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Month: March 2014
Guarantee Watches - March 24, 2014 by Jackie

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EZLN - March 24, 2014 by Jackie

The so-called Ejecito Zapatista National Liberation EZLN, is one of the most important movements that Mexico has had in its history. Born in the State of Chiapas this left movement aims to establish a defense towards the rights of the indigenous people who have been marginalized by the Government of our country. Obtain justice and freedom in our town, the EZLN is a popular struggle of the people in order to achieve objectives which the Government pays attention. They want to give Mexicans realize that live under the manipulation of the Government, want the good of the people. The rebellion of the people exists because there is no democracy and create this kind of societies, the people United can never be defeated the EZLN has grown with the passage of time, it has bought weapons and has become a very strong group, the Government has respect and has been recognized by the people. It is an army formed by indigenous peoples and a mestizo, who frames, which make him indestructible.

It is a rebellion the Government that represses only the Indians and doesn’t realize that they are the basis in our culture, not give them opportunities to get ahead and only discriminated against them.The Government should support more indigenous people as the center of power that is in our country, it imposes this condition to exclude them. They are entitled to have the same rights as any other citizen should have the same opportunities and to be heard, like any other person. There should exist a culture of equality in our society and accept people as they are. Original author and source of the article.

How To Write An Essay - March 23, 2014 by Jackie

Yes, but before it is written to learn a little about this form of written expression. Experts agree in saying that it is a literary composition and its purpose is to present an author’s ideas about a topic in a way, almost always, very specific. Sometimes it is short and presents an informal style, thereby acquiring some difference with other forms of exposure. From the explanation above can infer that there are two main protagonists in the task of writing an essay: the topic and the author. Well, in this genre the author has total freedom to address the topic from their own point of view, according to their knowledge, the way in which sees the world, their scale of values, and in general his training as a person dedicated to see the world from their own perspective.

But be careful: when someone has formed its opinion on an issue must defend it and the way to do so is based on arguments. So there the writer has the second most important task after the choice of the theme and is finding arguments to support the position that he assumes. Let’s go party and stop us in the choice of the theme. The issue is not as easy as it seems at first. To find out if a topic is suitable must meet at least the following requirements: which interests you as an author that has an audience also interested in reading about this topic have the possibility of obtaining information relating to the matter that you can assume a sincere, strong and defensible position. Once made the choice of subject should soak up better about it.

Therefore, it is necessary to do some research to complement the knowledge you already had when you chose. You cannot dismiss any source or over-dimensioned the virtues of others. Everything should be in proportion.

Exercises Warming Basics - March 21, 2014 by Jackie

Before starting any physical activity it is necessary to initiate a warm up routine to perform better during training, avoid or reduce the risk of injury, increase oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles, improve neuromuscular system and metabolism.However, there is a unique global warming but several types according to the parts of the body and physical needs of the activity to practice. Organic heat – runs for 6 minutes, while you do it performs: – lateral movements toward both sides.-lateral movements crossing the legs front and back with change of direction-raises knees.-leads the heels to the buttocks. Heating of the joints – rotating ankles left, right.-tour ankles up, down-flexes and extends the knees.-move your head in circles-with feet together flexes the body to the maximum-spin dolls-Ponte of squats and stretches a leg-tumbles into the arms forward and backward. Warming muscle twins:- Walking on tiptoe, two steps forward, two steps back.-with the heels perform the same task as the previous. Quadriceps: – Pick up the forefoot with your hand and take it towards the buttock.-stand on one foot, flexes and extends the leg. Femoral quadriceps:-same as with the quadriceps. Biceps femoris:-same as above. Abdomen:-lie on the floor and beam abdominal.

Chest: – Performs push-ups.-move your arms laterally crossing them in the chest. Dorsal: – Flexes the trunk from right to left.-flexes the trunk from top down. Deltoid:-move your arms up and down. Biceps: – Flexes and extends the arm-with arm raised, flexion and extension of the muscle. Triceps:-the same exercises in the biceps-triceps and extensors of the fingers – closes and opens his fist a few times. Neck muscles: – move the neck from right to left.-move the neck above above Original article here original author and source of the article.

Learning - March 15, 2014 by Jackie

While both that were fought in retirement, next to a group of quites in front of them, Third observed their right infantry troops they were just beginning to fight. Nevertheless, when watching towards the other side, it noticed that a group of African riders came almost front. These came persecuting to a group from quites Roman, being advanced with respect to the thickness of their cavalry, reason why when noticing that another group of Romans escaped behind them, they decided to let its persecution to annihilate to them. Cneo also was noticed of the threat, which went to everything galope, quickly with its prepared lances. Including/understanding the situation, it noticed the group to them.

-We must go to the shock, does not have left another option! If we tried to turn aside them they reached to us behind! At the outset it seemed that nobody listened to the warning of Cneo, until quites of the front changed their direction slightly, being against in front of the enemy. The forces esteban balanced. Who it had greater impetus in the shock would leave winner. Both troops cheered up with shouts and they were crossed violently. The first encounter favored to the Roman forces, causing low majors. However, the advantage disappeared when noticing that quickly another band of nmidas riders approached. Cneo get ready to give the retirement shout, but somebody went ahead to him.

Even so, already it was very behind schedule, since these reinforcements came at full speed, reaching to demolish to the most delayed. Among them he was Third, who thrown in the ground were at the mercy of those assassins of the desert. Cneo could not do nothing, because it was being persecuted to far. When one rider tried to approach Third to execute to him, two or three nmidas stopped to him with shouts, and they went in persecution of the others.

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