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Month: January 2015
Psychological Tests - January 27, 2015 by Jackie

A very common phrase between the people nowadays in relation to the work is I have not been able to obtain a empleeo, this preoccupation more and more accentuates due to escaces of withdrawn work and the high amount of new that adds in the labor field every year. This phrase is very common thanks to the fact that the world is living very dramatic changes as far as use talks about, the economic crises and the technological advances cause that to obtain employment it is really difficult for which they do not become qualified to find it with effectiveness, the reason of this is that every time there are less supplies of use and more candidates to compete with the existing supplies, this causes that the use process search is very competitive, by such reason is made more and more Important to generate a greater impact in the elaboration of the Leaf of Life (Curriculum vitae), in the Labor Interview, the Psychological Tests and the Negotiation of Wage, because those people who they fail without realizing (unconsciously) in some of these aspects, can be losing the opportunity to remain with the wished use. And the truth of all this is that simply there are other candidates who trained to obtain employment indeed and they are remaining with the few and competed job that there is in the market This is the reason for which many people ask to Porue sera that not with himself a new use? because sera that does not call me to an interview? The solution to all this problem is in knowing which are the secrets that the Selectors of Personnel only know and which they are the aspects in which they center his attention throughout the process of Selection for a determined position, and Here I am going away them to reveal all Friend my recommendation is never irte to compete by a labor position without knowing the first secrets the selection of candidates and petitioners selecting experimenting of candidates to hold positions Here divulge those secrets. Definitively it is verified that the people who prepare themselves with Strategies in their Search of Use, increase their effectiveness in a 70% in front of other candidates who do not do it. it wants to be part of this group. Then the way but surely he is ponerte to the day, actualizarte always with the information but adapted and to realise each passage of the process with much efficiency, in many cases that obtain or no, the difference this in the efficiency whereupon has evolved or conducted a battle..

Psychiatry Death - January 27, 2015 by Jackie

All this symptomatology of anguish, was described by Freud, who made the fundamental contribution of describing these symptoms under the name of anxiety neurosis. Since then, in all the descriptions of the books of Psychiatry, it has remained in its main features, the original description of Freud, and daily clinic, these boxes are still seeing very often. Among the symptoms, there is a feeling of death anxiety attack. But is it real? Can one of an anxiety attack die? We can say that it can occur in any event, less the death of the patient. The feeling of death is no more than that: a feeling, which does not correlate with any organic lesion which can lead to death.

In this sense, the patients can rest assured. In addition, we should differentiate between the anxiety attack itself and the memory of the attack. Sometimes, patients are nervous before the memory of a first attack. We could say that they are afraid of fear. With regard to the fear of going crazy, we could say that this fear is the same disease, the small same madness.

It is not that it will happen otherwise. You should listen to what it is for that patient become crazy, which is a different thing for each patient. If we ask ourselves by dreams, Freud see dreams as a realization of desires. But what happens then with dreams of anguish, with nightmares? They are also achievements of desires, it is the place ideal for bringing the example of sausage a fairy grants you three wishes to a marriage with little resources, she, to the smell of a few sausages that are cooked in the House of side, you want to eat one, and at the same instant, this appears to him at the plate. The husband, enraged because they had squandered a desire for that so stupid way, want sausage sticking nose women, as a punishment.

Psychodrama - January 27, 2015 by Jackie

The drama is an intermediate internal State, an intermediary between fantasy and reality. The modality is fictional but the experience is very real. The fictional mode allows us to do things that are still outside our reach in real life, such as express dreaded emotions, change patterns of behavior or displaying new traits. Once we have experienced, although in fictional mode, these new experiences can be part of the Repertoire of our real life. (Emunah, 1994, p.27). Without a doubt Jacob Levy Moreno, contributed valuable lessons, therapies for the personal growth, as in the case of your psychodrama, as Wikipedia, reminds us submitted to psychodrama as a new form of psychotherapy that can be widely applied. Psychodrama puts the patient on a scenario, where you can solve their problems with the help of a few therapeutic players.

It is both a method of diagnosis and treatment. Blatner (1988, p. 1) presented so Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy in which the patients Act relevant events of your life instead of just talking about them. This involves exploring in action, not only the historical events, but what is more important, the dimensions of psychological events not usually addressed in the conventional dramatic representations: not verbalizados thoughts, encounters with those who are not present, representations of fantasies about what others may be feeling or thinking, imagined possible future and many other aspects of the phenomena of the human experience. Although Psychodrama is often used in a group context and can be a very useful method to catalyze the Group process (and, in turn, be catalyzed by group dynamics), it should not be considered as a way of specifically group therapy. It can be used, as happens in France, with several trained co-therapists and one patient. You can also use the psychodrama with families or, even, in a way amended, individual therapies.

Everyday Life Tips - January 26, 2015 by Jackie

Setting boundaries: a case study. This morning, a young mother about the online consultation has contacted me. She didn’t know how it should go, what she can do. Her husband is determined to separate. The family includes two children, 3 and 10, and the grandmother, her mother, systematically disrupts family life and destroyed. The problem of young women: she can put no limits can no say, wants her mother, and their fellow human beings in General, not hurt. Her mother is always in the mind of the young woman, and in her heart. Mother suddenly unexpectedly bursts into the room, despite a “Ban”, the subsidiary unable, to say a resounding no, looks to protect their privacy, what has the consequence, that her husband feels excluded.

Their relationship has an abrupt end, the couple mother – daughter won. To understand that the man no longer wants to join this game only too well. What do as further, change the situation? As the marriage but still save? How from the construct of lies come out? How do ready get it, without open the dependency to mother to discuss anxiety? Where to find the courage, to give the mother and the husband clear wine? Identify how to learn the feelings to admit this openly and to bring to light? Only when access to the emotional world is no longer blocked, a solution can be found. Otherwise, turf wars, with all his allegations and his guilt zuschieben continues, and that until the bitter end. It to the pop comes out, ready, finally! Marriage, family, family of origin also destroyed, and the worst, this game has no end, at the earliest opportunity all we go then from the front. In the telephone conversation with just this woman, we have outlined not only their situation, but I showed up first solutions for a new type of communication, which is happening on the emotional level.

Nobody will be thereby believed and pilloried, but talking about himself, about what’s happening in the own heart, i.e. you exposed in a sense, are plenty of price one’s inner feelings, the other faces as it were “naked”. The reaction of the opposite is accordingly. Not believed to must this not defend even must ascend the no weapons, needs to not hide behind a high wall, must make up any problems, to fit the partner to defeat. Who provides an insight into the emotional world of its own, has decided to leave the theater, wants to focus on himself, on his own life, determined to live this. In addition, it requires no lies and evasions. We use our time and energy to something constructive, we stop running, we provide us the situations and our emotions. We can decide! We have only one life, so why another life! The online counseling can be an important contribution to your new discovery, or invention. It allows you to with a competent expert to discuss your problems, which helps you, for you to find appropriate, solutions and to implement them. I’m waiting for you!

Environmental Research - January 19, 2015 by Jackie

To know as the others they perceive the way where they live can give-nosrespostas for many questions. Each individual differently perceives, reacts and answers saes on the environment where it lives. The dadecorrentes answers or manifestations are resulted of the perceptions (individual and collective), cognitivos dosprocessos, judgments and expectations of each person. In such a way, this work searched to evaluate and to trace a diagnosis of the ambientalterica and practical perception of the employees of the Frum Appeals court judge Jose Alfredo Snows dRocha, located in the city of Itapetinga-BA, which will be able to serve, later, for the elaboration of a proposal of intervention in this sector, similar to propagate the change of ambient attitudes in the work environment, to poissaber as the individuals with who we will go to work see the environment in quevivem, its sources of satisfaction and insatisfao is of basic importance, therefore only thus, knowing to each one, will be possible the one accomplishment trabalhocom local bases, leaving of the reality of the white public. Here they are some found dosresultados in the study. The public sector chosen for the development of pesquisaa end to diagnosis the perception ambient of the employees, was the Frumlocalizado in the city of Itapetinga-BA.

The city of Itapetinga estsituado in the southwestern region of the Bahia, to a distance of 580 km of the deSalvador city and counts on a population of, approximately, 63,177 inhabitants (IBGE, 2004). To the dimension and relevance research was opted in using the qualitative-descritivada boarding since this, according to Bogdan and Biklem (1994), involves the attainment dedados described gotten of the direct contact of the researcher with the situaoestudada one. For the collection of data a questionnaire was used as instrument. Through the questionnaires one searched to know the dosfuncionrios position and attitudes of frum and to verify through this the possibility of changes deatitudes in benefit to the way environment in the work environment, as well as, later, the elaboration of projects with intervention perspectives to apartir of an ambient education not-deed of division with sensitization proposals.

Planet Pollution - January 18, 2015 by Jackie

It is on the basis of this recommendation and in the principles already presented here, that visits and excursions must be carried through the similar Areas of Ambient Protection or entities, as pupils of the infantile education to superior education, as main subject or as part of projects interdisciplinares. Visits to the lixo, horto botanical, the springs of a river the museums, to the station of water treatment, to an ecologically correct residence; tracks in conserved bushes and stroll for the city; excursions the state and national parks are examples of activities that can be developed. These moments of visitation and experience must be folloied of a previous work of collection, presentation and quarrel of information, and be permeados by activities involving the different contents. 2.OS NATURAL RESOURCES AND the ENVIRONMENT Where WE LIVE Nothing that we make use in the Nature is indestructible or inexaurvel, nor the ground that we use nor the water that we drink, nor air that we breathe; all suffer to constants threats from severe contaminations that can give end this precious ' ' resources naturais' ' , and the assignment given to the elements of the Nature, in reference to the beings livings creature, existing basically, three categories: natural resources you renewed (animal and vegetal), natural resources not-you renewed (ground, minerals, fsseis,) and resources free (air, water, solar light, among others more abundant resources). We consider ' ' livres' ' because these resources, exactly threatened for the galopante pollution, always existed in abundance in the Planet. 3. Air You already stopped to think about the quality of the air that breathes, and that its deterioration will be able to mean in terms of life possibility? The increasing pollution of air has caused, mainly, in a considerable increase of the respiratory problems in the population of many communities of a industrial centers and its roundnesses.

Caloriesmentor - January 13, 2015 by Jackie

Against the small calories sins of everyday life, only one thing helps: movement! The calories mentor gives you concrete tips, with which activities the calories to burn again. Eaten a pizza? Please run 120 minutes! During the day, ate a quick pizza, on the way home even at McDonald s past and in the evening a panel during the day a quick pizza eaten, on the way home even at McDonald s past and in the evening a panel chocolate verdruckt and before you know it, taken en masse extra calories to. The calories mentor helps to make up for the calories sins and gives advice, with which activities the calories can be burned again. Often, it is the consumers aren’t aware what food he takes what amount of calories to. That is particularly serious if the desire to lose weight, but the awareness of exactly these calorie traps is absent. The calories-mentor of the diet clique is to create this awareness. Calories come together quickly This free tool lists Fast Food and some sweets, which are often eaten, and lists the calories ingested with the food. The user can now calculate, with which activity he can once again burn those calories and how much time he would need.

Burn calories with calories mentor so it comes that a person weighing 70kg 120 minutes must jog, to burn the calories, which has absorbed by a large and very well-sourced pizza. To burn a whole bar of chocolate, the same person should be less than 60 minutes of jumping rope. The calories mentor aims to raise awareness of healthy eating and perhaps the one or the other tip of the programme is an incentive for the user to come back more in motion. The provider of calories mentor: A free community diet clique that is diet clique around diet, slimming and healthy nutrition. Members can take advantage of the platform to put stages targets or online diet and Food diaries to lead. Certified dietician writing expert blogs and give valuable tips and information on the topics, which deal with the visitors of the diet clique. Diet clique / Tobias Kirsch Otto-Braun-Strasse 77 10405 Berlin email: clique AT diet clique DOT de

Muscle Building Diet - January 10, 2015 by Jackie

To improve your muscle building diet in the work and in the job as we all know, is a good diet of the key to the effektivenMuskelaufbau and a six-pack. But often our calendar is hardly room for a proper muscle building nutrition while working. Either one lacks the desire to eat healthy, or it has just the right things to work to tackle problems. I personally always striking that many have a great interest to exercise your Sixpack regularly or effectively maintain muscle. This is quite good, because the right stimuli are used during the training. However, feed on many after the workout completely indifferent and wonder, then why, despite muscle soreness, no muscle Builder shows them or is the deliberate six-pack. It is simply no wonder and thought since many during work or school just don’t have the time or the desire to eat properly for optimum muscle building to make the right muscle building nutrition. Yet an optimal Muscle building can take place only when also the diet is optimized during the work and everyday life.

That’s why you can use three variants for work or during the school, I would like to indicate in this article. Your muscle building food for work before the means to cook to cook up until two days before meals and this brings then canned in Tubber to work. The Precooking has the advantage that one no matter whether work or school, must worry no large during the break, what should you can now eat the. Here you can already plan what you eat at lunch in advance and optimally coordinate nutrition on the muscle. The small downside is of course, that you calculate the portions and the coming days at the Cook the meal with calculate a must. Depending on which type you are after, it is however very interesting, if you have the option to eat something warm at work and you need to make any additional thoughts, what you can eat during the work to your muscle building optimally support.

Aloe Vera - January 6, 2015 by Jackie

How diet can affect the hair growth poor nutrition makes not only the overall skin care for niece, but gets no good also the hair. That is, if you want to remove and lose weight, must pay attention to a healthy diet, is known to most. But the relationship between food and hair is produced by only a few. But of course, nice to look healthy and shiny hair are a must. In order to have healthy hair, must be helped to from the inside.

Vitamin B2 is the abbreviation for the substance that gets nice hair, nails, eyes, and lips. That’s right, not only eye cream is important to have beautiful eyes, but also the vitamin B2. We also need vitamin E, because a deficiency causes such a dry and flaky skin. And the vitamin H biotin also as is necessary. If you want to meet the needs of day in varied ways, peanuts, almonds, cheese, and mushrooms are advisable.

The daily requirement of an adult vitamin B2, is in a litre of milk. Under other experts in the field of women’s health indicating that complain more and more women about itchy scalp, and this among other things also, can be attributed to an error in the diet. Pollution can also be the cause, or even dry air, a mishandling of the hair after the Perm or dyeing. Stress also plays also a role and deficiencies in vitamin or hormone levels. Because the scalp reacts otherwise than facial skin. If you are missing something, especially humidity, she responds anxiously, sensitive, irritated and she starts to itch. There are special intensive treatments for sensitive scalps. The Kurcreme contains tiny globules of Aloe Vera extracts, which penetrate into the skin, calm and make smooth. There are also shampoos on the market, which are matched to the irritated scalp. After the holidays, straw hair is a common problem. The hair is drained by the Sun and salt water. But even dull, dull, permed or uberfarbtes hair is often perceived as straw. Can help quickly to jump-start the holiday-stressed hair. Namely, through a foam tint in the tone of the own hair color treatment was mixed with a dollop of hair. Apply it on the hair, let it soak for 15 minutes and then rinse it. Permed, dull hair desperately needs building substances, i.e. substances which repair the damage. It should be washed using an appropriate shampoo to get a good conditioner and a building once a month treatment.

Oxygen Enrichment - January 3, 2015 by Jackie

3. Oxygen enrichment in all weather conditions should be chosen for a walk. At least for 20 minutes, a refreshing breath of air and positive charge. Even on a cloudy day daylight stimulates the production of hormones of pleasure, which are so lacking in the winter. You also need to be aired more often, where you are, and where possible humidify the air. Saturated with oxygen and help breathing exercises. Just a few minutes a day can help 'to air mozgi'-energize and gain clarity of thought. For breath and can of cocktail-oxygen.

Good These mixtures are now quite feasible to purchase. Producers argue that this two-hour cocktail party will replace the walk in the woods. The main thing is that a single portion of a couple of times a week. Otherwise, oxygen enrichment can result in stomach upset. 4. A balanced diet in winter nutritionists strongly recommend experimenting with rigid diets. In this bleak period, the body just needs power, energy and nutrients the main sources of which are considered a balanced diet. It is extremely important hot food (vegetable soups, steamed vegetables, legumes).

The breakfast will suit a variety of cereals, eggs in any form, cheesecakes and puddings. In weekly diet be sure to include dishes from the liver, fish and vegetables, including frozen. Nalyagayte especially for cabbage of various kinds, red peppers, green beans. Compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and mikroelimentov help multivitamin complexes, some of them will choose a therapist. 5. Professional help in winter, more than ever, actual spa programs that not only help hone your silhouette dramatically improve skin condition and hair, but also promote production of endorphins are responsible for good mood. These include massage, skrabirovanie, hydrating mask, oil wrap, paraffin therapy. Compositions for them is a concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, which intensively moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin while protecting against harmful environmental factors. What not to do – abuse hot water, taking a shower or bath. It deprives the skin precious moisture. Ideally, the water temperature should not exceed 36s – Exposing skin to extreme temperatures. Therefore, as would be desirable to shove frozen hands under hot water or a jet of a fan, wait at least 10 minutes. Let your skin get used to the new temperature. – Use a gel toothpaste – in winter it often causes irritation and dryness of the lips and skin around the mouth.

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