Almond Blossom

The enthusiasm takes after the Almond Blossom with the Germans to February and March is the time to come in the first tourists, mainly from Germany, on Mallorca. Among the tourists, there are many athletes who want to escape the dreary weather in Germany and plump heat the wheel would turn the first rounds of the year. Mallorca is known also for their famous almond blossoms at this time. The local hotels arrange real almond expeditions to the most beautiful corners of the island. Visitors can discover the different Mallorca. A classic journey could begin, for example, in can Picafort and direction of Colonia de Sant Pere in the northeast of Mallorca result. On the way, you can discover many almond trees and admire the beautiful Puig de Ferrutx, a rock. The almond trees show their flowers beginning of February and give a white coloring, the landscape which stands in stunning contrast to the blue sky.

Mallorca is particularly suitable for the cultivation of the sweet and slightly bitter fruit. Much of the Almond Blossom has a white colour, and occasionally hitting but on flowers, which have a pink tint. Later bitter almonds are harvested from these flowers. In the last decades, the number of the almond trees declined considerably on the island. In the 1960s existed over seven million almond trees, which now only about four million are retarded. Many almond trees have been the construction of hotels and houses to the victims.

Some peasant families who were earlier specialized on Almond cultivation, have now switched to olive. Olive cultivation is different than when the almond trees, subsidized by the State. The Germans increasingly enthusiastic about the Almond Blossom the Germans increasingly enthusiastic about the almond blossom. Every year more and more tourists from Germany come to admire the natural spectacle. Palma de Mallorca, you can fly to many German cities. You can, for example, cheap come to Hannover or Stuttgart, the duration of the journey is in the Cut two hours. The almond blossom in Majorca can be observed sporadically from mid-January. The air temperatures on the island are approximately mid-February in pleasant wellness area, what motivated for extended trips into the Interior of the country. Many almond trees can be found in the region between Valldemosa and Palma. The almonds are a popular food in Mallorca. They are used also for decoration purposes, such as caramel almond split, like used for the Christmas biscuits or cakes.

Author: Jackie