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Month: October 2011
Botox - October 29, 2011 by Jackie

How it works? Mechanism of action of Botox lies in the fact that the drug, interrupting the communication between nerve and muscle fibers, "off" the muscle, thereby reducing its activity. "Switching off" fibers are at rest, gradually smoothed out, and we lost over their former power, learn to show their emotions without their reflection on our face. Effect of the drug is felt in the first two or three days after the procedure, and the full therapeutic effect is achieved by the end of the second week. Eventually you wean severely reduce the eyebrows, mouth corners down dejectedly and screw eyes and learns to control his facial expressions. Actions take place – effect remains Botox is not "off" muscle Forever – The validity period of the drug strongly individual and can range from three months to a year that someone may seem big minus. In fact, this is a plus, allowing you to control the situation.

Often we do not dare to some cosmetic procedures, subconsciously dreading it irreversible changes. With Botox you have such a problem will not happen. If something does not like or you're bored of your favorite facial wrinkles, to understand exactly what it gave you a special appearance charm, you can no longer have recourse to Botox and satisfied with the result achieved. Those who are determined to change his appearance for the better and is going to use Botox to the final victory over mimic wrinkles, we can advise the following: do not repeat the procedure until the effect of the drug is not over yet, wait until the complete cessation of its operation – so you get the best results.

Exercise Tips - October 18, 2011 by Jackie

Inflate the leg muscles: the soleus muscle (lateral side of the calf) / sequestering activity / blows up the side of the calf Technique Sit in a simulator for the ups on your toes while sitting. Lift up the cushions and put your feet on the cushions footrest so that your heels dangle over the edge. Your feet should be parallel to each other. Move over on the seat – cushion should lie clearly on the downhill quadriceps.

Straighten your torso. Take a deep breath and hold your breath, stand on your toes and lift your heels as high as possible. At the top point on the 2-3 second pause and struggled strain soleus, beneath the gastrocnemius. Exhale and slowly lower your heels as low as possible. Once you feel that a good strained calf, immediately begins to rise on your toes. For better stability hold hands on the edge of the seat or the handles on the frame, which carries the rollers. Tips To thoroughly get both sides of the soleus muscle (lateral and internal) at the top have to make a long pause (2-3 seconds, no less). Necessarily bend, unbend the ankle joint to the total amplitude.

Try to raise your heels as high as possible, and drop – as low as possible. This improves the flexibility of the ankle joint and the elasticity of his ligaments, which further will save you from injury during aerobic exercise. In the absence of a simulator for lifts on their toes while sitting exercise can be performed on a conventional bench, putting pads on the foot bar with a minimum height of 10 cm – the main thing that you able to fully straighten the ankle joint, without touching the floor with his heels.

Adult Supervision for Exercises - October 15, 2011 by Jackie

But do not forget that such exercises can be done only child under the close supervision of an adult. Climb something, he soon learns, but the climb down – much later. And if you are not sure that can always keep your child in sight, with sports complex can be postponed. Safer in this regard items such as slide and trampoline, although they require the presence of an adult. Assortment of plastic slides, which you can install directly into the apartment or summer cottage, very great. See only that it was not too high.

Ride the hills like almost all kids. In addition, it stimulates the development of skill balance, back muscles, form a quality as courage. A trampoline can also be put in an apartment if ceilings are high. On sale is a collapsible model when , you can unscrew the legs and slide the shell somewhere. Pleasure is the sea and not less good for of ligaments and tendons. Selection of toys for the two-year is very diverse. It is worth paying attention to the various toys.

Not be amiss to acquire the logical cube with holes, which need invest different geometric shapes, thematic framework-liners for the study of the concepts of "more" – "less", puzzles for the youngest (of 3 or 6 elements), lace, an assortment of which are very plentiful. Designers and Mosaic is already possible to choose and with finer detail. At the age of 2 years of each child (and girls and boys) have already come in handy doll, the most common, with large facial features with a kind smile.

Cellular Physiology - October 6, 2011 by Jackie

When the AT-1 receptor is blocked, the angiosperm II and the rise and metabolite 1-7 activates the AT-2 receptor that plays an important role in remodeling and anti-proliferate effect on cardiac and vascular muscle. These anti-proliferation effects are unique in the sense that this receptor activates several phosphatase interacting with other signaling mechanisms coupled receptors G protein, as well as another class of growth factor receptors in mitochondria. All this becomes relevant, as the disease is characterized by hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy with a disproportionate increase in interstitial fibrosis and proliferation and hypertrophy of vascular smooth muscle, endothelial dysfunction, macrophage activation (MPC-1 activation) and activation of PDGF-inducing widespread fibrosis and atherosclerosis. A question that arises is whether everything published Yla hypertension is more, to an epiphenomenon of a chronic inflammatory disease, cardiovascular level a? a If this were so, angiotensin II play a central role, which overproduces the formation of peptide or aumentadaa is the expression of the synthesis of AT-1 receptor with a critical decrease of AT-2 receptor which enfermedad.a Seriana responsible for both phenomena could survive. a ANGIOTENSINERGICO SYSTEM IMPACT ON CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY a Established over 30 years that the angiotensinogen molecule is the limiting cell in the synthesis of tissue angiotensin II. Different proteases, in addition to producing renin angiotensin II (chimasas, dolphins etc.) And the other receivers that are widely distributed polypeptide found externally on the plasma membrane, and intracellular level in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and nuclear membrane. Angiotensin receptor AT1 and AT2 have been characterized and cloned.

Individual Training - October 4, 2011 by Jackie

Why do you go to the gym? If you do go there. To do this, you may have a lot of reasons. Here are some of them. In the gym you meet and chat with friends. You want to get you saw an athlete. In the gym you met with the girls. Trying to 'banish '.

Want to build a beautiful athletic body. Or maybe you're going to achieve world records in bodybuilding or powerlifting? Well, or just you really like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Everyone can find on this list their reasons for attending the gym. And if those reasons are aimed at achieving results, rather than fun pastime, then you need to think seriously about their training program. It should become an inseparable part of your sporting life. In any human work to assess the results critically important to have criteria for evaluation of the work itself. It is therefore necessary have a plan that you follow the practices. In any highly organizations have employees in all professions there are all sorts of job descriptions, they follow in carrying out their work.

A professional bodybuilding – so if you want, too, a profession. And you have to compulsorily have their job description, your plan has its own training program. You must not deviate from it under any circumstances. Do not hesitate to have a notebook, which will be written to your training program, compile it with the coach and mark it all the details of your work. Eventually, when your muscles start to grow, and the body change, you will feel that training becomes inferior, you do not spread completely. Do not worry, this is the result of your professional growth. In order to continue to grow, to continue improve, you need to change your training program. Make it more demanding, more professional. Only in this way, setting a specific requirements and objectives and fulfilling them, you will be able to every day you make a small step towards the goal. And over time, get a decent remuneration in the form of a strong and beautiful body.

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