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Month: June 2013
Suitable Footwear - June 22, 2013 by Jackie

Transport us from one place to another and bear our weight during much of the day, often imprisoned in footwear with excessive heel, shoe lasts too narrow or sharp points that eventually will cause irreparable injury. And even so, the feet are one of the parts of our body that less attention loans, are not aware of the role they play in our health and well-being. The function of our beloved and forgotten feet consists in providing support to our body, apart from serving us to move us, stop us, perform actions rhythmic propulsion and shock absorption and maintain balance. They are, therefore, a very specialized body that you should care for and pamper. And a suitable footwear is the first step. A good shoe from the beginning when we are born our foot is unconfigured and its arches are not noticeable; only when the child has adopted an upright position start to become visible these bows, especially the longitudinal, consequence of the efforts resulting from the weight of the body and walk. During the first years of life foot is in full process of formation and, especially at the beginning, is a very flexible structure that has not developed sufficient strength, so any abnormal stress exerted on the foot can have negative consequences.

In our urban society first steps occur on hard surfaces firm home, concrete walkways or sidewalks paved, which may be harmful to the feet. The frequent use of improper shoes from birth also contributes to this. At the foot of the adult body weight is distributed between the front part of the foot and the heel, vertical heel supports leading the charge and is equivalent to more than half of the weight of the body. Thus means that when the weight is concentrated in medium square centimetre of heel, this puncture soils. As we raise the heel through the use of high heels, the weight distribution changes and higher is the heel, plus load the front part of the foot.

State Society - June 22, 2013 by Jackie

Jobless men humanly feel unproductive and useless. In our era, the society looks doomed to adapt to the new business requirements. Knowledge has replaced production in mass as the basis of all wealth, power and social interaction. We are facing a radical change in an employee Fordist stereotype. The social model of Fordism, mass production and expansion of consumption in wide swaths of the population, with accelerated growth of media sectors, involved a labor law in permanent evolution.

The State of this model, guaranteeing certain participation and protection to the popular sectors. Organizing and regulating the labour market and the consumer through rights and guarantees enshrined legally. It was a large and powerful State, known as welfare, providing a minimum of social security, health, education, the greater part of the population housing, transportation, etc, and also intervening directly in productive activities, protecting the development of its industry. In this model of society, workers did not fulfil a role of mere producers, in a first period of the capitalist model, but were also important as consumers and therefore achieved a recognition in other areas, including political participation. Under this corporate model, the individual felt part of society, an active member of his community, a project for the future, with a strong commitment and responsibility for their work. The process of globalization of the world market, and the constant reduction of the rate of profit of capital, among other factors, hard impacts model to start another extremely different characteristics: the current demand of the companies is growing in the aspects: preparation, involvement in the business project, versatility, new forms of production, quality circles, improves constant, new management and work organization, circles of quality, etc. which constitute the so-called flexibilization. Following all this, are going to produce a series of important impacts on each individual’s identity and how he perceives and feels.

Vicente Cots Alcayde - June 8, 2013 by Jackie

Continue along the Palatine and lingual side (to contact language). Finally brush the occlusal (which are used to crush). It is necessary to also brush the tongue. Place the brush at an angle of approximately 45 degrees the gingiva and brushing by applying gentle but firm pressure is best. To clean the external surfaces of the teeth, place as he has been said the brush at a 45 degree angle resting it in the union of gum and tooth.

Gently move the brush several times by small circular or lateral movements. Apply light pressure to make filaments penetrate between tooth and tooth, but do not use excessive pressure that makes you feel discomfort. After brushing the outside surfaces of your teeth, do the same with the inner face of the posterior teeth. To clean the inner surfaces of the previous, both upper and lower teeth, place the brush vertically. Make movements forward and back above each tooth and gum that surrounds it. To clean the chewing surfaces, make small circular and lateral movement. If your teeth are especially sensitive, ask your dentist to recommend a toothpaste or mouthwashes specifically designed for sensitive teeth. Brushes should properly choose the toothbrush.

This will be soft to protect the gums and soft filaments that allow you to reach all teeth. Thus, we will quickly change our toothbrush if you have twisted filaments or excessively worn because for a correct operation of the brush we must ensure a perfect state of maintenance of the same. The brush head should be small for easy access to any area. The material of the bristles must be synthetic and its ends rounded to not traumatize the oral tissues. The bristles spread over the head in 2 or 3 rows of longitudinal Tufts. Handle more straight as possible the hardness of bristles must be soft or medium hard brush periodically renew on average, the life of a brush must not be more than three months, since by then the bristles are very deteriorated. Interproximal brush power brush any Pasta rubber cone pasta fluoridated toothpaste is effective to place it on the toothbrush and efficiently decrease the occurrence of caries. There are more specific toothpastes to improve the thermal sensitivity of teeth and some more abrasive to remove stains, but there is no specific to treat periodontal disease. If any with a multitude of qualities such as toothpastes that whiten teeth or those especially designed for people who show a high sensitivity although the anti-caries effect prejudicial to the existence of some chemical ingredients. However, the most important component that must have a toothpaste is fluorine. It will be important also to be slightly alkaline or neutral and that tube is plastic since metal containers deactivated the preventive function of fluorine. Some creams include components that improve the function antiseptic, as the glutamate of chlorhexidine, effectively preventing the proliferation of bacterial plaque in the enamel of the teeth.

Massage Chairs Relaxation - June 2, 2013 by Jackie

System: Stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system that carries white blood cells. Benefits system endocrine, urinary, reproductive, prostate and kidney. Increases the release of endorphins, naturally occurring substance that fights the pain. Also boosts the immune system to fight infections and allergies. It improves the respiratory capacity, asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis. Balances and silk the activity of the nervous system, promoting relaxation.

Protects the cardiovascular system, regulates blood pressure and heart rate. It stimulates the digestive system, the production of saliva and digestive juices. Mind: Help to reconcile the natural sleep without disturbances, fighting insomnia. It alleviates emotional tension, anxiety, distress, neurosis and stress. Positive effect of massage and music in depressed youth or nervousness. It promotes mental clarity, concentration and serenity and inner peace. Workers pay more, are more alert, more motivated and less stressed.gangahogar.com Health: Massage chairs relieve the pain of the joints, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Beneficial in rheumatism, chronic pain, fatigue and chronic fatigue.

It helps in digestive problems. Increases vitality, eliminate toxins and rejuvenation in general. Benefits of massage: for oriental medicine, the human body is a map of meridians of energy, which consists of thousands of interconnected through these relax armchairs points. We can measure the energy of each point and in this way reach the perfect balance, correcting the energy levels of the so-called tsubos. Everything that deviates from this balance tends to generate abnormalities and diseases. Physical reduces combat stress and insomnia Relieves pains cervical eliminates tension in the shoulders relaxes the dorsal muscles reduces back pain relieves lumbago combat the heaviness of legs headaches psychic – mind stimulates circulation

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