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Month: December 2011
Treatment for Sore Throats - December 23, 2011 by Jackie

You recently had a cold again. The voice was hoarse, painful swallowing. What do I do? Need to start treatment with drinking water treatment. If you want to drink a painful throat, lots of water. It will moisten the mucous membrane, and 'Flush out' the fragments of dead cells and toxins that have arisen as a result of microbial. Doctors recommend drinking at least 2-2.5 liters per day.

But many of us make a very big mistake by trying to the pain with hot drinks, which is equal to the temperature of the boiling point. This is wrong. Need to drink a warm liquid, which you can sip without blowing. Still need to fasten their gaze on the acidity fluid. The fact is that overly acidic environment promotes the proliferation of microorganisms. That is why all drinks must be alkaline or have a neutral pH. It can be plain water, tea, cocoa, infusions of medical herbs, noni, berry nectar or sweet juices – carrot, pear.

But cranberry juice, juice from citrus juice and pineapple drink is not advised. In addition, for a period of illness must renounce soft drinks, which differ his aggressiveness. Advantage in the treatment of throat gargle belongs. Wash flushed throat be at least five or six times a day. Warm herbal teas not only wash away the ball from the throat edema of the microorganisms and toxins, but also facilitate the process of swallowing. Very good for a sore throat teas of chamomile, calendula, hypericum, oak bark, eucalyptus leaves. But if the hand did not have herbs in a glass of warm water allowed to dissolve a third of a teaspoon of ordinary table salt. This mixture has an alkaline reaction, and very very clean sore throat. Extremely well the iodine solution, which can be prepare at home for just a couple of minutes. You need to pour a glass of warm water three or four drops of iodine and salt on the tip of a knife. However, it must be remembered that such rinsing is not allowed for patients with thyroid disease cancer. Beautiful results give inhalations that its effectiveness is not inferior to the special physical therapy procedures. They are also difficult to make at home. By the way, is not recommended inhalation water, which boiled over just because it's too hot water provokes a reflex contraction of the pharynx and exhausting cough. Because of this, a ready solution must stand for at least two or three minutes and cool to at least eighty-five degrees. Yet it must be said, inhalation solution must have an alkaline environment, which does not like pathogenic bacteria, and is harmful to them. Consequently, the infusion of herbs to add a little salt or baking soda. The duration of inhalation within 5-7 minutes. Exceed this time are not worth it. After the expiration of his inhalation becomes ineffective because of weak saturation vapor anti-inflammatory ingredients. After the treatment for one hour can not eat, drink, smoke and more – all this washes away from the surface of the throat dosage ingredients that were on it, and makes inhalation useless.

Essential Oils - December 18, 2011 by Jackie

Essential oils. Airtime Lavender oil is a natural oil refined Avocado 2. Regular exercise. In the fight against cellulite, it is necessary first of all, load the hips, buttocks and abdomen. For this fit sports: swimming, jump rope, Bradeks (Bradex), Leg and arm Thigh Master (Bradex)), Fitness Ring L0113 (Fosta) Ring pilateza workout. 3. Anti-cellulite massage. A very effective way of getting rid of cellulite – massage! This massage increases blood circulation and metabolism substances in the skin is burning fat.

Massage can be carried out as his hands, and special devices, which are now the choice is great. Recommended banks cellulite (massaging vacuum cans) is a very effective and inexpensive device. Good massage combined with exercise, it helps warm up muscles before loading. WARNING: you can not carry out massage, with veins and red veins under the skin. 4.Antitsellyulitnaya cosmetics. The use of anti-cellulite massage anti-cellulite cream or massage oil, for example, jojoba oil massage the natural and physical exercise provides a triple effect. It should be understood that only the use of One anti-cellulite cosmetics cellulite will not disappear, this makeup is only effective in combination with massage and training.

Water protsedury.5. A remarkable remedy for cellulite – a steam bath or sauna. Bath improves microcirculation of blood vessels, removes excess fluid from the intercellular spaces, burns fat, tones the skin. Douches also gives a noticeable effect in the fight against cellulite, you need only remember that in this fight requires perseverance and regularity. 6. The use of compresses. Certainly in the fight against cellulite can not do without compression. Very nice effect is the use of special clothing and linen, creating a sauna effect. Wearing such clothing with a special cream (Anti-Cellulite cream with caffeine) makes a noticeable polozhielny result. 7. Aromatherapy. Of course, we can not mention one effective direction of the fight cellulite – about aromatherapy. The use of aromatherapy essential oils that break down oil zhiryEfirnoe Lemon Essential Oil Orange, Essential Oil Geranium Egyptian) are very effective against cellulite. And most important. Before you begin a targeted anti-cellulite, decide whether you are ready to persevere, whether it's you. Remember because cellulite is not a disease and more tsellyuliteto sign of intelligence

Mesotherapy - December 11, 2011 by Jackie

Preporaty for Mesotherapy can be performed both on the basis of one active substance or several. And they both can be used as a ready-koteylyah and cooked just before use. PREPARATIONS BASED Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) RESULT: Increases skin tone (Lifting effect). Improves skin quality (smooth, Smooth and velvety). Smooths Skin microrelief. Increase the density SKIN. SMALL PERSISTS WRINKLES, reduces wrinkles EXPRESS. Preparations of hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is often used for mesotherapy.

It is effective for the treatment of age-related changes, inflammatory processes and scarring of the skin. Hyaluronic acid in this case, stimulates the metabolic processes in cells and intercellular space of the skin, promotes the formation of new blood vessels in the area. Mesotherapy with the use of hyaluronic acid should be performed regularly, as it quickly turned into metabolic processes and is completely resorbed within 2-3 weeks (the more dehydrated skin, the faster). A full course of mesotherapy takes up to five months, depending on the initial state of the skin. RESULT: improves skin quality (smooth, Smooth and velvety). Increases skin tone (Lifting effect).

Smooths Skin microrelief. SKIN By becoming more 'CONTENT', to maintain the required level of UVLAZHENNOSTI increases the turgor. Reduces the intensity 'Stagnant' STAIN postacne. Shrinks the size of hypertrophic scars. ON THE BASIS OF PREPARATION Hexapeptide RESULT: Smooths Skin microrelief. PERSISTS fine lines, shallow wrinkles EXPRESS. Preparations based on glycosaminoglycans RESULT: improves skin quality. Align Microrelief SKIN. Smooths out small wrinkles. The positive dynamics for Acne Hyperpigmentation AND CORRECTION. Preparations based on Collagen and elastin RESULT: improves skin quality. Smooths Skin microrelief. Reduces wrinkles and folds. Shrinks the size of RASTYAZHOK. Preparations based on biologically active substances (BAS) KAVIAR RESULT: speed up the metabolism. ENABLING Reparative processes in the skin. Accelerate TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION AFTER THE invasive procedures. PREPARATIONS BASED ON SUBSTANCES mineral reduces the depth and quantity (due to acceleration The regeneration process).

Treatment Of Chronic Prostatitis - December 2, 2011 by Jackie

The prostate gland is one of the major organs of the reproductive system of men. Diseases of the prostate have a negative impact on sexual, genital, urinary, and hormonal functions still blooming male body. Except suffering from these disorders and general health (lethargy, fatigue, irritability). The main obstacle in the treatment of chronic prostatitis is the stagnation in the prostate. All physicians, urologists know how to difficult and sometimes impossible, to remove stagnant process in the prostate. Drugs simply do not penetrate into the prostate, and does not create an effective concentration in the tissues. To solve this problem using a variety of techniques, from primitive mechanical finger massage to use the vacuum, alternating currents, etc.

But none of them is not effective enough. In the urological clinics in Germany and Switzerland for drainage using shockwave therapy. Prostate cancer is one of the most terrible diseases of the strong half of mankind. Susceptible to the disease about 10% of men. His cunning is that he, as an experienced engineer carefully disguised his mine to the one remaining unnoticed, brought the maximum damage. The cancer process at other sites, often makes itself felt, showing those or any other specific symptoms: blood in the urine of cancer kidneys, loss of appetite, aversion to meat, pain, stomach cancer, etc. And with prostate cancer often occurs under the guise of common ailments such as prostatitis and BPH. Even today, urologist, having arsenal of diagnostic tools, it is difficult to identify prostate cancer at an early stage of development, when radical treatment can be effective. To help the doctors there is an available method of control of the cancer process – determination of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in blood serum of patients.

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