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Month: February 2015
Dog Food - February 23, 2015 by Jackie

Foods for dogs and their training. When we bring a cachorrito to house we have the temptation to treat like a human being to him, and we cannot never forget that they are animal and who there is to educate them like animal, without meaning this that we did not prune to want and to give them them great amounts of affection. If we did not train them from puppies we can create, without wanting, a tyrannous mascot that one becomes the master of the house. Lunch time and the foods are basic in the training process. On the one hand it is the routine and the discipline that is had to them to impose at the time of eating. One of the first rules of coexistence that are had to impose the animal is that there is to always eat after his owners, respecting therefore the hierarchy of the home. They must learn that the humans are the owners and who they are subordinated. They must follow a strict routine with respect to the meals and it is not necessary to give them to eat they request when it.

Only when the owners have eaten and gathered. So that they are healthy and strong it is necessary that they take foods for animal from quality. On the other part, the food as prize is one of the bases of the training processes. In order to award to the dogs by their good behavior special treats for mascots exist. Treats for humans, since they are detrimental, even toxic are not due to give, for their health. It is possible also to be awarded to them with small pieces of food that to them they also like. But never food is due to give them when the owners are eating, since they are accustomed, nor pieces of bones, that are dangerous for them and they are possible to be choked or to be damaged the digestive system.

The Freezer - February 22, 2015 by Jackie

It does not matter if in the day very you are occupied, if you are not hungry or what it is that you use as excuses for convencerte of which he is or that you skip a food, you need a balanced diet or with at least 3 meals to the day. To eliminate or to limit the food scrap iron to lose kilos The majority of the diets says that you do not have deshacerte of any thing that you love with the purpose of to lose kilos, and although that can be certain for some of us the majority of these delights is simply a temptation that we cannot resist. Most probable it is than if we have been able to resist to them, all we have the bodies that we dreamed. If it wants to lose kilos fast, then east is one of the fast advice to lose kilos with which you have comprometerte grudgingly, at least by a time. During the first stages of any plan to lose kilos you will have to be more diligent in that you can and you cannot eat until your body is accustomed to the new form to eat. In those occasions (rare) if you decide to enjoy a candy, sees by your favorite ice cream or cake store and enjoy the service, instead of to buy a gallon of ice cream and to keep it in the freezer. To drink green tea There are many scientific studies that have demonstrated the benefits of the loss of weight by the green tea, so many that a pile of tablets to become thin in the market are which they contain green tea extract.

To drink three cups of green tea to the day can help to increase your burning fire of fat through an increase of the metabolism, but also it can act like a suppresor of the appetite that will help you to eat except every day. To have breakfast Most intelligent and perhaps easier of the advice to lose kilos to put in practical it is to deliver an attack to take the breakfast every morning. I say to deliver an attack because many of us we inclined by the 10 minutes more of dream instead of to wake up and to make a breakfast healthful, but the truth is that healthful breakfast can cross a long way for ayudarte to eat less calories and with smaller frequency between the meals. A healthful breakfast like oats, cereals and fruit can give the sufficient fiber him for mantenerte satisfied until lunch time. It adds a little thin protein, as the clear one of egg for the breakfast and you feel satisfied by more time so that you can reduce the amount of food every day. The breakfast would help you to reach your objectives of loss of kilos. These are only some of the advice to lose kilos fast that we can add to our lives every day to give to our loss of fat an impulse every day!

Morning Sickness Tips - February 15, 2015 by Jackie

In early pregnancy (first trimester) of pregnant women are often persecuted discomfort in the morning. Nausea and vomiting can be prevented by the fact that you eat. Here's a quick list of foods that fight the desire to immediately get rid of eaten breakfast: Ginger: fresh, dry; Lemon: help even the smell; Raspberry tea, tea with mint and chamomile; Sunflower seeds; pickles; A glass of mineral water, it You can add lemon; Grapes; Carrots; Celderey; Rhubarb; Potato. As additional measures to combat the nausea can be recommended as you can spend more time outdoors, giving the body a reasonable exercise, for example, engaging in fitness for pregnancy, and avoiding stress. Also a big impact on the morning feeling providing quality bed on which sleeps pregnant: the mattress should be moderately hard, the pillow is not too high. Need to rest in a clean, well-ventilated room..

Brazilian Boys - February 10, 2015 by Jackie

The ignorants became dsseis and emotivos to be able to survive to the attacks, the virility and valentia of the enslaved men were forbidden, therefore it could be a future threat to the sovereigns and its descendants. The sovereign dominadores were stimulated to violate the greater possible number of slaves, mainly the boys; they always chose strongest and prettier, in some reigns and dynasties this practical was normal, already in other ritual of deuses and established places they were had as as law. Breakings and deaths had still occurred or castration of boys just born, as trauma the boys developed what later the world-wide organization of health gave the name of dependent personality, being registered in cadastre in the international code of illnesses as F60.7. A complex illness and that it demands an effective and continuous treatment, an illness that is not only Brazilian, but that it is world-wide, therefore this upheaval of the personality if characterizes for a systematic trend to leave it outrem the taking of important or lesser decisions.

When all the men are with fear, fear of being abandoned, fear of being rejected by excessively, when attacked child being frequently by any reason, not obtaining to fight against the abuses, has the perception of itself as weak imcompetent person, developing some times the passive submission to the will of the other. As example they think about its fragility as of more aged people, being still young; others present a difficulty to make face to the requirements of the daily life, as to study, to go to the school and to become related without traumatic pathological sexual attraction and irrational well, for people of the same sex or children. Unconsciously the abuses and the fact to have been for its innocence, when children bolinados without being able to defend itself, present to the times an energy lack that if translates for alteration of the intellectual functions or disturbance of the emotions; influencing in the desires, the boys prevent the sports of race or others that demand force and energy.

Breast Cancer - February 8, 2015 by Jackie

The breast cancer probably is feared by the women, due to its HIGH FREQUENCY e, over all for its PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT, that affect the perception of the sexuality and the proper personal image. It is relatively rare before the 35 years of age, but above of this etria band its incidence he grows fast and gradually. The symptoms of the cancer of concrete breast are the nodule or tumor in the seio, folloied or not of mammary pain. Alterations in the skin that recovers the breast, as abaulamentos or retractions can appear or a similar aspect to the rind of an orange. Concrete nodules in the armpit can also appear. According to national Institute of the cancer (INCA) FAMILIAR HISTORY it is an important factor of risk for the breast cancer, especially if one or more relatives of first degree (mother or sister) had been attacks before the 50 years of age.

The precocious menarca (age of the first menstruation), the delayed menopause (after installed the 50 years of age), the occurrence of first pregnancy after the 30 years and the nuliparidade (not to have had children), also constitute factors of risk for the breast cancer. The regular alcohol ingestion, exactly that in moderate amount, it is identified as factor of risk for the breast cancer. The forms most efficient for precocious detention of the breast cancer are the clinical examination of the breast and the mamografia (x-ray of the breast). Therefore, the examination of the breasts carried through by the proper woman does not substitute the physical examination carried through by health professional. Suely B.M.de hospital 06/8495Psicloga OliveirPsicloga CRP/grad.por Psico oncologistPs the Hosp.de a.C.Camargo Cancer

Coast Reason - February 6, 2015 by Jackie

However, in relation to the studied years the monitoring epidemiologist has shown its effectiveness in the control of leishmaniose in the city. Word-key: Leishmaniose to tegumentar American, Flebotomneo, Epidemiologia. 1. Leishmanioses INTRODUCTION is antropozoonoses considered great problems of public health for presenting an important complex of illnesses, that possess high clinical specters and diversity epidemiologist. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), is esteem that 350 million people meet displayed to the risk, where approximately two million new cases appears to each year (Manual of Monitoring of the Leishmaniose American Tegumentar, 2007). The description of Leishmaniose American Tegumentar (LTA), date since the antiquity, in first century d. C., in Central Asia.

The injuries found in the sick people were nominated in accordance with region where if they found, for this reason the illness possesss some denominations (Lainson, 1997, cited for Magalhes, 2001). The name of the illness if of the one in homage to the Leishman researcher, that discovered the parasite in 1908. Some researchers since then come if pledging in the search to discover forms to brighten up the reverse speed-emergency of the LTA and the reason of the urbanization of the same one (Medeiros, 1999). For Coast (1998), the first reference in Brazil on the LTA is deduced through a done story of the trip of Frei Don Hipolyto Sanchez Rangel de Farias and Queiros, where it described in a book the mosquitos and its consequences for the human beings, calling it of leprosy. In recent years, the increase of the incidence of leishmaniose to tegumentar all in Brazil, gave in function of the ample diffusion of endemic diseases for all territory, becoming a problem of public health in our country. The LTA still is presented in the forms: cutaneous, mucous and cutaneous diffuse. These not treated manifestations if in time, can take the death of the acometido individual (Ashford 2000, Gontijo and Carvalho 2003, MS 2007 cited by Almeida, 2009).

College Lobato Hunter - February 5, 2015 by Jackie

Theyson Viana Santana 1 SUMMARY Practical the regular one of systemize physical activities can contribute to the related physical aptitude to the health of the children in special pertaining to school age and flexibility. The present study it had as objective to mensurar and to evaluate the level of flexibility of children in the school, more necessarily in the College Lobato Hunter, therefore the literature is scarce that presents the amplitude of movements to articulate of children. The sample was constituted of 35 pupils, having been 19 girls and 16 boys understanding the age of 9 the 11 pertaining years and 3 series of the basic education of the cited school.

For the collection of data the test was used to seat and to reach of Wells and Dillon (1952) modified, and as instrument one flexmetro, that it consists of a wooden bank graduated cube form. The results of the flexibility tests had presented resulted similar in the ages of 9 and 11 years, but with a statistical significant decrease (p < 0.05) enter the ages of 9 and 11 years. These results are in accordance with suggested for the AAHPERD (1984), when quotation you prop up that them of flexibility diminishes gradually from the 5 years of age, reaching the lowest point of the 10 to the 14 years.

Environment - February 5, 2015 by Jackie

When inquiring on the legislation of sonorous pollution the answers of the interviewed ones are contradictory, therefore while it affirms to know what it is sonorous pollution majority 97% does not know no legislation regarding sonorous pollution, only 3% knows the legislation. Law 9,605/98, deals with the Law of ambient crimes, became possible the framing of the sonorous pollution as ambient crime. Article 54 – To cause pollution of any nature in levels such that result or can result in damages the health human being, or that they provoke the loss of life of animals or significant destruction of the flora. Penalty: reclusion of one the four years and fine If the crime is guilty: Penalty-detention of six to one year and fine. Relative problems to the levels of noises are enclosed between the citizens to the control of the ambient pollution, whose normatizao and establishment of compatible standards with the balanced and necessary environment the healthy quality of life, is attributed to the CONAMA (National Advice of the Environment). The identification between sound and noise is made through the use of units of measurement of the level of rudo.com this, defines, also, the acceptable and unacceptable standards of emission, creating themselves and allowing verification it of the bordering point with rudo.o level of express sonorous intensity habitually in decibels (dB) and is refined with the use of a called device decibelimetro. When inquiring on the use and use of the earphone, the quisito familiar income did not intervene with result, therefore 85% of the interviewed ones possesss some device of digital music hardwired to the earphone and only 15% do not possess or it does not use earphone. When inquiring on the volume the earphone, we evidence that only 10% use the minimum phone by vol., 15% in turn uses by vol. average and 33% use by vol. high and surprising 43% of the interviewed ones use the maximum phone by vol.

New Sales - February 5, 2015 by Jackie

The first one to be mounted in Belo Horizonte was oCERSAM Mire in the year of 1993.ARede of SadeMental in BH is composed for seven CERSAMs, distributed in the regional ones of the metropolis, therefore, the seguintesunidades exist: Mire, the Northwest, East, Pampulha, Northeast, New Sales and West. The tmjornada CERSAMs of twelve hours, 7h to 19h, every day of the week, inclusiveferiados. Currently the units Pampulha and East function 24 hours. Each umpossui 06 stream beds,> taking care of to the necessities of it spends the night of the excessively regional ones (of the too much centers) of mining capital e, eventually, of regions of seuentorno. OCERSAM has as proposal the attendance of psychic urgencies, as well as oacompanhamento of patients of mental health in crisis, that is, psychotic serious eneurticos, egresses or not of the traditional hospital system. Suasequipes of professionals is formed, in general, for psychologists, occupational therapists, social nurses, assistants and psychiatrists. Aspessoas that arrives at the units is taken care of readily by one of seusprofissionais of planto.

Two technician are assigned as acada reference case, being one of the technician, a medical psychiatrist and as tcnicoocupa, mainly of listening to the patient. (Independently of the type deencaminhamento that the patient received, that it also can) For each elaborado patient a plan of specific treatment. The use modalities dInstituio are diverse. It has enrolled patients in the permanence-day, this it is, they all remain the day or part of it in the CERSAM and return late for its homes in fimda. The frequency of this permanence is sufficiently changeable. With aestabilizao of the picture of the patient, together the manifestation of its interessepor to leave to frequent the Service daily and, at last, with endorsement daequipe, the patients in permanence-day will be able to pass to the ambulatorial regimen. In this in case that, the user will go to the CERSAM in the definite regularity pelosprofissionais of its reference, as much for medicine search, how much for clinical oatendimento.

Psicopedagogia - February 4, 2015 by Jackie

* Teacher of the Municipal Net of Education of the City of Helm, Permitted in Pedagogia and Ps-Graduada in Psicopedagogia for the University Center Anhanguera. Speaking candidly Cindy Crawford told us the story. For if constituting of an illness of the central nervous system, evolving for a significant loss of the capacity in all the aspects of the life human being, (it speaks, communication, motricidade, emotional, social, etc.) this illness it has tormented great part of the population above of the 65 years, therefore the current medicine treats and acquires knowledge the population about problems of the physical health. Currently the population in general has demonstrated to be worried about the excess of weight, greasy foods, physical exercises for prevention of gluts of myocardium, with the effect of the alcohol, cigarette and drugs in general. Mascomo to live more and better? This is the question inlaid in research as displayed in the Globe the Reporter almost in all to the fridays. With the increase of the life expectancy of the world-wide population, this illness has grown excessively. In accordance with Druzio Varella, the beginning of the illness if characterizes for: Initially the work memory is compromised, memory of short duration that allows in them to exert the daily routine. The patients forget where the keys of the car had left, the wallet, the check coupon stub, the known name of one.

With the time, the wide person the tasks for the half, forgets what she was to make in the room, she leaves the lighted stove, she opens the shower and she leaves the bathroom, loses itself in the way in return for house. Characteristically, these ' ' esquecimentos' ' if they aggravate when the patient is obliged to execute a task more than at the same time. The loss of memory is gradual and obeys a secular gradient, according to which the incapacity to remember recent facts, contrasts with the easiness stops to remember the past.

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