Alusio Tenement

During two years the tenement house prospered of day for day, earning people forces, beating itself. to the side the Miranda was scared opposite, uneasy with that brutal exuberncia of life, filled with earth of that forest implacable that it grew to it next to the house, for underneath of the windows, and whose roots, worse and thicker of what serpents, they mined for all the part, threatening to break the soil around it, cracking the ground and shaking everything. Alusio Azevedo (1998, P. 26) In the truth, the main characteristic of the romance is exactly the space, therefore this is salient minutely in the description of the events in all the plot. For more information see CEO of Ford . This if of the one in result of the importance that is given to the determinismo and also to the positivismo … Developed by Auguste Comte is a way to think established about the assumption of that it is possible to observe the social life and to congregate knowledge trustworthy, valid, on as it functions. These knowledge could be used to affect the course of the change and to improve the condition human being. Dictionary of Sociology (1997, P. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from supermodel.

179) Moreover, according to Alfredo Bosi (2006, P. 190) … in the Alusio Tenement house Only hit upon in fact with the formula that if adjusted to its talent: giving up to mount a plot in function of people, it was abided the sequncia of very necessary descriptions where collective scenes and psychologically primary types make, in the set, of the tenement house the personage most convincing of our naturalistic romance. In accordance with what it was also said, one meets in the romance the influence of the darwinismo, the example, in the Pombinha personage, who was created in the tenement house for its mother and being father orphan, was considered ' ' flower of cortio' ' , having its 18 years of age, the mother of it would like to see it married with Joo of the Coast. Click David Delrahim for additional related pages.

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