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Month: January 2013
Power To Mind - January 29, 2013 by Jackie

Without a doubt we obtain some numbers, but those data are most subjective than it can exist, you you must know clearly that to you you do not correspond to him to improve world-wide the macroeconomic indicators or of its country, you you correspond to him to improve his life by all means and that when doing will make it some contribution to the overall nature. Andrew Corentt says to us that to the societies it costs to change to them because they are focused in the suffering, added to that many people do not want to deliver an attack conscious in order to fix their own lives, is observed as it prevails the preparation and the complaints. But you focus in which she will make to transform his life. We mentioned that it is important to make a use appropriate of the words and is a very important reason and he is that the mind does not distinguish between the past, present, future, reality or imagination and we know that has an enormous one to be able, so we have elements keys to modify our mental perception and to create the life that we wished. The affirmations are phrases or orations written up in positive sense that we wished to experiment, if we repeated an idea in continuous form and systematic the mind will assume that idea is truth and through will show it to subconscious mind, many people have obtained magnificent changes in its life realising powerful affirmations that soon they themselves have created. In the book the Power To transform Our Lives of Andrew Corentt is taught to us the appropriate techniques and details to cause that the affirmations work in our life, when we discovered the hidden power of an affirmation we are before the possibility of creating great experiences and things in our life, we think that per years we have had great desires and today we have the opportunity to obtain everything what we set out, it does not let go the opportunity! , it visits: Original author and source of the article.

Robin Williams - January 22, 2013 by Jackie

To know to think is to doubt its proper certezas, to question its truths, is to be in the world and with the world, as historical beings, with the capacity to grow and to intervine in this world. Also pointing out, that to educate it is not to transfer knowledge, but to acquire knowledge on the events of the life of the past, gift and showing making with that if it has perspective on the future. 3? FILM: SOCIETY OF the DEAD POETS the film Society of the Dead Poets was directed by the director Peter Weir, with Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke, in the year of 1989, is presented with a critical one to the traditional model and conservative of the education approaching the transformations of a group of pupils of a school would second American, from the position of a literature professor whose ideas relate the education to the life, being this educator a former-pupil presented for Robin author Williams, interpreting Keating professor. The institution cousin for its basic principles: tradition, honor, discipline and excellency. Such values are the foundations of the education not only of the institution more than a great number of schools that understands the education by means of the function of mantenedora of the education when reproducing the set of norms that conduct the behavior human being and the transmission of history and of the culture as well as the repressora function, of consists as an instrument of control and reserve for which the citizen in the learning is a depositary of a set of norms that starts to assume as being its. The proposal of education of professor Jonh Keating breaches the traditional model when defying the pedagogical ideas pointing out the learning in the life experiences, in thinking and in acting of each educating placing it with citizen of its learning to the wakening the creativity when I dialogue creating it and the possibility to be agents of its learning, however, the methods of used by this educator in the learning process is an incentive the pupils thinking by themselves making with that this creative, interacionista, construtivista and pensante method creates a shock with the orthodox direction of the college.

The Cars - January 16, 2013 by Jackie

– Catches there pointed with respect to the trunk of the car catches the table to mount. It brings two plates. It obeyed. I smell it of potatoes recendia. As the cars remained immovable, Jurandismariano wise person who its program would not be interrupted.

After the table already ece of fish, it asked: – Takes beer? – Not when I am in transit. you? – I do not drink. – Eats pointed generously with respect to the tidbit, while it delivered a small saleira to it. It had some instants of saborear. Nobody spoke swims. The people passed for them and any one would bet that harmony was resulted of years of friendship. – How delight! was the phrase that it escapulira.

– That good that it liked. – Pardon, but I find that I forgot myself something important: which is its name? – Teresa. its? – Jurandismariano. – How? – Jurandismariano it was accustomed to repeat its name, therefore my father always causes estranhamento in who heard for the first time to it if he called Jurandir and my mother, Mariana. It gave in this smiled. Teresa also smiled, but he continued eating potatoes. Suddenly it stopped the look and commented: – She never knew the reason of my name, but taste of it. She wants more potatoes? – Yes looked at for the avenue this delay? – I do not know spoke with tranquilidade. – The citizen to the side is very nervous made a gesture with the head indicating the direction that was behind it. – It must be heat, hunger, it estresse – You always keep this calm? – Not.

Iron Maiden - January 9, 2013 by Jackie

Also it rejected that states of would histeria, would be concatenated with the superabundance of the momogamy and of a conjugal allegiance forced by ecumenical dogmas drawing experience spaces it enters the bodies as a bureaucratic institutionalization of the pleasure, (the masturbation can be classified the certain flashings of acclamation analysis, comportamentalista of beyond-sea of erotismo and voluptuosas fancies). Necessity of new experiences or banalizao of the customs? Nature human being or monstruosidade of character? ' ' traio' ' it is a tangent of irrefreada vitality, for the justifications of alaridos structural inebriantes, vilainies of integrity and moral. The body and the mind as exalta Epicuro, are in contrary directions, the extirpado pleasure, produce spheres unhealthy of gasping mutualismo of awareness of intellect clarity, as in franqueza of relationships, being the walking stick of the aesthetic hypocrisy of the capitalism, reaching for promoting a prenhez of social rules, that emparedam the practical one of solidary hedonism, being that one that dares to be mad it the yoke of the alucinamentos of the meat without precedents, comes to be ungidos as monstrous producers of attributes of character of hombridade in ' ' ethos' ' of segregacionista convulsion of human relationships. He would be ' ' Paidia Global' ' , delaying itself in engatilhar edges for the provisions of ' ' Traio' ' as a component ' ' natural' ' as well as walking and speaking, treading one ' ' blecaute' ' of ensejos of benevolence freed of second interests? Ahead of the discrepante and injurious clinical look, of soils emperradas in gasping particles of totalitarizao of disarticulated minds of proper opinions for suspicious and the astucioso advent of after-modernity, he would not be stranger who ' ' traio' ' , it came if to become a substance to consist in the resumes of the pertaining to school gratings. ' ' Judas be my guide. or ' ' Judas is our guide' '. (parodiando the heading of a music of the English band heavy metal Iron Maiden).

Emotional - January 3, 2013 by Jackie

By all means, that of a twisted way. The masculinidad that generates violence acts, trastoca the most sensible fibers of the people who more mistress. The pair, the children, the brothers and sometimes until the same parents. It is necessary to raise the voice and to try to find a solution for this situation that a great amount of emotional pain has left in infinity of families, and a great amount of deaths of the soul and physical bruises has caused. To have undergone the causes of the violence and the abuse generates feelings of injustice, revenge, resentment and a lack of sense in the life.

The valiant people do not feel didagnas nor. Is really that the life that deserves a human being? As much men as women are necessary we recognize that it, we identify who it, and, yes we are living a situation thus, then to look for aid and to try to leave that so painful cycle that dims the life All we required to work as much not from a perspective of judgment but of understanding for exerts that it, like for suffers who it. A great anger is needed to recognize that one or one is surrounded in a relation of this nature. As much men as women we required to give a name him, and this violence is called. Yes the subjects set out here interest escrbame to him, and but also. Shortly Cecreto will count on a service this aim and to promote the emotional health of the men and its families Thanks to read to me, my mission and intention are the quality of emotional life Some of the subjects treated in these articles, can question its vision of the world And it makes his available, the launching of his E_Book WHEN THE LOVE IN PAIR BECOMES PAIN. With the acquisition of this material you free have three consultations with the author via and mail.

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