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Month: October 2013
The Company - October 24, 2013 by Jackie

Our long-term analysis of the set companies from different industries, shows that as these criteria can suggest the following. 1. The presence of the company organizing the pipeline company must have a strategy under which it is built organizational structure, which is staffed appropriately their job. There are well-established working procedures, which, if necessary, make changes in company strategy, and strategy changes cause corresponding changes in organizational structure, which doukomplektovyvaetsya staff. And so on. 2. The presence of a motivational assembly line The company has an established system to motivate staff to achieve company goals.

Each employee of the company knows "where are we going and why am I doing this" at any given time. If you change the goals, motivation changes accordingly. 3. The presence in the company's pipeline replacement personnel in the company is constantly working conveyor replacement of staff in an amount that provides the satisfaction of any company's needs: from recruitment of young employees through training and promotion through the ranks to the highest posts. There is a system for the formation of personnel reserve not only for managers but also for key personnel. The presence of all three pipeline shows that the HR manager to perform its tasks. But in order to understand how well it does its job, it is necessary to analyze the operating parameters these pipelines: how rapidly changing organizational structure after a change in strategy as time passes, before vacancies are filled by staff as candidates for each key position system provides a personnel reserve, etc. And of course any costs incurred by the company had to ensure that these indicators? Who known companies you have all three of the conveyor in action? In some companies there agreement between management and the personnel manager that, on what grounds will be assessed by his work, and these symptoms are somehow defined and used to determine the remuneration of the manager? Let us sum up our thinking. What will happen if – in front of the manager staff do not pose the problem and not to hold him responsible for the formation of the team motivated to achieve the goals of the company – not to provide the manager on staff responsibilities and resources required to perform this task – not to assess the outcomes and effectiveness of the personnel manager for the pre-established objective criteria? And is that happening now – HR managers simply do not perform their duties in full.

The Radish - October 17, 2013 by Jackie

It is very rich in digestible carbohydrates, which facilitates digestion, water retention, helps control constipation (one of the main causes of hemorrhoids). Its juice also soothes the digestive and excretory system and also relieves hemorrhoids. It is diuretic, i.e. increase the production of urine, radish juice also cures inflammation and burning urination sensation. Also clean the kidneys and inhibits the kidney and the urinary system. Therefore, it helps cure urinary problems.

Vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc and some members of the vitamin B complex, which are present in radish, are good for the skin. The water helps to keep the skin moist, raw radish is a very good cleaning product and serves as a very effective face Pack. Due to its properties disinfectants, horseradish also helps to cure diseases of the skin, such as rashes, dryness, fissures, etc has anti itching and can be used as an effective treatment for insect bites, Stings from bees, wasps, Hornets, etc. The juice also reduces pain and inflammation and relieves the affected area. It reduces the temperature of the body and alleviates inflammation due to fever. Radish juice is a good disinfectant, but also fight against infections that cause fever, what helps heal. The radish is a congestive anti or relieve the congestion of the respiratory system, including the nose, throat and lungs due to the cold, infections, allergies and other causes. It is a good disinfectant and is also rich in vitamins, which protect the respiratory system infections that cause bronchitis and asthma. In addition to the above benefits, the radish is a good appetizer, freshens the mouth and help in breathing, it is laxative, regulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, it is a good treatment for pain, heartburn, constipation, nausea, obesity, sore throat, cough, stomach problems, gallstones, dyspepsia.

Tips On Food For Dogs - October 10, 2013 by Jackie

After publishing a few days ago an article about food for dogs I received some emails from readers asking me more information about this article I decided to respond to the following questions: do as is if my dog in your ideal weight? A way to practice feeding my puppy? Do I need to give my dog food supplements? and finally that diet is best to keep my dog’s teeth clean? So now in this article start to answer these questions do as is if my dog in your ideal weight? To know if your dog is in the ideal weight serious need which you recurrieras to the racial standard corresponding to your dog that depending on the age and race is like you could determine if your dog is in your weight or not, but as this type of query might be very complicated for some people will give you a Council practical so that you can evaluate if food for dogs that you are giving your pet keeps you in a good body weight. The Council is as follows; If your dog’s hair short ribs should not be seen with the naked eye but advance to caress your fingers over the ribs you should be able to feel easily ribs. On long haired dogs you should be able to easily felt ribs. Now if it is the case that when you go your fingers through the ribs of your dog you feel a thick layer of fat which prevents you palpate the bones of the rib, then your dog is over weight. I recommend to prevent obesity in your dog give him food to dogs according to their age and physical activity, in addition to avoid giving snacks and food out of their schedules. If it is an adult dog don’t let you the food at your disposal throughout the day since that may be the cause of obesity and also for your dog to make popo throughout the day.

The Thyroid - October 10, 2013 by Jackie

There are a few genes responsible for generating the leptin, a substance that reaches the hypothalamus, satiety center in order to cause loss of appetite and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system responsible for consuming the energy through the blood in chromosomes. When these genes are altered, leptin does not occur in the correct proportion, in these cases people are stimulated to continue eating more than they would be under normal conditions diseases: some hormonal imbalances are the cause of overweight and obesity, such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome. Hypothyroidism is when an insufficient amount of circulating thyroid hormones, usually caused by the thyroid gland that runs below normal. Polycystic ovary syndrome can affect the menstrual cycle, fertility, hormones, insulin production, heart, blood pathways and appearance physical women’s Cushing’s syndrome is the set of signs and symptoms in a person who is subject of continuous and prolonged to an excessive amount of hormones called glucocorticoids (steroids also calls or corticosteroids hormones). Drugs and medications: some drugs can increase the weight in people, they include corticosteroids, antidepressants and anticonvulsants. The use of these medications can increase appetite, making the body to retain fluid with the result of increased weight for this reason. The use of origin tricyclic antidepressants have demonstrated an increase in fat and weight as well as the long treatments based on corticoids. Emotional: Feelings such as depression, anxiety, boredom, stress, etc.

influence some people making these feel an uncontrollable urge to eat and do so compulsively. Psychological: Recent research have transformed the belief that psychological causes may develop obesity, but it is now considered to the contrary, is obesity, which affects the psychological behaviour of persons suffering from obesity, this converted in a vicious circle in which one is promoter of the other. Smoking: there are people who can grow in weight when they stop smoking, the reason for this is because nicotine tends to increase the speed at which the body consumes stored calories, by what tamta people burn fewer calories when they quit smoking.

Feline Liver Diseases - October 9, 2013 by Jackie

The colangitis, and the hepatic lipidosis, both common types but of feline diseases of the liver, can take to the fault of the liver if they do not treat in time. The colangitis is an inflammation of the biliary conduits and it is associated to the feline virus of the leukemia as well as feline infectious peritonitis. The conventional regime of the treatment includes antibiotics, stimulating of the appetite, immunosuppressive corticoesteroides and other drugs. The hepatic lipidosis, or the disease of the greasy liver, consists of abnormal fat levels certain that are accumulated near the liver. It is a idioptica disease (a disease whose exact cause does not know) that he is associate mainly to the loss of appetite and obesity. The tension, is also known for being one the factors that take to the loss of appetite.

The cats find generally difficult to adjust to an atmosphere changed like the displacement to a new home or arrival of a new kitten. Estan in tension even when the owner this in tension. There are occasions of the occurrence of the disease of the greasy liver due to the colangitis, inflammation of the pncreas, as well as a hepatic tumor. Like in many other conditions of health, the prevention is better than the treatment. It considers natural supplements and remedies herbal that support the health of the liver. Also there are natural remedies for mascots that help in reducing to the tension and anxiety, as well as to help him in the handling of the weight. The exact diagnosis for dogs of a disease of the liver and the cats are with a biopsy. The cats with disease of the greasy liver are an anesthetic risk and a sample takes shelter normally with the aid of fine a percutnea or laparoscopica needle. The hepatic lipidosis needs to be taken care of immediately to avoid fault of the liver.

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