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Month: June 2012
The Symptom - June 30, 2012 by Jackie

In this direction, the present study it comes to facilitate the work when dealing with said children indisciplinadas, therefore through comment on the part of who have knowledge of the symptoms of the TDA/H can be evaluated the behavior. However, one I diagnosis precocious and adequate treatment can reduce the symptoms significantly, thus diminishing the pertaining to school conflicts and damages. It fits to the professors to be prepared to take care of these hiperativas children, a time who are assistants right-handers of the behavior of them being, therefore, more easy the perception since they can compare the behaviors with other children of the same etria band. Case stamps necessary deeper evaluations the professor must communicate the family and the school must direct them it a specialist so that it is diagnosised clinically. Duly confirmed the riot, the professor must have more attention with this pupil moving the structure of the classroom, using education strategies, offering support and incentive and, mainly, keep direct and frequent contact with the parents of the hiperativo. Basic to emphasize that the precocious identification of problem, followed of adequate treatment has allowed the child to surpass all the obstacles. The TDA/H is a pathology that, in many cases, requires medication, as complement to a therapeutical boarding to interdisciplinar. However, she must be diagnosised with depth, therefore a child or adolescent can be uneasy or distracted for many reasons, and not necessarily had to an upheaval. Fidgets can be an indicative of that it possesss an active intelligence, questionadora and lack stimulatons adjusted in the familiar and pertaining to school way, to be in ' ' world of lua' ' it can be a form unconsciously to mobilize the attention in relation the multiple emotional problems and of learning, that are not having the well-taken care of had one. In this perspective, the importance of the Psicopedagogia in the studies of the TDA/H and its implications in the symptom in the learning is increasing.

The Transplant - June 30, 2012 by Jackie

Anorexy and loss of weight are usual. The fever can be the initial symptom. The discrete esplenomegalia or the hepatomegalia is gifts in 30% of the cases. The linfonodomegalias are rare, except in the monoctica variant. The leucemic cells can infiltrate all the agencies, generally without consequent disfuno. Great accumulations of mieloblastos (sarcomas granulcitos) can be developed eventually in any fabric. Monoblastos frequent infiltrates weaveeed, with local signals and symptoms, as leukemia skin.

I almost always diagnosis Laboratoriais (LMA) Anemia and trombocitopenia gifts. Counting of leukocytes < 5.000/uL in the half of the patients and neutrfilos hipercalcemia and the hipofosfatemia can be gifts. Treatment (LMA) Between 50% and 80% of the people who suffer from acute leukemia mielide answers to the treatment. Between 20% and 40% of the people they do not reveal any signal of the illness after 5 years of treatment. The transplant of ssea marrow increases the probability of success for 40% 50%. The people with more than 50 years that contract acute leukemia mielide after receiving chemotherapy and radiation as treatment from other illnesses are the ones that present the worse prognostic.

The treatment is guided to obtain precocious remission (destruction of all the leucmicas cells). However, the acute leukemia mielide answers to little medicines of what other types of leukemia and, moreover, the treatment costuma to get worse the state of the sick person before starting to provide some improvement to it. The sick people get worse because the treatment suppresses the activity of ssea marrow e, therefore, scrumble the white globule number (particularly granulcitos), what she increases infection probabilities. The staff of the hospital redoubles the cares with the sick person in order to prevent infections and in the case of these if to reveal manage antibiotic immediately. Also it can be necessary to effect transfusions of red globules and plaquetas. The first step of the chemotherapy generally includes citarabina during 7 days and daunorubicina during 3 days.

TratamentoAps - June 28, 2012 by Jackie

Figure 4. Spots in the body Figure 5. Tests of sensitivity Figure 6. Palpao of nervosFonte: . TratamentoAps the diagnosis of hansenase the treatment is initiated and has as objective to prevent the transmission and to prevent the evolution most serious of the illness and to take the cure of the patient. The treatment is gratuitous available in Unit of Reference in all the country and is managed by saw its effectiveness verbal depends that the treatment is carried through completely (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2001). At the beginning of years 1980 the therapeutical project of the poliquimioterapia was conceived (PQT) is one coquetel of two or three drugs (Rifampicina, Dapsona and Clofazimina), that it acts hindering the growth and micobacteriano development and are used in the standardized projects for OMS and MS (RAFAEL, 2009; HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). The multibacillary classification of the sick person in paucibacilares is recommended for all the cases of hansenase in accordance with or (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002) the patients with PB are dealt with two medicines the Rifampicina a monthly dose to 600mg (2 capsules of 300mg) and the Dapsona (100mg) monthly dose and a daily dose to the Dapsona (100mg) with duration to the treatment and 6 months and under medical supervision regularly (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002).

The patients with MB are dealt with three medicines the Rifampicina a monthly dose to 600mg (2 capsules of 300mg) the Clofazimina a dose to 300mg (3 capsules of 100mg) and a daily dose to 50mg and the Dapsona a monthly dose to 100mg and a daily dose with duration to the treatment to 12 months and under medical supervision regularly (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002; SANGI et al., 2009). According to Health department (2008), the infantile dose varies depending on the age, but the medicines and the duration of the treatment are equal, under medical supervision regularly. Therapeutical project of Poliquimioterapia (PQT), according to World-wide Organization of Health (OMS) .

Psychological Difficulties - June 24, 2012 by Jackie

It says: ' ' The rational truth is important ahead of the psychological difficulties, that if amuse in ridicularizar the reason. It is not for the way of the reason that walks the therapy. The proper language of the dialogue between therapist and patient has one another one saw for whose understanding it is important to introduce a word here Greek, poiesis' ' (POMPIA, 2004, p.157). This known language as language of the knowledge, of sciences, is used of explanations to desocultar the occult one, however, it does not have responsibility with the singular elements of each experience. The therapeutical language is different, is through the poetry, that it does not need explanations. The language of the reason, called in general language of the knowledge, also desoculta, but desoculta in different way, a way that of the explanations. It is proper of sciences, of theories and same of certain arguments of the daily one; it, of certain form, guarantees or ' ' obriga' ' that somebody understands what we say. With the poetical language she is different.

This can appear in the poetry properly said, in a text in chats, a same dialogue or in a funny joke. The joke is not for being explained (POMPIA, 2004, p.158). Harvest (2004) in says that in poetical speech the word is not closed, it to them is opened; if opens for not said. The human life cannot total be manifest, it is also to be of the mystery, desvelar itself. Poetical speech would be opening: ' ' In flowing of the clinical situation the appearance of the possibility of this poetical speech is testified, where the word is not closed, but if it opens for no-dito' '. (HARVEST, 2004, P. 25) In the language of the poetry, that is, used language in the psycotherapy runs risks, is not easy, therefore we do not know if the other goes understanding in them: When the other understands in them, lives a significant experience extremely.

Immunological System - June 22, 2012 by Jackie

It has evolved to the point that is able to protect itself of human the immunological system; he is able to also attack it. It is so its ability and efficiency that all the enramado complex of biological defense enters a state of flagrant inefficiency. Beyond the assault of the ideas of Lovecraft, the hat of another preposterous reflection shows its plume. An absolutely unnatural element will be perhaps HIV AIDS and of from our incapacity discovering the code there that destroys to him? How much of genetic manipulation it exists in this process of destruction? If the ones have been the demons praised by the American writer that now attack the human being abriendo a box of pathological Pandora, they will not have been shortages by a still more malignant mind that has controlled its evolution? Now, the scientists incline by genetic therapies, the use of the cells mother to try to form a new arsenal that delays the advance of the virus; that is to say, to design vectors able to carry genetic information with therapeutic action. So far, he is everything. In some place of our bodies, those voracious monsters hide on the lookout to which we moved long ago and that now they try to destroy to us.

Now I know already it I have a feeling and it: the reign of the man has finished. That one has come that inspired the first terrors of the primitive towns. That one that exorcised the anxious priests and that the wizards in the dark nights, although without still seeing it invoked. That one to that the premonitions of the transitory owners of the world adjudged monstrous forms of spirits. After the crude conceptions of the primitive fright, men more perspicacious have feeling with greater clarity their presence. The doctors are shortage the nature of their power, before he himself could exert it. They have played with the weapon of the new Gentleman, with a mysterious faculty on the human soul.

Recovery - June 8, 2012 by Jackie

Being explicit that the strategies implanted in the sector had improved the communication and the comfort of the patient, having exceeded the care, providing fast recovery and reduction of the interned time. Moreover, we visualize that any change in the routine of a UTI requires modification in making of the technician in nursing. The humanizao strategies had changed the routine of the UTI, having required modification in making of the technician in nursing. They had been to mago of the involved citizens and it promoted or it demanded transformations to them in the being through the interrelacionamento with the other. Taking them it the meeting of the difficulties and assisting in the overcoming in search of the health of the individual and family.

Applied Psychology - June 3, 2012 by Jackie

How much to the social relevance, the same it makes possible the accomplishment of the data-collecting on the diverse aspects that will be able to confirm or not it difficulty in to identify the presence of such psychosis in an individual. The present study it still contributes for the academic formation of the researcher, therefore it provides the opening for new theoretical studies. The project had as objective generality, to identify in the language of the patient, characteristics that made possible the diagnosis of the usual psychosis. The specific objectives had consisted of identifying symptoms that differentiated the usual psychosis of the neurosis, to evaluate of that it forms the patient acted socially, to observe the importance of the interpersonal relation it and to identify elements in its speech that disclosed the structure delirious. 1,1 Methodology the carried through study was characterized as a interpretativa qualitative research, articulated for the psicanaltica psychological matrix, being a research of the type study of documentary case.

The analysis of the content brought for the patient was made being based on the literature of the lacaniana psychoanalysis and studies on the traces that characterize the usual psychosis. In this perspective, distinction between the research does not exist and practical clinic, being used the method of the free association in the inquiry of the complaint in its affective and functional aspects. As base in this referencial, it was analyzed the clinical case of a patient with 26 years, as single complete degree and. It was taken care of in the period of September the December of 2010, inside of the psicanaltico method. At the moment of the first consultation, it she told: ' ' I am very nervous and anxious. The people speak that I have mental problem, but I do not have.

When I make interviews to obtain job, always I lose the possibilities because not step in the psychological tests … I taste excessively of my friends, them says that I am very good; I suffer when they sofrem' '. Place and materials the atendimentos had happened in the rooms of the Center of Psychology Applied of the ULBRA, individually, that it made use of two armchairs, a fan, a table, three dismissable chairs and handkerchiefs. Other materials had been also used, such as: handbook, proper fiches of the CPA, paper and penxs. Procedures After signature of the Term of Free and Clarified Assent (Attached), had been carried through the analyses of the 12 sessions, being these divided in 3 phases. In the first phase, that consisted of the attendance of the patient, two sessions of selection had been made, objectifying to make possible a diagnosis and indication of the treatment. Made the shelter of the patient for the trainee of the course of psychology in the first phase of the attendance in November of 2010, in sessions with duration of 50 minutes, it was verbally presented the patient of whom she forms the therapeutical process if she would uncurl, arguing on the secrecy between therapist and patient according to norms established for the ethics of the psychology professional. In the second phase of the psychological attendance, the therapist was possible to carry through the intervention with punctuations in speaks of the patient, from the free association. The third phase of the therapeutical process consisted of observing if the patient answered or not to tratament

Fibromialgia Treatment - June 2, 2012 by Jackie

The fibromialgia is a chronic upheaval that affects mainly to women among 30 and 60 years. The clinical picture includes psychic pain, fatigue and upheavals (especially upheavals of the dream). Other symptoms can be paroxsticos movements, cramps, migraas or muscular spasms. The pain usually is so intense that with treatment it even can not disappear. The fibromialgia is very difficult to try and for that reason usually it resorts to a multidisciplinary treatment that includes rheumatologists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists or attending physicians. The pharmacological treatment includes nonesteroideos and antidepressing antinflamatorios, although their annoying indirect effect are known as much short very well as in the long term. As far as the nonpharmacological treatment, options like the exercise (particularly the aquatic one), the occupational therapy, the nourishing supplements or the marijuana exist. In spite of having contraindications, the marijuana acts like a powerful muscular relajante and calm the pain, reason why it can be very beneficial for the fibromialgia patients. To buy marijuana seeds, as well as to sell them, are completely legal, reason why it turns out very simple to take control of them.

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