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Month: March 2015
Health Work - March 24, 2015 by Jackie

It was then that the chance appeared to carry through the project with servers of the State secretary of the Education of Sergipe. The Nucleus of Health of the QualiVida Net, program developed for this Secretariat, initiated a support work the carrying servers of arterial hipertenso and demanded one therapeutical action. In such a way, disponibilizei me to develop next to this group the project of period of training in arteterapia. So that the work happened, importance of the cares with the hipertenso was promoted a meeting with the servers standing out to them it, being the therapeutical work essential factor for the minimizao of emotional pain and ressignificao of the conflicts experienciados with the illness. In the chance, we present the project giving visibility to the arteterapia as therapeutical process and the invitation to the participation in the workshops. In this meeting, also we carry through a miniworkshop so that the participants could try the work that would be developed. The project had as objective the creation of a shelter space that made possible the exchange and the expression of the psicoemocionais aspects, stimulating the creative power in the search of alternatives for the confrontation of the illness; a space/time to be I obtain same, feeling itself supported and extending the conscience of what I obtain it happens. ' ' To give account, to have proper conscience of itself, that is, to perceive what in fact it provokes what is felt, takes the individual to discover its responsibility in the conflict and a new factor of situation, that is he himself, starts to be considerado' ' (TRINDADE, 2006, P. 98). The arterial hipertenso is pointed as an multifactorial illness, without a common denominator with respect to its etiology, showing clinically of the 20 to the 40 years, characteristic of modern, individualistic, competitive, sedentary a society and with habits of feeding and irregular alcoholic substance use.

Bet Or No Bet? Do You Have What It Takes To Be Happy, Healthy Gambler ? - March 22, 2015 by Jackie

I placed my first bet when I was in college. I did not do to make money, it was just a byproduct of what was in reality? emotion. You see, my first bet was for a total of 50 pence, and if you won it was only going to make 4 or 5 times my investment, but after the placement, I felt a rush like no other. He was now in direct competition with the bookmaker and I wanted to beat him. What happens is that I lost. I had challenged a seemingly insurmountable force and lost, but I felt great.

Only that it was enough to fill me with a great sense of satisfaction, and although I took a 5 bets before I won, after each loss I still felt good about myself. Bets are still held today and still have the same feeling. I gained experience I have, and as a result my bets are slightly higher in these days, but that’s only part of the battle to fight against gambling. Not yet care much about money, I just increase the size of my bet as a defiant message to the bookies saying it will not break. Because after all, is not that what they are trying to do? They have no morals, no sense of right or wrong, all I want to do is squeeze every last drop of money you have as quickly as possible and let them clean up after having given them the same pleasure. I have not given this pleasure.

We all know that the game can be very addictive, but not necessary. All you need is the right mentality, a positive mindset. Even when I lose I still consider myself a winner. The bookmaker has my money, but I have never taken something that me and my self-control. To lose this to them will ultimately lead to financial disaster and I’m not willing to allow this. While I’m in control I have my bets still on top, but can win more than one battle, but never win the war. If all a gamble like this, then the houses were losing bets. They have lost the only thing that keeps going? their superiority over us. To have a strong mind in difficult situations, to take a loss on the chin and still come out fighting qualities are valuable and the game could very well help achieve these properties. I know I am a stronger person for it. I have great confidence in myself, knowing that I’ll always be in control. Nobody can make me feel small, because I’m in control. This is how to bet, bet with your head, not with the heart. Be smart, not stupid. If you do not have fun when you bet, then do not do, if you can not realize that winning is not everything, then, my friend, are destined to lose his personal battle with the bookies and I would like to see happen . “Know yourself, know your enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”?

Lack Of Energy? Check Thyroid - March 22, 2015 by Jackie

Constant fatigue and sleepiness, or vice versa tearfulness and irritability, it is a signal of problems with the thyroid gland. In the late fall – early winter, even some quite healthy hormones slows thyroid gland. This is one of the important causes of seasonal decline of immunity and metabolism. Most sensitive to disruption of thyroid hormone, central nervous system. The first symptoms are associated with the violation functions of the cerebral cortex. Man becomes easily excitable, irritable over trifles, whiny, gets tired easily, even from minor stress.

Following parishes insomnia and depressive mood. Not accidentally literate psychotherapists first thing in sending patients with such symptoms to the endocrinologist. If time does not recognize a violation of thyroid hormone, over time it may turn out: a decrease in intelligence, the advent of frequent headaches due to increased intracranial pressure. Decrease in hemoglobin level. Frequent infections and colds due to secondary immunodeficiency.

Chronic swelling around eye. The women – menstrual dysfunction in men – lower potency. important! What examinations are needed for prevention: Examination endocrinologist not less than 2 times per year. Test for thyroid hormone levels (a special analysis blood). Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. Radionuclide scan (shows the level of saturation with iodine tissue cancer).

More Beautiful Hair - March 21, 2015 by Jackie

Do you want beautiful hair? There are several easy ways to have a beautiful and shiny hair. You don’t need to spend much money to have beautiful hair because you can do you yourself. You must drink plenty of water if you want to have beautiful hair and make it shine since it is 25% water. You must get used to drinking plenty of water and have a shiny and beautiful hair. So don’t wait to thirsty to drink water. It avoids the use of heaters for drying or straightening hair.

Do not use a hair dryer as it can cause the hair from drying out or becoming damaged. This damaged, will reduce the beauty of the hair. Uses the correct comb this will reduce hair loss. Do your hair falls out easily? You can use biotin, that is very good for the growth of hair follicles. In addition, it uses a combination of honey, banana, milk and yogurt. This will make the hair look perfect.

Do you want to try? The hair well treated to make it look great. It will give a great effect on your appearance. If you wash it, don’t forget to massage it in a circular motion two minutes. This must do you to stimulate hair growth, reduce dandruff and have a softer hair. Don’t forget to always use conditioner before using the shampoo. Serum he used to shine a brighter hair. With beautiful hair, you can easily choose haircut than most want. Treat it well and with regularity, and just wait for the great results of the treatment.

Credit - March 18, 2015 by Jackie

All this one is an important cause of the preoccupation and proves the safe reverse to grant credit to any person. The work of an institution of credit clears its bad credit legally and suggests appropriate measures to make equals. They help in making contact with enemy with the disputed particular agency in its history of credit, and try steps to do it better or to clear it altogether. So if his lawyer makes contact with enemy with the agency of the bankruptcy to clear bad history, they will suggest how to do it better, and after few days they inform to state if the bad credit has taken off they did or it better. Maintaining tact constant with them is the key to secure the up-to-date history of credit, that must be healthy! His so very important to verify the file of the fact, like one it could not know that a disputed amount of $400 falls underneath the bad credit and of this one even is can clear easily. It follows slow but constant the process and erases his bad credit in credit so loans.

In the first place it lets to know the fact that a credit account is a quite hard nut to crack itself and to even understand! His a very complex system that consists of many factors in him. He is everything considers how long as far as his history of credit is good or bad, how many accounts you have been maintaining although, that how much their exceptional credits are etc. Some do not even know well that their information of credit also contain errors. When there is million archives that will stay by an agency limit to be few effective errors. It verifies so if there are the files that are duplicated, if the errors act are false or genuine, if its accounts closed they are closed really in the disputed archives of the credit, archives or the related aspects etc. according to the right act of the credit information, the right practices of the reimbursement of the debt and act the right operations of credit and exact you have each right to request a right investigation and to defy errors or articles disputed in his report of credit. This one must be to have forced so that the law helps to clear the bad credit that increases for no failure his the own ones.

It spends the good time to speak to his friendly or to which they erased his bad previous credit. Nothing teaches to him better than a personal experience. Then credit are famous professionals to help erasing man or one can take the aid from agencies undergone like the services of the credit of bizhelp24 and RMCN for the aid. Whereas they are versified well with laws of the credit information and how the agencies work, they will help to clear credit badly. They are placed far better to fix Offices of Credit of the point if there is any lagoon in the system. It so takes the aid from an institution of clean credit and cleans its bad credit. Reach towards goes to them to repair its bad credit and later to erase it in case of necessity. It raises a lightening sigh and it makes his information of credit as healthy as ever.

Bacteria - March 18, 2015 by Jackie

Bad water, which is chlorinated to protect against acute infections, brings into our bodies dead bacteria – bacterial protein with every cup of coffee or tea. Even bottled water can not eliminate the protein of bacteria. Subclinical form of intestinal flow, colds, influenza infections cause only a small portion of protective processes in our body, and the bacteria die, but not 'burned' temperature. Consequence sedentary lifestyles, reducing physical exertion, and the resulting low activity of the skin, sweating, secretion from the intestine and kidney. Sweating in a sauna does not provide that the optimal action, as in sweating result of muscular work. " It is obvious that all of the R. Voll factors lead to chronic originally acute problems; profoundly blocked for years mesenchyme not only difficult to cure any ways, but the diagnosis, which explains the steady growth of 'difficult' patients.

Despite the much milder impact of brt as compared to classical mesenchymal reactivation by R. Voll, for its successful of the need to know a number of subtleties in full is not possible to describe in this article. Let's look at some. Like any method of treatment, every step of the brt neobhodino control enough informative diagnostic technique. In my opinion, the best diagnostic method is vegetative resonance test, giving the first series of integrative indicators (most important to track direction of reactions, from the standpoint of the law Hering), as well as indicators of qualifying, and enables us to model the situation, including the long term. For more information on this diagnostic procedure can be meet in a separate article.

Father Love - March 17, 2015 by Jackie

Always wanted to say to my father I love I you, never pronounced these words for it, always had shame, to say tuo what he felt, today I know of the value that would have made if I said these so simple words that are so important. My father also loved me I wise person, but never we stop to talk, if to hug as when we were children, I grew and I became a shameful, fearful being, did not dialogue with nigum had shame to give one I hug. My family was not perfect in the days of the parents did not have money to give a gift for my father, in its anniversary, this year does not stow with it, wanted to bind and the least to say father happy birthday to you, I did not have courage, I know that it would feel happy very, but did not make this. It wanted in these days of the parents who this if approaching to be able to say everything what I feel, was what it was planning, to dezer to it of the value that it has for me, of the love whom I feel for it, and to be thankful for its existence that is so important. I repent myself never to have said nothing of this, at this moment I am remembering the times where it stows with it moan not to more be able to be. It wanted that the things came back, I to be able to make all different one, to say everything what he did not say, is late this never more goes to happen. My father yesterday died, before I said I love I you, you is the person most important of my life.

It was sad and this being sad, therefore I am writing this article so that it does not come to happen what it happened with me in the life of plus nobody, says its parents I love you to I fastest possible, before it is late of more. It does not wait for the days where my intention is commemorated this age, if possible it says right now and it shows how much love you it. After all of accounts every day it is day of the parents. Father you can not be today more entren we but I want that she knows I love that you very, I always landed on water you obliged for everything she forgives and me for the times in I did not make what would have. I love you of truth.

The Hypocritical - March 15, 2015 by Jackie

The primary responsibility of a leader is for taking care of exactly of the necessities of the people who it leads, if this demands to sacrifice its proper desires. The religious leaders of Jud had failed roundly in not satisfying the necessities of the people Mr., but God promised a Shepherd (Jesus). Moreover, God promised to avenge its people (to see chapter 35), to renew its richness, to pardon and to clean its iniquities contaminations (to see Chapter 36 of Ezequiel), and to revitalize them (to see chapter 37). Yahweh would be again, its God, and them they would be its people (To see 37:27 – 28). We do not have to be judges of nobody, also we do not have to be fools and easily deceived. She has ways of if to reduce the risks when we are dealing with bodes, therefore they easily are identified by the moral results of its existence.

Bodes does not possess obedience. (Zc 10:3) Bodes does not possess glad and spontaneous submission. (Dn 8:8) Bodes does not possess allegiance and devotion. (TM 25:33) Bodes does not possess love for the sheep. (Ez 34:21) Bodes does not possess collective sense. (Dn 8:5) Bodes does not possess understanding of the limitations and weakness of the sheep.

(Ez 34:21) Bodes does not possess moral integrity. (Dn 8:21) Bodes does not possess health spiritual. (Dn 8:8 b) bode that the prophet Daniel approached in its vises was Alexander, the Great one. Man of hedonista philosophy and extremely arrogant pride and, Alexander tumbled in the apex of its empire. How much to bodes of Ezequiel, them they symbolize the kings, priests and mpios ancies of Israel, good with all those that followed its you practise libertines. While the church will be here in the land, it she will be always mixing, I contend sheep, namely, the saints, and bodes, the hypocritical ones.

Gabriela Sabbattini - March 11, 2015 by Jackie

Because homeland is a sentiment that also attacks with the ferocity of passion and of the goals when he shouts: gol de Argentina. Or when it has celebrated each triumph of an athlete or Argentine box. Maradona, lionesses, Gabriela Sabbattini, Vilas, when they have highlighted our boys in basketball and in any discipline and that they have said with a contagious honour: I am Argentine. Or praise and complicity with the gambeta. Or glare by artists. By the literati. By all the sons of this homeland.

Patriots are too, of these times, that go with pans and make silent marches before so much outrage, to reason, as says the tango, which today, like yesterday, still intoxicated. And it is also homeland, when I do cakes fried in the days that it rains, as said it rained a May 25. And how I told dad and MOM, grandparents of my two children. And I do homeland when I serve the chocolate cupcakes and dulce de batata and Quince. Because dad was a Patriot in his own way. Going to work at two jobs per day to give you a healthy family to the Homeland. Because MOM was also patriotic caring, feeding, and providing a home to that worker for to do homeland with his way of being and doing in this country.

And it has put the rosettes in each grommet which stood opposite. And it has cooked patriotic details in white overalls and overcoats. And it even manufactured a flag, because not I could buy me, to teach me the colors of my homeland. And thrilled with the national anthem the first day of my school day, as I I was touched with the knot in her throat the first day of the national anthem intoned next to my children, in his early school days. And on the day of the pledge to the flag of my daughter. And the explanation for her that meant the day of the homeland, freedom and all those things that apply to us and we enter when we say and feel: I am Argentine and why: viva la patria, carajo!

The Brain - March 11, 2015 by Jackie

The vegetables are rich in folic acid. Lentils, Perfect to maintain the health neuronal, contain iron that nourishes of I oxygenate to the brain. Spinach, contain everything absolutely all the necessary one for a good sanguineous circulation to the brain. Which is extremely important mara the memorization and the concentration. Nuts, contain phosphorus and linoleic acid, you knew that 4 of these are just as to take a daily portion from Omega 3? Salmon, maximum source that we have of Omega 3, this among others helps things you to stop the mental deterioration.

Vegetables and cereals, rich in complex B important for the nervous system. Milky, they contain Calcium which also aid to one better transmission impels of them nervous. You have seen since it is necessary the production of ” neurotrofinas” in order to generate those connections of neurons. Result: A more flexible and agile brain. It remembers that also it is of extreme importance of maintaining the mind active. Certainly several are thinking that they have an active mind so that they work, study, make exercise or other activities.

But I want contarte that, those activities are or routine for your mind, for your subconscious mind, and as your mind knows or them, it requires of the minimum effort to carry out them. Now the time? But like in everything, always there is a solution, I challenge to you to realise frequently following exercises that helped the brain to produce ” neurotrofinas” and if it beams correctly complementing it with a rich feeding in the enlisted nutrients previously you would stop saying Where it leaves the cellular one? 1. Lee aloud, activates different senses at the time of reading 2. He changes of Routes, for example he uses some alternating route you must in when you are going to work or to the school. 3. Bate with the closed eyes, (once or twice for week) Tries to locate all the elements like soap, champo etc., it is an excellent exercise for the memory and in addition you would increase your sense of the tact since you will feel forms and textures that you had left unnoticed. 4. It carries out tasks with the hand that you do not dominate, cepillarte the teeth to mention an example. You want to know the best exercises memorization, visits Today ” I would like that you will leave a commentary me on this article that you finish reading and also cuntame little and he tell me what is your main frustration, at the time of trying to remember or to memorise something, I personally will be answering his questions and comentarios.

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