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Month: July 2012
Barreto State - July 29, 2012 by Jackie

Only, if it became possible the knowledge of its distribution in the domestic territory when, almost half century later, Pellon & Teixeira (1950) had carried through first the great coproscpico inquiry of the country, having evidenced the existence of esquistossomose mansnica in 612 of the 877 localities searched in the Northeast region and the State of Minas Gerais. Esquistossomose mansnica in the State of the Bahia presents heterogeneous standard of space distribution, evidencing especificidades in its dynamics of transmission in the diverse spaces that constitute the bahian territory. This heterogeneidade is not exclusive attribute of the current period, but the northeast region has been expressed in previous stages of the historical process of construction of the bahian space is one of the endemic regions of Brazil. The basic conditions for the introduction of esquistossomose in the Northeast region occurred of the use of the hand of enslaved workmanship in the canavieira farming where the culture if developed in areas with great arrives in port hdrico, and associate to the precarious conditions of life and the probable existence of the caramujos of the transmissoras species of the S. mansoni (Barreto, 1982) In the inquiry carried through for Pellon & Teixeira (1950), the prevalence of esquistossomose was esteem in 10% of the population of the studied endemic area in the country. The results of this inquiry evidence greaters prevalences for the states of Alagoas, Sergipe, Pernambuco and Bahia. In the State of the Bahia, in study based on secondary data of four decades, Barreto and cols7 they had found average prevalence of 15,6% in the year of 1950 and of 9,5% in 1994 e, according to same authors, the urbanization and the migration are associates to this variation of the prevalence, also indicating entailing enters the process of the population dynamics and the dissemination of the illness in the diverse spaces that constitute the bahian territory.

United States - July 29, 2012 by Jackie

It estresse it is a situation lived daily and in level raised for great part of the workers, especially the ones that work with people (BORGES, et al., 2002). The syndrome of the professional hard work or syndrome of Burnout is a type of estresse of the work that can be observed in all the professions, mainly in that they involve high levels of estresse, as controlling of air traffic, firemen and, particularly, professionals of the area of the health (TUCUNDUVA, et al., 2006). This happens why professional that acts in direct contact with other people, when this is classified as aid (professional of the health, professors) (MARTINEZ, 1997) normally they have little free time for leisure and vacation and great intensity of emotional interactions. Studies made in the United States and of America indicate that the syndrome of Burnout is one of the great current psicossociais problems, being of interest of many areas of the current society. Its incidence possesss individual consequncias as in such a way organizacionais, since the individual that suffers, also have the health and the performance affected . This study it has the objective to revise the knowledge produced regarding this modern pathology in professionals who act in the area of the health.

The professional who works in the improvement of the quality of life of the population needs that its body and has lain always in optimum is been possible so that she can attend the ones that need cares. Methodology For the accomplishment of this study a bibliographical revision on the syndrome of burnout through the electronic databases BIREME was made, LILACS, MEDLINE and SCIELO. The terms used for the research had been: syndrome of burnout, professional hard work, estresse and health of the worker. They had been enclosed in the research articles that dated of 1997 the 2007.

Preparing For Pregnancy - July 25, 2012 by Jackie

If you have decided to expand their family, it is important to prepare for pregnancy in advance. Health of a child is largely determined by health of the mother, in which the child resides 9 months before birth. Considered best to begin preparing for pregnancy for 3 months in advance. Preparation process includes the following activities: – Healthy eating and regular exercise – Normalization of body weight – Termination active and passive smoking, and taking alcoholic beverages, – Visiting the doctor for the main survey – Vaccination against infections (hepatitis B, varicella, measles, rubella), if there is no immunity to them – Reception prenatal vitamins or folic acid to prevent defects in fetal development. A healthy diet involves a certain amount of calories to maintain normal weight, the correct ratio of nutrients substances (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) in the diet, adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for proper operation of the whole organism. Preferred aerobic exercise (track, swimming, cycling) and not less than 30 minutes three times a week. Excess body weight can adversely affect pregnancy and fetal development: increased risk of diabetes in pregnancy, hypertension, a large fetus. Determine whether Your weight is normal, you can use body mass index.

Calorie food can be calculated using the calorie calculator. When you visit the doctor held a general and gynecological examination and tests shall be appointed: general, biochemical blood and urine analysis for the general exclusion of chronic diseases, as well as testing for sexual infections (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia) and TORCH-infection. Folic acid is needed to prevent defects Development of fetal neural tube, as well as some congenital heart defects. It's enough to 400 mcg (0.0004 g) of folic acid per day. Once you have prepared for conception, it is necessary to implement it. The most favorable time is believed to be a 7-day period, which can be calculated if you have regular menstrual cycles. To do this, from the date of the alleged next period count the 20 days ago, and from that day is desirable to have a sexual intercourse in the day, every day during the week. After intercourse, remain in position on the back with a pillow under the buttocks planted no less than an hour to facilitate ingress of sperm into the cervix. Use proposed by the Council and your family will be healthy and happy baby.

Federal Advice - July 17, 2012 by Jackie

Ahead of the displayed one, to perceive that the ethics are difficult of being lived deeply, being spread and divulged in the practical one, a time that many values are involved in this context, such as cultural, social and religious values that come of meeting to the character of the individual. Moreover, other difficulties are perceived when some professionals of nursing do not demonstrate to prioritize the principles of ethics of the biotica, also the envolvement of people is observed who are to the front of the Advice of the nursing profession. They have excited calamitous damages to the category in the national scope and regional e, many times, pass unobserved, making to believe that they are representative with transparent ethical behavior and inside of the standards of social normality 8. Professional ethics are a part of moral science. It does not limit if the norms, but it looks the humanizao of the organized work, that is, looks for to place it service of the human being, its promotion and its social purpose.

It is task still of the professional ethics, to detect the factors that in one determined society, the professional activity empties mentally ill becoming it. It is also task of the professional ethics to carry through one criticizes questionadora that has for purpose to save human being 9. IT IS ALSO TASK OF THE PROFESSIONAL ETHICS TO DETECT THE FACTORS THAT IN ONE DETERMINED SOCIETY, THE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY EMPTIES MENTALLY ILL BECOMING IT. In a hospital it is public or private that &#039 gives public service where; ' assistenciais nurses work with insufficient sizing to take care of demanda' ' , the following factors had been detected! 1 DETECTED FACTOR Auxiliary or technician of nursing with nurse heading exerting function of assisting or technician of nursing and receiving inferior wage to the wage from the nurse. 2 DETECTED FACTOR the Systematization of the Assistance of Enfermagem (SAE) was normatizada by the Federal Advice of Enfermagem (COFEN) in all the institutions of health since year 2000 in Brazil and until total it is today not executed, justifications: increase in the demand, lack of human resources and lacks of adequate assistencial model.

Mushroom Coffee for Improved Health - July 14, 2012 by Jackie

The Reishi Gano is pulverized powder of Ganoderma lucidum (220mg capsules). As a dietary supplement, Reishi Gano helps the body with antioxidant, tones the kidney and the liver and reduces tension. GanoCelium: The Ganocelium is powdered mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum (450mg capsules). As a dietary supplement, Ganocelium helps the body with antioxidant, tones the kidney and liver, and reduces stress. Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1: Lingzhi Coffee is a unique beverage combined with the finest coffee beans, Ganoderma extracts, sugar and cream low in fat. They are packaged in individual envelopes for your convenience in everyday use. Lingzhi black coffee: Lingzhi Black Coffee is a unique beverage made with the finest coffee beans and Ganoderma extracts.

The coffee is packaged in individual sachets for instant gratification and convenience for everyday use. Spica tea: Spica Tea is specially formulated with Ganoderma, Radix Glycyrrhzae and other natural herbs. It is soft and suitable for people of all ages. It contains no caffeine, artificial coloring or preservatives. They are packaged in individual envelopes for your convenience in everyday use. Cocozhi: The Cocozhi is a chocolate drink made of cocoa, Ganoderma extract and skimmed milk powder.

Morinzyme: fermentation technology has provided advanced DXN new innovative products – the Morinzyme, a special formula of concentrated juice fermented botanical noni contains all natural enzymes produced from the fermentation process. Enzymes are important for metabolism, such as assistance in digestion, nutrient absorption and regulation of cells. This drink is prepared by adding 2 tablespoons concentrated Morinzyme in a glass of cold water.

Organization Weight - July 3, 2012 by Jackie

The IMC are a simple method of if to measure the corporal fat, was developed in Belgium for the statistician and antropometrista, Adolphe Qutelet, equation is calculated dividing the weight of the individual in kilos for the square of its height in meters (: IMC = kg/m2); (WIKIPDIA, 2010). The difference of an individual obeso and a fat person is referring to the calculation of the IMC, after the calculation is used a table (other detailed tables exist more), the World-wide Organization of Health uses the following table of ideal weight for the IMC: SituaoIMC in adults below of the weight idealabaixo of 18,5 in the weight idealentre 18,5 and 25 above of 30 the 30 weight idealentre 25 and obesoacima of Source: World-wide organization of Health In individuals with muscular hipertrofia, this calculation is not efficient, therefore the same ones iram to get one IMC high one, of this form, must be taken in consideration to the adiposa fat, using a more minute evaluation. The mrbida, called obesidade exists ' ' mrbida' ' , therefore it brings I obtain patologias associates who obeso can come to present, occurs when the IMC exceed 40, meaning that the weight excess became a risk the health, confusing even in the locomotion, varying of the case. The mrbida obesidade presents the appearance of diabetes, arterial hipertenso, cardiac insufficience, apnea of sleep, impotence in the men, infertility in the women and air lack lesser year effort. The same one can present social problems (irregularity in the work, loss of job, difficulty to carry through simple tasks, to walk of bus and until if moving in house) and psychological (affective and sexual difficulties, feeling of isolation, discrimination and frustration in relation to clothes). The cause of the mrbida obesidade is associates to eating in excess, fast excessively, lack of exercises, genetic predisposition and psychological factors.

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