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Month: April 2012
Map Triggers - April 21, 2012 by Jackie

Triggers – are certain places (the so-called 'points') on various maps by clicking on whom (or through) who, after a specified time on the map will be a certain sound (it can be all over the map, and in its separate parts). In general, triggers are used by experienced players to confuse opponents, especially when they were in the majority. But beginners do not know about the triggers, and this is often a give and receive a bullet in the head and then wonder, 'where he knew I was there'? Consider the example card de_train in kc. So, the first flip-flop refers to any open stairway plantations (map center). Once a player rises or climbs down the ladder, he thereby activates a trigger that will work in four seconds, and the entire map will be the sound of aircraft. This is the most useful of all the existing trigger, since the delay between the activation of the trigger and the emergence of sound card only four seconds, and, secondly, the sound goes all over the map, it can be heard everywhere. That is, you can learn the location of the enemy, even while on the other end of the map.

Thus, do you know where to wait for an attack. At the same time, you can confuse the enemy, for example, to make such a maneuver as a pseudo-activation of the trigger a little to climb the ladder, and then immediately jump off and wait for the enemy will move in the direction of this point to Head set:), being fully confident that you are there and not looking carefully at the sides. This can be used to take him by surprise, and putting himself Head, thereby disrupting the enemy's plans are tricky. Minus trigger – works only once every three minutes … The second trigger is called Pop-Dog. It is activated within three seconds after someone get through at any wagon with the words Pop-Dog. These cars have both the center of the map (open Plant), and internal (open) Plante.

Published sound barking dog. A delay of three seconds, a very useful trigger. Running every 90 seconds. Last on the list on this map, the third trigger. The trigger occurs when movement of players in the alley next to the green ('brilliant green', leads from the T spawn to the open Plant, located in the corner of the map, near the spawn of T). The delay is only one (!) Second – it is very small, working trigger every 90 seconds. This trigger extremely useful, since the very beginning of round CT can learn from some of the front to wait for the attack of T. On the other hand, T, in turn, can use this trigger for divorce CT – that is, activate it, and quickly escape from the green thereby buying time and gaining some advantage. Now you know why you need all these, as it seemed before – unwanted sounds in kc. And you probably noticed that the sound is not only to train, but on mapah de_cbble, de_aztec, and others. I tell them about a the next review. Watch for new articles on rusarticles.com!

Dating Clubs - April 14, 2012 by Jackie

Some agencies dating to its customers organize free dating clubs, where the partying singles, only for them to have a wide choice when looking for its second half and were able to better communicate and get to know each other. I will not now comparative analysis of these different ways of dating to create a family-dating agency, dating someone over 30, singles flirt parties, clubs and other meetings, as most people choose the most convenient, in something safe, but most often tested for other or recommended by friends and girlfriends, a way to get acquainted with his second half to build a family. My goal – to give some Recommendations for those who still dare to come to the party in Moscow singles dating and considering this option as an interesting and promising for themselves. With all the vast opportunities of our city dating Moscow – not an easy occupation, because life in Moscow is very dynamic and replete with all sorts of events, and work is very time-consuming, which is so lacking in personal life and, especially, on the evening visiting Dating in Moscow with a view to finding a life partner and to create a family with his chosen one. The first nuance peculiar to partying singles – it's a short period of dialogue with himself conversationalist. Throughout the party Dating is 10 – 12 contacts with other participants, who came to the party flirting dating to find their soul mate. And you only have time to get accustomed to his companion and ask mood share their impressions of the party dating, as the phone rings, calling men – dating parties party – change your place of deployment. And you, caught in the middle, put forward to meet new participating parties singles, waiting for his well-deserved attention to portions and treats you as a potential mate with tselyusozdaniya family. Thank God, that among the guests, most of our parties dating people – educated and intelligent people who came to Moscow dating "Romance" with specific intent to meet a soul mate, meet for a serious relationship and have a good evening circle of friends.

Video Streaming - April 6, 2012 by Jackie

Naturally, that for all must pay a price. So for all the benefits and delights of live video streaming you have to pay in any case the volume of this information, that is, the volume of traffic for your target customer. Today for many people the Internet speed of obtaining data from the global web is still a big problem. In general, it is low, because the vast majority still uses dialup (telephone) connection for communication over the Internet. Naturally, this imposes on the transfer of large amounts of information more restrictive. Well, as streaming Internet video capacious enough fun, the large and high-quality videos over the Internet will be able to afford to watch a few of your target audience.

And it should always be considered first when creating video for the Internet. There should always start from the minimum opportunities for potential clients, not the presentation of the skill and desire to do as best as possible, and more. So there is still only three choices: You must make your videos in the first place in a small pixel expansion horizontally and vertically, and secondly you must use the maximum data compression, even in a clear loss in image quality. If done correctly, then this video will normally see even Vasya Pupkin Zaholupovo from the village, which is located in the middle of nowhere, and Vasya will be connected by telephone with his grandfather modem speed 33.6:)) You can always offer two options for people with watching the video over the Internet: First is the poor quality and small size for the default option, and secondly, under the first option you can offer a link to a page which will be built better and more more capacious clip that can look happy owners direct and fast connections to the Internet It is recommended as necessary to provide a link for downloading a video file of your presentation on a computer potential customer.

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