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Month: May 2012
Daniela Silva - May 17, 2012 by Jackie

The individual level must excuse to medicines supplying necessary information the fulfilment of the treatment, use if of the farmacoteraputico pursuing for detention of problems related with medicines and guide and aconselhamento in the medicine use of free sales. CONSEQUENCES OF MEDICINE USE NO-RACIONAL According to ANVISA have if as consequences of the not rational medicine use the progression of the pathology, iatrogenia, increase of the incidence of adverse effect for inadequate use of doses, ways, intervals of administration and/or time of treatment, increase of time of treatment, increase of the costs, not adhesion of the patient to the treatment and, therefore, therapeutical failure, medicamentosas interactions, limited effectiveness, resistance the antibiotics, farmcaodependncia and risk of infection. MEASURES TO PROMOTE the RATIONAL MEDICINE USE Amongst the measures to promote the medicine use rational are: The limitation of the medicine advertising, therefore the same ones stimulate the lapsing irrational, give emphasis to the benefits, without presenting the risks and stimulate to the self-medication. To stimulate the essential medicine use, whose which, are those that serve to take care of to the necessities of assistance to the health of the majority of the population, this must be available at any point, in the adequate amounts and the pharmaceutical forms that are required. Aiming at to promote the medicine use rational Brazil implemented some strategies as the implantation of National Medicine Politics, creation of Agency National of Sanitary Monitoring, generic Medicine Politics, clinical creation of the RENAME (2000 and 2002), protocols and therapeutical lines of direction, update of Good Practical of Manufacture in pharmaceutical and farmacoqumicas industries, regulation of the advertising and propaganda of medicines, national, regional and institucional Medicine chamber for the control of prices, courses on Education for the Rational Medicine Use (2002-2005).

Oath Medicine - May 17, 2012 by Jackie

According to Rath et al (2003), the Glucantime is especially efficient in the treatment of cutaneous, mucocutnea and visceral Leishmaniose. The medicine provokes fast regression of the clinical and hematolgicas manifestations of the illness, as well as provokes the sterilization of the parasite (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 1998). In Brazil, the medicine to the antimony base is used as first choice in the therapeutical one of leishmaniose, its formularization is constituted of antimony salt pentavalente of glucamina N-metil, is a frmaco capable to produce serious effect collateral, however is very efficient in the treatment of the cutaneous, mucocutnea Leishmaniose and visceral Leishmaniose. Its administration is endovenosa (AMATO, 2006). The medicine industry, little has contributed for the medicine development new for the treatment of the Leishmaniose, but in Brazil the used drug more in this type of treatment is the Glucantime (OAK, 2001).

The results are presented to follow in the form of folloied graphs and of the respective quarrel. Sex of the inhabitants of Oath, who had answered to the questionnaire. Source: Research of field carried through for the academics of 3 period of Pharmacy of the FIPMoc in the city of Oath 1 semester of 2010. The data of GRAF. 01 demonstrate that 56% of the interviewed ones that they had answered to the questionnaire they were of the masculine sex and 44% of the feminine sex.

In accordance with Botelho and Christmas (2009), Calculating the coefficient of incidence as sex are possible to observe that the risk of adoecer for Leishmaniose is bigger in the masculine sex. GRAPH 02 – Age of the people interviewed in Oath.

Anxiety and Traumatic Anxiety - May 16, 2012 by Jackie

When we are born all we are put under two basic laws: the law of the gravity and the law of the basic or existential anguish. On the law of the gravity there is little to say because everything is obvious and easy; if you do not create it, to try to jump without returning to land in the ground. On the existential anguish it is necessary to clarify some points. If the life is a trip, imagnate for a moment that you are stopped in your vital highway. Forwards a unknown world is abre to everything that comes represented by the fear to the future or fear to the future. If sights back, appear the fear to lose the well-known, or walked, and if takings bring back to consciousness of that moment, you will be scared to lose the control of the moment or what is the same, fear to the confusion.

At first glance we can think that the human being is extremely vulnerable because he is surrounded by fear. If we reflected a little, we will see that if I were not scared the future never she would enable to me to face it, if she were not scared to lose the well-known never would fight by anything and if she were not scared to the confusion never would deal with to clarify to me. People, in spite of the fears continue themselves marrying, having children, signing mortgages, etc. Before this panorama, most interesting she is than is generated a tense field between the basic fears and the necessity to face them. This represents the consubstantial thing of the human being, who is to live in a permanent conflict and a continuous decision making (if I am here I cannot be there).

EdgeMode Performance - May 16, 2012 by Jackie

In addition, the performance can be further enhanced if it freeze (Freeze). In most cases it makes sense, because We object maps are not intended to modify. private static Geometry objects of different types: houses, rivers, roads and so on. Their number in the hundreds. Unfortunately, the simplest solution that comes to mind in this case, namely the use of one hand the object to one kind of object causes a significant slowdown of the system. And we again had to find an optimal way of creating brushes and pens to improve performance. Creating a new brush just before use also has not led to significant improvement in performance.

Maximum effect was achieved using some brush or pen as a template and getting out of them using the GetCurrentValueAsFrozen () copies for appendix, we signed objects against the background of a translucent rectangle. Its size depends on the size of the text. However, the logical decision to use the width and height of the object FormattedText to draw a rectangle and then draw text above it is not optimal. Recalculation occurs repeatedly. To avoid this, one must first perform text rendering, drawing a rectangle, then add the obtained DrawingVisual objects in the collection of visual objects in the correct order. Peremeschinie map with your mouse is a fairly simple task and in fact is the correct calculation of the parameters for the class TranslateTransform performing shift objects. You can use the transforming a number of fairly sophisticated effects, such as changing the viewing angle, the rotation of maps and stuff, but the performance is poor.

Also found a very strong fall in drawing the lines. This is a serious problem, because absolutely necessary to perform rendering of map objects such as roads, rivers, county boundaries and so on. Finding a solution to this poblemy not been an some success, only found a way to somehow speed up the rendering was a recommendation to use only whole numbers to specify the thickness of the pen. Another unknown fact is that if you disable antialisinga greatly reduced. RenderOptions.SetEdgeMode (this, EdgeMode.Aliased); I hope there are readers who will be able to explain this behavior, as well as ways to improve . When creating a wpf application useful free tools for performance profiling, such as wpf Perforator 7, and also to familiarize with the recommendations of Micrsoft, which can be found on msdn. Checking the hit-hit-testing (Hit testing) in the case described Suggested wpf animation features, layout, hit test, and other fairly complex things are now sold in just a few lines. Using wpf justified, if not required to perform rendering thousands visual objects and allows for a rather interesting effects. When drawing a fairly large number of complex objects, and especially the lines, it is necessary to think seriously on issues of productivity. It seems possible to use wpf if the computers on which you want to use the application to be powerful and worth thinking about other alternatives if the computers will be weak. For example, our application impossible to work on the computer Celeron 2000 with GeForce 4 MX400 and 1GB, although it is quite possible to play computer games such as Counter Strike.

Vacations - May 14, 2012 by Jackie

Vacations can be not only enjoyable but also very rewarding if you approach it correctly to the planning and organization. Very effective and yet entertaining method to interest the study of history of the Fatherland, can be a journey across the expanses of our country, the best the whole family. Sightseeing tours in Russia, the options are many dostatono both in terms of routes, and in terms of prices. Already quite well known routes to Lake Baikal, tours to St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring. And how many more there are not so well-known routes, which are at relatively low prices can be as exciting and successful family vacation options. Therefore, choosing a place to go with the family, is unlikely to rush, following the vogue for foreign holiday. Firstly, it is much more expensive, which is important for Russian travelers. And, secondly, it is unlikely domestic Tours less instructive and interesting than exotic alternatives. Rather, it is – evidence of ignorance of their own country and its history.

Language Pollution - May 7, 2012 by Jackie

In fact, restrict ourselves to what this word means today, and if such a meaning has not changed substantially since the first time use of language pollution, it is clear that a complex meaning gives rise to a complex word, consisting of other such that combined give the total of what is meant. In short, it is possible settlement. From here, the matter might seem simple. Since water is one of the first items that man could name, it is not surprising that different cultures relatively remote areas use the simple monosyllable sound to name ur water, and the same could be said with regard to the suffix ka or eta in relation to some form or place, so that one could easily conclude that it is indeed Urrieta: water + adjective (or conjunction) + site (or form). Let's start with ur. There are some examples that confirm the ur-water relationship, not only in the Indo-European, where as urceus Latin words to describe pitcher, or urbs to city (no city that does not have an original settlement near water) indicate that prior ur (also in Basque ur is just water, and although there were a home language is likely to share certain features of closeness, if only because of their geographical proximity, with other pre-Roman languages) (the case of the word muga is also significant towns like bread or Muga Muga Aliste border could be some time in their history) (oddities of language that point to a living relationship between ancient languages in the same way that happens in the present).

On with-e (t) ka. Consider first the suffix-ka. Some of our cities, of which retained the name of pre-Roman origin have this ending. Salamanca or Cuenca, for example. Kunka is the name registrta in the local toponymy to designate the peak of a mountain, a popular way of wolves in the Sierra de la Culebra. Betting on the Indo-Germanic meaning of ku-as a wolf, we could reasonably think that it is not a coincidence.

That is, far removed from areas might be a familiar language, which kunka could be "the hill of the wolves" and "ka mean something like" high place "or" pointed shape (we reached the same conclusion if we trace the word Celtic Oak bullaka-bulb of spherical shape with protrusions in the form of spikes). In short, suffice to show that et (ka) indicates "as opposed" a-ka, to reach the starting point and make logical our assumptions. In the area of influence Veton, "iet" is a conjunction that means "low" or "no", could then establish a similar correspondence? It is, to our regret, difficult to reach the same conclusions with some forcefulness. But is there another alternative? In Basque Urria means we have little or slow, which is not so far from smooth, a wave that is slow is a smooth wave, and that is visually Urrieta meaning. (Also in October is Urrieta Basque, a month of water a month soft). Do we then on the track of a linguistic element protoastur? In any case and without having to obtain conclusions that might be confused, it seems clear that the word Urrieta contains traces of meaning that have been retained from ancient times. "Target =" _blank "'.

The Wilderness - May 1, 2012 by Jackie

John fills the mouth talking about to come. Neither complaint or require that the night is easy. It's there, crying and live there, due in the assigned sector. God out of anonymity, not him. Pathways of its history are told in the Bible, others are outside the record. What resulted was the sum of all the evenings spent alone, without company or dialogue or changes? How many sunrises crucial joined their loneliness? Who hugged her when she needed shoulder wet with tears of affection? What did she felt was not more? How to resist the aggression of the monotony? What continued to believe and be faithful when it seemed that nothing was wrong, that was all the same? The voice of one crying in the wilderness.

One changed the times, became the world that, John spent, and we happen to live in this overpopulated society. There are districts packed with people, a saturation of human beings who speak all at once and discuss, smoke, pressure, seduce, flee, eat, drink, reject, copulate, poguean, kill, run, speed, survive, forget, eat, claim, deny and do not address the issue of the company. The church walks in a world. And while not guaranteeing a good seal or the removal of loneliness, because temples are sometimes a pile of their own, the church is being convened to cry in the wilderness. And if being together hinder obedience to the mission, what would become of us if our space would have been the same context of John, that sharp vacuum, because the desert has more than one empty. It is an uninhabited place, but crowded caresses concerns, tensions, fears, surprises, dangers, fears, doubts, questions, skepticism, confrontation, boredom and loneliness.

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