he is surrounded by fear. If we reflected a little, we will see that if I were not scared the future never she would enable to me to face it, if she were not scared to lose the well-known never would fight by anything and if she were not scared to the confusion never would deal with to clarify to me. People, in spite of the fears continue themselves marrying, having children, signing mortgages, etc. Before this panorama, most interesting she is than is generated a tense field between the basic fears and the necessity to face them. This represents the consubstantial thing of the human being, who is to live in a permanent conflict and a continuous decision making (if I am here I cannot be there).

Author: Jackie