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Month: January 2014
Current Constitution - January 15, 2014 by Jackie

The resumes of the courses of Psychology have presented some deficiencies as for the teaching of the federal and regional laws that determine the rights and duties of the Brazilians. To enclose all the subjects contained in articles of the Federal Constitution we would need specific chairs, with bigger duration that a semester. In the introduction of the Current Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil it is placed that it is a democratic state, that assures ‘ ‘ the individual and social right of action, the freedom, the security, well-being, the development, the equality and justice as supreme values of a society fraterna, pluralista and without preconceptions, established in the harmony social’ ‘ (FEDERAL SENATE, P. 4). This introduction in the preamble evidences the main values that base the life of the Brazilians in this country that is democratic: freedom, equality and justice. Knowing of these affirmations questions appear: what they keep the people submissas to the inaqualities? What it makes a citizen to accept to be discriminated, excluded, attacked, forcene if the constitution if it opposes to these practical? That values base the relations between the people? How these values are taught in the learning spaces? The answers if inside insert of all a complexity. It is retaken initial question of this text on the current education.

One knows that the schools of basic and average education, in its majority, do not accomplish educative actions that teach and make possible the pupils if to appropriate of the laws which they are submitted. A reality with citizens meets thus that are unaware of its rights, the legislative protections that they possess and the duties that must fulfill for being part of a population. Referring rights to the woman, the man, the family, the union, the security, the health, the education, the culture, the territory, the state, to the government, the environment, among others, integrate this constitution. More specific laws the groups as children, adolescents, young, aged, indians, questions of sexuality, religion, politics, philosophy, race, color and age determine rules of treatment and possibilities. Amongst the duties, referring subjects to the elections, the military service, the prohibition of crime, the aggression, the restriction of freedom and exploration meet. To influence in the action of these laws we need in them to become the change that we want for our society. The transformation alone will be possible with the support and action of each citizen inside of its context, its university, its course, its house and obtains exactly. We need to reflect and to look at critically for our daily one: Which situations we neglect? The which inaqualities we blind in them? What we discriminate of prejudiced form? The which situations we omit in them? What we are submissos? That values base our relations? How our form of being affects we and to excessively?

Parkinsons - January 12, 2014 by Jackie

Hyoscyamine extends pupils. Wine decoction of the roots is prescribed for Parkinson's disease. With the leaves and roots are atropine. Collection. The leaves are harvested during the flowering period, in June-July, 3-4 times as their regrowth.

Pluck at the base of the leaf blade. Immediately dried in the shade. Roots are usually harvested in the fall (September – October) from plants of the second year. Harvest only the fleshy, succulent side the roots, removing the woody base of the main root. Dried in a shaded, well-ventilated areas. The whole plant is poisonous, that should be considered when collecting and drying: not to touch the nose, eyes, lips, and after work wash your hands.

Machinery. Belladonna water-loving plant. In the first year is growing slowly, while the second and subsequent years producing good shrubs and roots. Optimal conditions for seed germination ranged 20-25 C. The Stairs develop slowly. The above-ground portion of plants completely die at a temperature of -4-5 , and again during warming grows from the root collar. In belladonna, according to the GN Kotukov (1964), should be given a fertile land, protected from and freezing winds with moderate to high humidity. Good yields Belladonna gives cultivated soils with medium and light texture, with a strong structure. Good results are obtained in the backyard crop rotation: vegetables, fodder, luchnih.udobryaemymi precursors are clean pairs, winter, going on a couple of fertilized, tilled crops, for which fertilized. Cultivation of soil tillage with winter fallow begin a depth of 25 – 27 cm, and the soils with a shallow layer of topsoil – the full depth of the plow with his skimmers.

Institute Robert Koch - January 8, 2014 by Jackie

Ever since, at the beginning of May, the first cases were registered the infection has affected in Germany to but of 2,800 people, of whom 32 have passed away and more than 700 they have undergone the dangerous haemolytic urmico syndrome (HUS), that can get to cause renal and cerebral damages irreparable. The German sanitary authorities also noticed that the threat of the lethal variant of bacterium E. coli persists in spite of to have located the center of the infection in the farm of Saxony Loss. Although the suspicions of the Institute Robert Koch on the origin of the pathogenic agent have been confirmed, " &quot persists the danger of infection by physical contact; , it indicated a spokesman of the ministry of Social Subjects of the centric federal state of Hesse. Failures of hygiene in the nutritional chain can lead to new buds of the dangerous O104 variant of bacterium E.

coli, noticed from this Ministry, that it made a call to the prevention and the maintenance of the cleanliness norms. " bad suerte" , the origin of the bud for Saxony Loss the Office of Protection of the Consumer of Saxony Loss considers that the operation of that same region center of the infection of ' E. coli' it has had " bad suerte" , and it discards legal sanctions and actions against his people in charge because they in force fulfilled all the norm with respect to his cultures of buds of seeds. " Until now all the investigation demonstrates that the farm is impeccable. She is hygienic and it fulfilled all the normativa" , it has affirmed the spokesman of the Office, Gert Hahne. " You watch it after you watch where it, there is no failure of the farm nor bases legal some for responsabilizarles" , it has indicated Hahne in telephone declarations. " You cannot punish to anybody to have bad suerte" , it said. Source of the news: The contranlisis confirms that the bacterium ' E. coli' it was originated in germinated seeds of Germany

Tips Be - January 3, 2014 by Jackie

Knee of delayed back legs do not touch the floor, and it is also bent in knee is almost at a right angle. The trunk is straight, your muscles tense lower back and fix the light bending at the waist. You should feel that holding the bar only strengthen the muscles of foreleg, slightly leaning on of delayed back leg (for balance). Reaching the lowest point of the exercise, tighten your quadriceps front leg, just feed the torso forward and climb up on the front foot, while lifting off the floor and pulling ahead of delayed back foot. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale and take a starting position (feet together). Follow the set, alternating legs or practicing all the repetition set initially for one leg, and then the other. Throughout the whole exercise hold the torso upright and back – slightly arched in the lumbar spine.

Tips Be sure to go down in the squat until thighs until the front foot will not parallel to the floor (knee angle 90 ). It is this provision ensures that the full force will not only work the quadriceps, but the back of the thigh muscles, including the buttocks. The lower you squat, the more weight on the rear thighs and buttocks. Do not relax your lumbar muscles and press until the end of the set. Otherwise, you will not refrain from rounding the back and torso forward during the lunge, which is extremely dangerous and can lead to injury.

The Children - January 3, 2014 by Jackie

TROMBETTA and COL (2002, apud BORBA, 2006) say that one program of physical training must consist of aerbicos exercises, cyclical and continuous, that involve great muscular groups, such as walked, cycling, swimming, among others. therefore, the paper of the playful activity will be to transform everything pleasant and gostoso this into something to practise. The children like tricks and games, and can use this as strategy to stimulate a obesa child to make physical activity, surpassing the pleasure to attend television. with passing of the time the child it will more change its behavior not being seduced by the television or a pot of dainties, and yes to prefer to jump rope with the friends, to play ball in the street or simply to dance in the house room. VIUNISKI (2000, apud BORBA, 2006) complements: ' ' he is most likely that we go to obtain to increase the physical activity of a child by means of mannering and ambient changes, being these incorporating the day-the-dia' ' , that is, we will obtain more healthful children if to show pra they them diverse possibilities of playful physical activity, so that they can choose its, in one hour of leisure with the friends, the family or alone. the biggest benefit is not the child simply to move of habits, but yes, to continue with this more healthful position for the remaining portion of its life.

5. FINAL CONSIDERAES I believe that the infantile obesidade, and also the adult obesidade can be fought, be treated, and even though extinguished, by means of an arduous work, serious and persistent. However, I also believe that the playful one it will be able to assist excessively in this work, since the child until the aged one, therefore backwards in return the pleasure to play, of reviver things of the past, forgetting or to distract the problems of day-by-day.

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