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Month: September 2013
Orlistat Pills - September 30, 2013 by Jackie

Drugs against obesity and diet pills help people lose weight faster and more effective than other methods of weight loss. Some of the diet pills for most popular today include Orlistat, sibutramine, metformin, Byette and Symlin. Medicines anti-obesity or pills against obesity, diet are defined as pharmacological treatments that are used to help a person lose weight. Normally, this type of pills are only recommended for people with weight problems which threaten the life and can only be purchased by someone who has a prescription. These weight loss agents work suppress a person’s appetite, increase your metabolism, and / or interfere with your body’s natural ability to absorb specific nutrients that are found in food. Many people are turning to drugs against obesity and diet pills when diet and exercise appears to be ineffective in any visible or sensitive outcome.

Other people are turning to them if they are using up against time and who want to see rapid and immediate results. And others use them in accordance with the Council and recommendation of your trusted doctors and health professionals. Examples of known obesity drugs and diet pills available in the market these days are Orlistat, sibutramine, metformin Byetta and Symlin. Orlistat, more popularly known as the brand name Xenical, interferes with the natural process of the body to absorb fats, reducing and decreasing the amount of fat absorbed by the body. Originally, this type of obesity drug could only be purchased by those who have a doctor’s prescription. However since February 2007, its sale without a prescription was already approved. Sibutramine acts as a suppressant of appetite, eliminate or reduce the feeling of hunger and the desire to eat. Metformin is a specific drug used by people who are inflicted with diabetes. It was discovered that people with type 2 diabetes they used this medication had the side effect of weight loss.

Diagnostic Clinic - September 24, 2013 by Jackie

In Europe and Asia medicine rather strong, and countries such as Singapore, China, Israel, Germany and Britain are known worldwide for its achievements in scientific and practical medicine. These same countries are most convenient to visit them by our citizens. Quite often, patients are allowed lengthy travel, flights and sea travel, so for them the most suitable treatment in Germany, to get to where no problem on the train. Germany has a leading medical clinics and centers in the European and the world. In this relatively small country has no less than two thousand public and private university hospitals, in which about one hundred and fifty thousand medical qualified professionals are working tirelessly to restore patients to health and lost strength. Medical examination abroad – in Germany is using advanced computer technologies that enable the most complete access to all the internal organs of the human body, even in 3D mode. Directly to the German city of Munich has an important place in the line of medicine. City Hospital of Munich, such such as the Diagnostic Clinic (Diagnoseklinik), clearly can be considered the best on the European continent.

Their working methods – the complex and totally personal approach to address and solve the problems of each individual patient. Much attention is being paid medical professionals survey, rightly believing that accurate and timely diagnosis will provide an opportunity to carry out proper and prompt treatment patient. Specifically, the treatment and diagnosis in Munich at any clinic can give positive results, which is unrealistic to obtain in their home clinics. Doctors in Germany are looking for an opportunity during the treatment less intentionally interfere with the human body. For the most part, clinics abroad (including German) practice, the use of minimally invasive operating techniques, and anticipate that a minimum of Injury the intervention into the body. Most of these interventions performed in hospital one day. It turns out that the rehabilitation period did not require prolonged bed rest, the patient does not feel terrible shock and pain and to quickly and easily experiencing such interference.

Most popular in German clinics are doctors in the field of endocrinology, neurosurgery, general surgery, gynecology and infertility. Orthopaedics and Trauma in Germany is constantly growing and improving, while at the same time increases and qualifications of physicians – specialists in this and other branches of medicine. In German hospitals do not have bad doctors who have access to practical counseling and treatment. Uneasy system qualification and admission to practice self-protects from seepage into the health system of rogues who are not entitled to bear the name doctor. The medical profession is very authoritative in the Federal Republic of Germany, so the community of physicians will not allow myself to get to those people who, by their uncertain steps can tarnish the whole of society. The equipment and machinery new clinics and the very health care system in Germany for decades invested and continue to further invest a lot of money, which allowed Germany to take in this field among the states – leaders, showing the best results. Patients compatriots, who have the opportunity to exercise their medical treatment abroad, not just trying to get to Germany for treatment, since the practice of medical tourism reveals that this is the right approach, giving the right direction to obtain very high quality treatment. And we need to memorize firmly that the best was not and can not be free.

Jose Manuel Durao Barroso - September 18, 2013 by Jackie

The decision has been taken to reach this Monday 341 points, the highest level since August, when it decided to intervene for the first time to prevent contagion. This Tuesday, the risk premium on Spanish has fallen from 334 to 341 basis points. The IMF pointed to the risk of a new economic downturn and the World Bank pressed European leaders to make the right decisions. Standard & Poor s credit rating agency recognizes the stagnation of European banking. The European Central Bank (ECB) has resumed new Italian and Spanish debt purchases once this Monday the risk premium on Spanish reached 341 points, the highest level since August 5, when it came to exceed 410 points in some moments and caused that the ECB should decide to buy sovereign debt of Spain and Italy for the first time in history to prevent a spread of the debt crisis and curb speculators. According to stock market operators, behind the current rise in the risk premium on Spanish new fears are to a global recession and difficulties to overcome the European sovereign debt crisis, factors that have also led Monday to a collapse of European stock markets. Full recovery of the debt crisis, European and world economic leaders released conflicting messages that point to that panic to a new recession around the world. The first to raise the alarm has been the Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, who on Sunday pointed out in an interview with a German newspaper that there is a risk of a new economic downturn on a global scale, but that can still be avoided. A day after these statements, the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, showed blunt to discard that economic growth in the eurozone is close to a recession, even if yes it will be modest: we do not anticipate a recession in Europe, said Barroso at a press conference.

Survive - September 16, 2013 by Jackie

Ghosts returning. Children’s monsters that you never leave. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo still remembers the stories as a boy told her his mother. They were family, very disturbing secrets that are kept at the time, that spoke of great-grandparents and great grandfathers. Some were very dark and stimulate the child’s imagination that Canary that yesterday, at 43 years, opened the official section of the 59th Edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival with Intruders, his third feature film, a distressing and mysterious trip to the strength of the past that was received with some warmth between the press and with applause in the pass of the public. Starring Clive Owen and Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Intruders takes place in two spaces, England and Spain, two families, and two languages. Fresnadillo goes to show that the fears of the past with us always.

They are inherited, ensures, just arrived from Toronto, where his festival has received the film with great anticipation. From grandparents to parents. That fact seemed to me always a fascinating scenario because It also has to do with the tradition of fiction and fabulation. Source of the news:: “terror is an emotion that helps to survive”

Rwandan Military Claimed - September 13, 2013 by Jackie

Mirentxu Marino 20 m Captain Justus Majyambere was arrested a week ago for an immigration issue; as his name was at Interpol, it told Spain. It is one of the 40 Rwandans judge Fernando Andreu indicted in 2008 for the murder of nine Spanish: three aid workers and six religious. After confirming his identity, the Audiencia Nacional is waiting for United States to deliver it to its formal extradition request. The Government scorned the cause for the murder of nine Spaniards in Rwanda. Sirera: Today my sister does not have died, the world has changed. The national audience expected EE UU authorities to decide in the coming days on detention, within their borders, in the Rwandan citizen Justus Majyambere. It is one of the suspects and alleged executor of the murder in 1997 in Rwanda of three Spaniards, members of the NGO Medecins du Monde. The military, which has been held by an immigration issue, a week is also one of the 40 processed by judge Fernando Andreu in 2008 by genocide, against humanity and terrorism, among other crimes.

About weighs an international arrest warrant since that had not executed yet by Interpol. According to the exclusive published by in March, taking as a basis the secret cables from Wikileaks, all defendants by the judge – less Kayumba Nyamwasa, exiled in South Africa, whose extradition sought Spain in 2010 returned to Rwanda immediately after the broadcast of the car to avoid being extradited. The case of Rugumya Gacinya, then military attache at the Rwandan Embassy in Washington, was especially curious since within 24 hours I was back in his country, although it is unknown whether because he was expelled, invited to leave or decided, motu proprio, shielding it legally. Justus Majyambere had left Rwanda a few days for the purpose of performing any company in EE UU’s related to military intelligence, endpoint that has not been confirmed.

Secretary Tourists - September 12, 2013 by Jackie

With the absence of tourists because of the riots in Egypt, has stopped the flow of money that is destined to the preservation of the Egyptian heritage. The pyramid of Djoser is the last stage of the restoration, the most delicate, since it affects the roofing of the same, which could collapse. The serious financial crisis that affects to the Council Superior of antiquities (CSA), due in large part to the absence of tourists in Egypt, could lead to the collapse of the step pyramid of Djoser, the oldest in history, whose rehabilitation has been interrupted. The problem is that there is no money, because it came from foreign tourists. After the revolution of January 25, the influx of tourists to the country dropped severely, and therefore income of archaeological sites fell, assured the Secretary-General of the CSA, Mohamed Abdel Maqsud.

However, ahead of that morning, Sunday, visiting at the head of a team of experts the pyramid, located in the archaeological zone of Saqara, about 25 kilometers southwest of Cairo. Tomorrow I will make a site visit to adopt an immediate decision on the ground and stress the need that the restoration work must continue. Egypt and the world can not lose a monument of that magnitude for ever. It is the oldest pyramid of history, stressed the Egyptian officer. Furthermore, he recalled that the restoration of that place takes four years and was now in its final stage, the most important and delicate, since the roof of the building was rehabilitated. The company that carries out the work of rehabilitation suspended its activities because their fees, not been paid him recognized Maqsood. The problem came to light after than some written press media sound alarm sirens this Saturday because of the danger of collapse which hangs over this colossal grave. The pyramid was built as a tomb of the Pharaoh Djoser (2,650 years B.c.) by architect and physician Imhotep, in the area of Saqara, whose monumental area covers an area of seven square kilometers.

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