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Month: November 2014
Slimming Workout - November 29, 2014 by Jackie

Weight loss workout to help you achieve results by following a few pieces of advice if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, do not complicate, there is no miracle method than the diet combined with ejercicio.Si not get enough time to go to gym or you are someone who costs you leave home once you’ve come to work, do not worry, by following these simple tips you’ll see as you get results, just need a little patience and some strength of will to conseguirlo.Ya We have given advice on diet to lose those extra kilos that are caught at certain times and during the summer holidays or Christmas, but diets are not everything if not accompanied with a good routine for which entrenamiento.Tanto want to lose weight and those who want to define what they have, need to lose body fat. It is no use killing to do abs first we will lose our surplus, as there will be results and become discouraged in a short time.The best exercise for this purpose is cardiovascular, and do suggest a moderate and continued for about 30-40 minutes about 3 times a week. You can get your own workout routine as you enjoy an exercise or another: running, cycling, jumping, etc.. Some of the cardio machines most used and known are: static CintElipticBicicleta reclinadBicicleta of spinningStepperRemo normalBicicleta can also jump rope, jogging, skating, swimming, etc.No need to get bored, you can practice many activities that will help you achieve your goals. But hold your power consuming less saturated fat, more fruit and fiber in the morning and drink lots of water and you will see how soon you begin to see results. As an added tip, we recommend you consume carbohydrates (bread, pasta and beans) during the day and avoid them for snacks and dinner. Also avoid carbonated drinks, sweets, and always made small meals five times throughout the day. .

Choose Hotel Wellness - November 19, 2014 by Jackie

There are many hotels, but it is not always easy to find the perfect accommodation for your own holiday. Why are hotels in South Tyrol so popular? The mountains and wellness, these are two things that belong together. And where could you better relax in clear, clean air, a beautiful landscape and where you know still proper hospitality? So that the correct wellness hotels in South Tyrol is also quite simple, there are quality hotels (www.quality-hotels.it) the portal now. Here, friends of wellness will find many beautiful ideas for a restful stay in the Alps. If you are looking so hotels in South Tyrol, for the worth a look on the portal. There are many hotels, but it is not always easy to find the perfect accommodation for your own holiday. Only hotels which have received excellent reviews from their visitors are presented on the portal of quality hotels.

So you can be sure as a user, having only the best addresses to choose from for your wellness vacation. Since one must be only for a Choose Hotel, which especially like one. And so this is not too difficult to get all information you need to on the portal. In addition to a short, but descriptive characterization of the hotels can be found here also same special wellness offers, which the hotel has to offer in the near future. Like a guest house, is an inquiry about the page simply. And if you want to get out from here easily to the website of the hotel, where you can find out more. The selection of wellness hotels is very refined.

Only hotels with at least four stars, but also more often, come in the selection. The rest of course is in the foreground, therefore only hotels will be presented where there are really many wellness facilities… So, nothing in the way is a relaxing holiday. Related link to offer: de/wellnesshotels-suedtirol/index.html business contact: brandnamics quality hotels Julius-Durst-str. 44 I-39042 Brixen (BZ) Italy Telephone: + 39 0472 83 13 40 fax: + 39 0472 20 10 98 email: Web: press contact: Agency Cross Over Point online & Internet Agency Web: E-Mail: Carl-Miele-Strasse 4 38112 Braunschweig Mr Thomas Dohler Tel.: + 49 (0) 531-310 20 41 fax: + 49 (0) 531 310 20 42 business information the portal is a project of the company brandnamic. There are its visitors the opportunity to find the most beautiful, cheapest or best hotels in South Tyrol in a simple way. A pre-selection made by the editorial staff and classification according to areas such as wellness, families, gourmet, sports and more to facilitate the search. The company has its headquarters in the Italian Brixen and primarily operates as a full service marketing agency in terms of search engine optimization, Web design and programming.

Cursory Money - November 9, 2014 by Jackie

If you live in a residential area of the factory, money for a taxi you have not, the iron front door periodically break amateurs to use access as a public toilet, then maybe you will come in handy set of useful knowledge and skills that will help you get out of this situation at a meeting with the brethren of the night is far from Robin Goudov because taking money from you, poor them, they certainly will not give up. So, as always, help comes to you psychology. Faster than the appearance of attacking you appreciate their psychological status, the greater the percentage of probability and save yourself and save the values. What do we do Cursory look around a group of attackers to find out who is in front of you, because it may be in the first place, just teenagers, the easiest option, and secondly, the real thieves, then harder, they are usually armed and resistance can be detrimental for you to complete, so in this case, it is better to give money and things, then getting to the phone to call the police. Believe me, not worth your life and health of trinkets and money. For “hot pursuit” of criminals to quickly find and worth your back safe and sound. In the case of teenagers use the old and good psychology.

It’s simple, choose the type of the snotty young boy or girl (in our time and it happens, unfortunately), and with confidence in his voice, asked: “And my father knows what you’re doing? I will see tomorrow, will ask why he does not give you any money! “With an emphasis on your personal acquaintance with the father of a teenager. All, consider a split in the group will come immediately, they suddenly lose interest in you and then disappear. Another way of psychological oppression, avoiding physical violence – it’s your persuasive ability to frighten even a large group of Gopnik. It consists of the following: Make the most ferocious form, the you can (if necessary, practice in front of a mirror beforehand), and looking at them, tell me no less fierce voice: “Let me here and then roll, but one I like throat teeth peregryzu!” Believe me, no one with loonies are not linked and the only thing that supposedly desperate victim’s throat, does not want to be, therefore, likely that they will retreat. By following these simple guidelines, you may be able to get out of anyone even the most difficult and desperate situation. Of course, no brute force always costs will fail, because people are different and psychological techniques are not always able to such a fast quick resolution leaning trouble. You have to understand that a 100% guarantee even dna examination does not. Therefore, the “House of Soviets” recommends not only have a strong mind, but still develop at least a strong body. PS: and ending with the idea of a dream, who do not, so I wish that they had at least one, but the most cherished dream – to have a dream.

Factor Today - November 9, 2014 by Jackie

All who are faced with the question of warming holiday home, meet with a huge range of insulation materials. How to choose exactly the heater which is optimally suited to a comparison of price and quality “and The approach in terms of health security. In doing so, we try to understand. We will not impose a particular heat insulator, the choice is yours. Thus, we consider step by step, each of the three factors: 1. Price factor Many believe that the more expensive stuff, the better it is. We will not argue with this postulate. Try to understand the price line on the market insulating materials.

First of all, we divide them into several Groups: Extrusion (Penoplex, Tehnopleks, Ursafom, Kinplast etc.) mineral wool (Rockwool, parkas, Techno, Isoroc, Izovol etc.) wool (Ursa, Isover, Termostek, Knauf ). Leadership prices in each group belongs to another manufacturer. Under extrusion materials have good toughness, so they can be applied not only in the insulation of frame structures. Extrusion (extruded polystyrene foam) is the most expensive material of proposed, its advantages lie in ecology, easy installation, moisture resistance, shape retention for the entire life cycle and other factors. Next on the price index’s group of mineral materials. Pluses of this group is also obvious – the minimum moisture permeability, ease of installation, good performance and excellent environmental performance sound absorption. And closes pricing wool, which has good figures for water-resistance, sound absorption, it is very easy to install, as available in mats. 2.

Quality Factor Today, we can not say something bad about a producer of heat-insulating materials. All manufacturers are doing their jobs as “excellent.” And the appearance of the trading network of materials, to say the least disgusting quality for several reasons: first, the factory does not sell liquid material (for This honestly warn their dealers about this, and they in turn sell the chain, are not always notified of the liquidity is not good), and secondly, the market there are counterfeits of famous brands, in third, with no right approach to warehousing lost the primary type. 3. Factor of safety for human health can remove this item from discussion because of compliance technology of laying insulation, namely in conjunction with hydro -, paroizoliruyuschimi films. The application of these films makes it possible to cut off the living space of the fibrous insulation. And then all is not limited to film, because your room has walls made of either gypsum board or plywood. You may ask, what about the drafts? The answer is simple, trust laying insulation and film professionals, they will not allow gaps in the packing of the whole pie. From this we can conclude that one can choose any insulation. The main thing to avoid errors in installation technology.

Potency Disorders - November 7, 2014 by Jackie

Unfortunately, not always the best part is playing with as a man or woman it wants. It’s like the workout in the gym. Muscles are not subjected to a lengthy break, they reduce their power and they regress rapidly. So it is with an erection. If the penis is not long claimed, he may have trouble holding themselves to. The end of the song is then depression, frustration, and then connected with the listlessness. So man is quickly becoming sexless person. Biologically, the man is at least every night in training. During the night and morning to stiffen the penis on several occasions. This is the biological training. Through the night exercise, the vessels are better supplied with oxygen and trains the smooth muscles of the spongy body. Good penile blood flow is a prerequisite for long-lasting potency. How can a power failure or impotence Potency disorders may possibly be attributed to poor blood circulation. This can determine the urologist. But that is no reason to hang their heads.Inadequate blood flow can be improved through sport. However, because cycling is less suitable. While cycling the blood supply is prevented by the saddle. Sports, built where the thigh muscle and will be trained, endurance sports such as rowing or running are ideal for muscle building. The non-visible pelvic floor muscles is functionally connected to the penis, but is unfortunately too little attention. If those muscles are flabby, the best piece can be quickly collapsed. Sex keeps you healthy and fit! Sex is the most optimal training for blood flow to the penis. Not only the soul benefits from kissing, caressing and gentle massage. Physically, stress hormones are reduced, the happiness hormone dopamine is released and gives us a feeling of elation and the hormone oxytocin strengthens the bond between the partners. After an orgasm of prolactin increases and the effect that you yourself really feel satisfied and full. During orgasm, the blood vessels and skin are better blood circulation and oxygenation of the body is optimal. WeBreathe deeply, so that the organs are well ventilated. Those who actively live their sexuality, may also reduce the risk of prostate disease such as prostate cancer. If you have good sex, want more of it! Even an old folk wisdom is: With the food comes the appetite. It’s just sex. Who has a good, satisfying sex life, would not be without it. Also contributes to disinterest in men and women to bed depressed. Thus if you have no sex for a long time, also reduces the desire for it. Abstinence leads to a decline in men the hormone testosterone in the blood. Thus the sexual organs and the blood vessels become worse. If one trains the penis, but with an erection, it enhances the smooth muscles of the buttocks area and it remains dynamic. What can help with impotence or power disturbances Research has made it possible for men who may suffer from prolonged power failure, will be helped. One can, in consultation with their urologist or family doctor can prescribe so-called potency pills. The name Viagra,Cialis or Levitra sure everyone has heard it all. Because the pills have a relatively long duration of action, men can enjoy sex without having to keep the clock need to have in view. Potency pills are intended primarily for men with existing power disturbances. However, there are a few exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the thighs. These exercises are a good training to be able to enjoy a long and fulfilling sex lives. Penis skipping workout: Running on the spot, and while they raise their knees up as far as possible. The pace should be changed. They run faster and sometimes slower. After five times a change, they can treat themselves to a ten-minute break. Pelvic swing: Embark they are in the squat and close the legs so that they touch. Clasp arms behind his head and tighten the buttocks firmly. Just imagine, they would hold a coin between the buttocks. Then they push the pelvis forward a few times.Repeat this exercise several times and they make sure that the voltage is held. Tip: If you are at a red light, they can also squeeze your buttocks and imagine they held a coin. This exercise is possible everywhere and no one notices anything. Pelvic Lift: Lie on your back and bend your legs slightly. The knees should be about hip distance apart. They Put your hands beside the hips and spreading it to the pelvis and back muscles. They lift the pelvis slightly off the ground. Hold this position for several seconds and widen the tension. Pay attention to this exercise on a regular breathing and they move either his legs or shoulders. Repeat the exercise several times. Despite all the exercises, they should also devote themselves of togetherness with their partner. For tenderness and togetherness inspire the body and mind and strengthen their relationship. Is also important to always open in terms of sexuality!

Feng Shui For Children - November 5, 2014 by Jackie

In each house there are different kinds of energies, such as the energy of creativity, illness, romance, ships and plunder the wealth and destruction. With the help of Feng Shui knowledge, all these energies can be measured and accurately determined. Each person fit these or other types of energy depending on their abilities, character and occupation. The Art of Feng Shui master is that it is properly distribute the location of the bed owners home so that the sector, where they sleep, to bring them the maximum benefit would be to charge them during sleep health and positively affect their character traits. For example, if your child is weak and holds everything in itself, it can be put to sleep in such a sector at home, where after a while he confidently declared that he wants, but he did not like.

For the hyperactive child, you can also find the sector, whose energy will make it more gentle, calm and uravnoveshannym. For a child who is the creative kind, you can develop and strengthen its capacity due to him suitable for this place in the house for a bed, a desk or a corner for the game. There are various 'medicines' for the sector, dominated the energy of the disease. But for this it must first be identified with the aid of Feng Shui and moving the child into another room or rearrange the bed to another wall. Sometimes parents complain that children do not literally close your mouth – you call him, and he'll 10 in response.

Internet Air - November 5, 2014 by Jackie

At the moment, for many of our contemporaries, online stores are the most practical way to do this or that required a purchase. And that, in principle, of course: because in order to produce purchase from an online store, you see needs to go to find the necessary goods to spend this free time and gasoline. In particular, the acquisition of things over the Internet comfortably in cold weather, when the weather is not worthwhile promotes opportunities to get pleasure from walking along the streets, where workers are cleaning services ever manage to lose the battle of the weather. And it is especially necessary in winter acquisition of such equipment as humidifiers and air purification systems. However, this kind of technology is important not only in cold weather, but in summer, but just in the cold when the batteries dry the air, and the constant features of a large number electrical devices makes it not particularly Godyaev to use, web-shop air purifiers can enjoy optimal relevance.

In addition, if summer really refreshing premise natural way, although because of the air quality in metropolitan areas is not necessarily productive, in the cold such ventilation can result in extremely pitiable for health professionals. However, it should notice, and another important factor relating to the purchase options home electronics. Buying the appropriate air freshener in the room or water heater on the Internet, there is a chance to conduct a thorough monitoring of the different options to find truly the best option for your home or office. Since the spectrum of the online store is always possible to find fans and O. erre, and air conditioning systems, and variety of other equipment, then the choice in this scenario would be really appropriate. Especially considering that even the largest prime showroom you podyschete of force 50-100 variants of a specific device, and online store of available real presence of the goods certain items can often exceed the 1, 5 thousand. In such a case, the buyer really gets a chance to select the most appropriate for their Needs product. Purchase of home electronics online shop – it’s literate final choice for someone who appreciates their time, comfort and finances.

Understanding Cholesterol - November 4, 2014 by Jackie

Functions of Cholesterol Cholesterol is essential to life for its many functions: 1.Estructural: cholesterol is a major component of plasma membranes of animals (not present in the vegetables). Although cholesterol is found in small amounts in cell membranes in the cytoplasmic membrane are in a 1:1 molar ratio relative to phospholipids, regulating their physicochemical properties, particularly fluidity. However, cholesterol is found in very low proportion or are virtually absent in subcellular membranes. 2.Precursor of vitamin D essential for calcium metabolism. 3.Precursor of the sex hormones progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Corticoesteroidales 4.Precursor of hormones: cortisol and aldosterone. 5.Precursor of bile salts: the absorption of essential nutrients and lipid main route for excretion of body cholesterol.

6.Precursor of lipid rafts. What is it and how much control the excess cholesterol blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), such as obesity, lack of exercise, high blood pressure and snuff, facilitate suffering from severe circulatory diseases. If several of these factors add up in one person, predisposition to disease is triggered above is much higher. should take into account these other “risk factors” Although today the word ‘cholesterol’ is full of negative connotations associated with a poor diet and obesity cardiovasulares problems, in reality it is a necessary element for our body. The important thing is to know what it is, how it works and when it is injurious to health. Cholesterol’s not anything but a type of fat, a lipid specifically involved in many important physiological processes such as cellular, digestive and synthesizing hormones, among other functions. Our liver is capable of producing the cholesterol necessary for the body. However, through food, can receive an additional amount of this substance which, in many instances, is detrimental to health, especially for the heart.

The origin of the increase in blood is derived mainly from the increase of the unsaturated fats in the diet, from foods with fat. What should I eat if I have high cholesterol in these cases, once the doctor dectecta an excess of this substance in the blood, usually puts the patient a diet retrictiva about fat intake. specialists recommend not only make life less sedentary, but to improve the diet with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, fiber and fat-free foods also eat more unsaturated fats such as fish, skinless chicken-and- vegetable oils such as olive and seed (corn, sunflower). They should not miss high-fiber whole grains and cereals, rice, beans and pasta. Usually are deleted all foods with saturated fats: red meat, pork, lamb, cold cuts, cheese and butter fat. Products with excess sugars and calories are also deleted (chocolate, pastries, sauces, pates), and those that are direct sources of cholesterol, egg yolk, some offal and shellfish. Excess salt and spices also should be avoided. And with it, preserved and prepared to abuse these seasonings. Although not removed from the diet, we recommend moderate consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks and milk (preferably skimmed use only). We must also get used to drink lots of water throughout the day and needed in food and chew slowly and salivate well. Regardless of diet, smoking or drinking alcohol are two other harmful habits that we must eradicate from our lives if we do not want to have cardiorespiratory problems. For more information visit a “All the information we provide is general in nature, remember that this information alone can not replace the health care or human services you may need. Only provide a service and reference information, please consult your health care professional who treats you about any concerns you have about your own health.

Prepares Prescription - November 4, 2014 by Jackie

To have luck, prosperity and richness, you it must eat nhoque all day 29 of the month. Probably, you already heard this phrase, are not same? Good, for who he is superstitious and he believes simpatias, to make prescription of nhoque all 29 of the month already turned a habit that does not have to be forgotten form some. But, so that nhoque has something more the valley the penalty to bet in white gravy as accompaniment, since this gravy sufficiently is used in world-wide gastronomia e, therefore, already it appears with ' ' stamp of qualidade' ' , therefore one knows that chefs of cuisine uses this gravy in the preparation of its plates. One of the curiosidades that involve the white gravy is to serve of base for other types of gravy (for each gravy it has specific ingredients), being the white sauce, most famous of all. It also has other examples of gravy as barbecue, mustard, asparagi, of tomatoe, with pepper, I suck to it, with garlic or champignon, bittersweet, etc. and for who it has some type of alimentary restriction, exists an alternative: the white gravy light, whose prescription changes the traditional margarina for light and adds skimmed milk.

But, the white gravy combines with that type of food? Good, between the plates that can lead white gravy is enclosed lasanha, saladas, fish and traditional nhoque, whose fame arrived at some countries of the world. How appeared then the fame of nhoque? Good, everything started in the interior of Italy. A certain day a saint (They are Pantaleo) dress as one andarilho beat to the door of the house of a couple, therefore he was hungry and it asked for a food plate. The couple was poor and alone it had nhoque in house. Thus, nhoque was divides between three people, being that each one of them only ate 7 nhoques. After to have if fed, andarilho was even so. When the ware was being removed of the table, the couple noticed that it had gold currencies under the plate.

The unexpected money finished bringing luck and prosperity to the couple. The life followed its natural route when, certain time, andarilho came back to vilarejo Italian. When seeing that the couple had porsperado, it congregated the inhabitants of the place and asked for that they fulfilled ritual to eat nhoque all day 29 of the month. thus, was made. The notice if spread, exceeded borders and today the whole world people make the same ritual: they place a note of 1 dollar (or she notices of another country as euro or Real) under of the plate, they eat 7 nhoques in foot (she is clearly that the 7 plate has more than what nhoques), and wait for the fortura and the prosperity. A detail is very important: the note that is placed under the plate cannot be used until day 29 of the following month. It was in such a way that everything started. Today, nhoque already is enclosed in the cardpio of the Brazilian restaurants and much people repeat the ritual all day 29 of the month. After all of accounts, seno to make well, badly also will not make, is not same? Therefore, if you are superstitious or believe the luck, that such to eat delicious nhoque with white gravy? Who knows you will not be one of the fortunate ones as well as the poor couple that lived in the interior of Italy?

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