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Month: May 2014
The Trip - May 25, 2014 by Jackie

He placed it over the room, in the parents house where she lived. Months passed, and a Sunday goes to a brother’s House to watch a match of the Academy, the Racing of their love. As it was early, I was in Floresta, occurred to him to go before the fair of Palermo, because I knew that there was a sample of universities in various countries of the world, a showcase of possibilities of doctorates, master or courses. The first booth that currency when it arrives is the Embassy of France. There, among other things, he was promoted master of the University of Toulouse at this stage in history were in August 99 and this began in September, when it begins the school year in Europe – and by chance found a woman who had helped make the Charter to apply. She greets him very warmly and then he tells her that he was selected, but had withdrawn the trip because he could not afford the expenses of stay and other herbs for a year in Toulouse. Mine couldn’t believe it and told him: you can not refuse a possibility as well. Wait for me a moment told him and began to talk with an old woman who had been on the same side of the counter.This old woman was a representative of don’t know that French universities all mongo. It comes into our character today and tells him: come and see me tomorrow at the Embassy with all these data there made him a list – and I get a scholarship so can you travel.He returned to watch the game at his brother’s House, he said nothing, no talk. The next day, Monday in the Office of the DGI told his boss that he had to leave to do paperwork, took the day, joined one to one the papers that had asked you the old woman, photocopies several of the passport, the letter of acceptance from the Embassy, etc etc, went to the Embassy, gave everything and the old woman told him before next Friday I would have an answer by mail to your scholarship application.

Cool Doctor Mateo - May 18, 2014 by Jackie

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Hair Beauty - May 12, 2014 by Jackie

Lately I’ve been paying attention to the hair, in all their human forms. Yesterday, hoping to see the dermatologist, I couldn’t help a black hair, pointing to the horizon, that came out of my seat neighbor Lunar. I closed my eyes and started to ask Diosito, to not give me a hair of those. And I remembered a mole I have in the neck, which I very quietly played with fingers, just in case. Why my request? Why my concern? Because I am almost 50 years old, and by what they say, at this age, the hairs begin to relocate used is, to invade the visible areas of the body. Just thinking about it gives me chills. Coming out of the doctor, I went to a pharmacy to fill your prescription. And guess what! I found another hairy, an eyebrow with the power of a magnet, because it attracted everyone’s attention.

It was at that moment that I decided to do something urgent. In the hallway of depilation cream I found a box with what looked like two sponges which, according to the indications, were powerful satelital of hair, hair and any outgoing wire on the human body. Just what I needed at that time of hairy anxiety. The instructions said that it is better to prepare skin before removal operation of hair. But arriving at the House, given my urgency to peel me, and after having sifted and found two potential hairs, on my chin, I decided not to wait for the next morning, after the bath. I washed me face with stealth, wiped the area invaded by these two black intruders and began to sand. Yes!, you heard me well, sanding. First I didn’t notice the impact, with the excitement of seeing over the sink one another hair fall. But the two objects of my struggle, were, hence pointing proud towards the horizon, igualitos than the hair of the woman lunar.

Self-Worth - May 5, 2014 by Jackie

You do not deserve it. You’re a great person. Again I apologize for what you did – told with voice sorry Ruth. -Already enough of that Ruth told Tati with energetic tone. Let us make a Covenant.

Never again will we talk about. I agree? Neither of the two. He already spent. You were not already that day. Now didn’t you have your support. We can’t change anything now.

Today these arrepentida and that is worth. Is that Sebastian is listening to you and I doubt the less that is happy for your change and that is sending you his forgiveness. -For agreement. Never again talk about – contesto le Ruth. Aora I think that we have to do what the doctor tells us and we leave. It will be the best for both. Can I stay with you during the day or while with it a hotel where can I stay or until do you have the results? We chat a bit and make us company. I don’t think that suits neither stay alone. Do you think-? -I think a great idea – Tati replied. Do not know what I want to have my parents around, but I dare not call them. In addition we are so far away that when they arrived here, probably will be the time to return, don’t you think-? -If – Ruth replied. No sense make them come. I don’t take much to give us the result of the DNA. Find me it funny to think that I have no idea how long it takes to do that test. It is that it is not my field of action and what he had never asked me-. -The results are normally within a week he said the doctor who although it has had a little aside to give them privacy, when they had begun a new conversation, listening to the topic raised.

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