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Month: January 2012
Nail Extensions - January 28, 2012 by Jackie

Woman's hands can say about it very much! It is not an open secret that the arms along with the figure of a woman and her eyes – one of the first places that pay attention to men. Probably not any of us do not like the groomed hands – it speaks against the woman herself and for her appearance. It is quite another to see beautiful and well maintained with neat handles and attractive nails, whether it's normal hygienic manicure with nails covered clear varnish or a light jacket, and can be elegant or festive evening nails, graft in an expensive salon. I would like to see that beautiful nails – it's the first thing that attracts attention when it touches the hands of women, and only then gaze presents fingers, hands and your skin. Let's talk more about nail enhancements.

Nails often build up with acrylic or gel, there is also a method of capacity on the basis of fabric coverings, but it is in our country for less than the most common. What are the differences of gel nails acrylic nails? By and large, to the end consumer, so to speak, there are no, no, the difference with what materials to produce the desired result. But a few years ago the question was what to choose more acute. There were many pros and cons, such as acrylic when it singles out a particular breed smell that is not only not very pleasant, but often cause an allergic reaction, but today there is probably no more than one manufacturer, which does not produce its series of acrylic and odorless.

Treatment Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD / Ocd ) - January 15, 2012 by Jackie

We are ready to conduct a survey and if you need something we will your treatment. Our experts will help you and your family to recognize and treat disease. We specialize in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD / OCD) in traditional and not traditional methods. The main cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder – a biological predisposition, which is expressed in a different structure of the healthy human brain. In addition, many character traits as well contribute to the development of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder affects as a rule, people sensitive, delicate, demanding to themselves and to others who want to perfection and order. And it's mostly intellectuals.

Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder may as medication and drug-free. In Russia today, are preferred. However, the preferred method is namely non-pharmacological treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder with no side effects and not addictive .* How is the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in absentia? * 1. First of all, we will provide on-line training benefits, the writing center professionals 'No Fear' and based on the most advanced western techniques. These tutorials will give you a complete and accurate understanding of your obsessive-compulsive disorder and drug-free methods of eliminating it. 2. Immediately after the recording of the course, you will be attached to a personal psychologist, who will accompany your treatment process for 30 dney.Vy be able to ask questions and get answers and support to all treatment period. 3.

Because obsessive-compulsive disorder has many forms, you will be sent questionnaires on the basis of which we get a clear picture is your chance. Further treatment program will be based precisely on the results of these questionnaires. 4. With the help of tutorials, you learn techniques of exposure therapy, which will begin to execute immediately after learning the theoretical part. You will not be easy, but our psychologists will support you in difficult times. Communication with the psychologist is on the phone, by e-mail, ICQ or by videoconference SKYPE. 5. As you move, you fill in an online special report about your treatment to be monitored and reviewed by leading your psihlogom. That way you can avoid common mistakes and accelerate their return to normal life. Remember! You can get rid of obsessive thoughts only several weeks of hard work on himself. We are happy to assist you in this matter.

Rorschach Test - January 9, 2012 by Jackie

As well as the ability to realize their desires and needs, their inconsistency. On the strength of our inner self, or ego depends on our adaptation, our efficiency and success. In other words Rorschach test provides information about the needs of the individual, that makes a person happy or unhappy, what are the internal conflicts and contradictions, that excites him and what he has to hide from himself and is afraid to admit it himself. Rorschach test to determine – such is the human reaction to particular situation, or is it his constant style of behavior dictated by nature. Why use Rorschach test professionals? Psycho individual – identifying the various features of the human person with scientific purposes, in matters of personal compatibility, physical fitness and vocational guidance. Pathopsychological assessment – identifying pathopsychological signs, their hierarchical relationships, evaluation of syndromic pathopsychological changes and specific directions of disturbances of mental activity, typical for this form of disorder, the establishment of pathogenic interactions between pathopsychological symptoms and clinical manifestations, and thus the psychological mechanism of disclosure of mental disorders in this particular patient. Clinical diagnosis – assessment of a number of scales makes it possible to test determine the likelihood of the patient different psychopathological conditions – depression, psychosis, obsessions, trauma and to assess the patient's risk of suicide. Thus helping the clinician to differential diagnosis.

The organization of psychotherapeutic interventions and psychocorrectional – forecast of intervention, intervention planning psychotherapy based on the identification of maladaptive behavior, and resource elements, forming a therapeutic alliance, assessing the effectiveness of psychotherapy. There are techniques to use tables with patches of Rorschach in psychotherapy is not so much with diagnostic, as it for therapeutic purposes. Rorschach-counseling. This method works with the Rorschach test, when, after the testing procedures and results, you can handle for a few meetings with a psychologist to discuss findings. This is useful for making a decision about the possible passage of your therapy, in connection with a particular problem for self-knowledge.

Rorschach test is also used in diagnostic group, in the family counseling. And you can go Rorschach test on a computer on the Internet? To date, there is no valid (true), a computer program for the Rorschach test. So of course you can go, just results of this test will be unreliable and therefore useless. By the way, pay attention to the spelling of names Latin Rorschach – Rorschach. If it says otherwise – you're dealing with charlatans. Self-respecting rorshahiane never make mistakes in writing. Lyubimova N., MD

Adenoviral Disease - January 1, 2012 by Jackie

If adenoviral disease is often noted the development of follicular or membranous conjunctivitis (sometimes unilateral), kerato-conjunctivitis and lymphadenopathy in combination with a cold, pharyngitis and bronchitis, the advent of atypical pneumonia ("dumb" or giving scant Physical data and detects mainly X-ray), the longer the feverish reaction (sometimes up to 2-3 weeks), and the children – gastrointestinal syndrome. Intoxication is expressed less clearly than the flu. In the presence of measles should be considered conjunctivitis, a significant puffiness face, the reaction of peripheral lymph nodes, spots Belsky – Filatov – Koplik, the appearance of the rash pyatnistopapuleznoy behind the ears and neck with a 3-4th day of fever. Similar to the flu cause the clinical picture of many viruses are poorly understood (Eaton agent, rhinoviruses, reoviruses, parainfluenza, etc.). The differential diagnosis of influenza with these influenza-like illness is difficult because of the complexity complexity and inaccessibility of the practitioners of the virological investigations. Treatment. With the flu need to be in calf mode during the febrile period. For the treatment of influenza flu dry whey used in combination with sulfanilamidnymi drugs (0.5 g) by injection or retraction of the nose 2-3 times a day until the termination of acute effects.

For inhalation and instillation into the nose convalescent serum is applied to 1 ml 3-4 times daily for 2-4 days. In the primary influenza pneumonia useful intramuscular 2 – 5 ml of influenza serum. In early childhood shows convalescent serum therapy by 10-30 ml IM 1-2 times or gamma globulin to 0.3 ml per 1 kg of weight. Promising for the treatment of antimetabolites (IFN), preventing the synthesis of virus in the cell, in combination with other therapeutic agents. In severe and complicated bacterial infection during the influenza demonstrates the use of sulfonamides and antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline antibiotics). Course duration is determined depending on the therapeutic effect (usually 3-5 days).

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