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Month: September 2011
Billiards Ball - September 21, 2011 by Jackie

Not many are closely watching the all the championships and competitions in billiards, and accidentally hitting the broadcast of the next competition pool players, switch to another channel. However, few people are indifferent skill and professionalism of the "lords" cue, when they show off their dazzling "tricks." We marvel at their eye, a firm hand and a precise calculation, by which a simple touch the cue ball and suddenly turns into a enchanting show. The vast majority of those present at such moments they want to possess the same talent for getting the cue ball exactly fulfill all of your "wishes", easy and elegant motion to send the cue ball accurately on your planned trajectory. And tears at the same applause, only a small fraction of the satisfaction of knowing their power over what's happening at the table. But, it is the majority, unfortunately, it is feared that a colossal work, which have to travel to reach this "elegant ease and carelessness" of ownership cue.

Given the time it is carried out for workouts professional billiards player, this game is a sport. It present in both In-Competition "beginning" and the need for certain inclinations that need to be diligently to develop, to achieve the peak of mastery. However, this is just the game that allows you to relax. All just depends on the Your attitude and approach to it. But not necessarily to spend long hours at the pool table exhausting practicing "blow." Not necessarily to buy a billiard cue handmade, for what would be a fun game. One need only take a couple of friends, and go to the billiard club. Let the first time your blows will not accurate, let the cue sometimes will only slide on the ball. What is the difference that the ball is not potted, the main thing is to enjoy game.

So what, that at the next table are professionals, it is just an excuse to watch their manner of playing, techniques for their receptions. Keep your cue as horizontal as possible, before striking spend a few warm-up movements. No fuss. Do not rush and do not strain your wrist. When you hit save the immobility of the elbow, shoulder and head. Beat the "soft", but "through" the ball. Try to "catch the goal." When you hit a look at the ball. Make a brush stroke and part of the arm from elbow to wrist. Still missed? Do not be upset, eventually all the skills postponed at the subconscious level, will become muscle memory. In the meantime, relax, dissolve in the pool, feel the pleasure of most of the game. Immerse yourself in the very atmosphere of billiard club. And even if you do not prolong in their "embrace" green baize table, you still do not wake to regret the time spent playing. And probably more than once visit club, even if not for the game, and for the removal from everyday worries, what will help you a billiard table, cue and ball.

Formative Exercise Dumbbells - September 21, 2011 by Jackie

In the initial position slightly bend your elbows. This will help to work with more (Palms facing back) in the starting position. However, keep in mind that the benefits of this small, because at the turn of forearms around its axis 180 biceps tendon that attach to the elbow, severely twisted and biceps strength decreases. To achieve the maximum reduction in biceps, dumbbell, start turning when the elbow forms a right angle. Holding the breath while lifting dumbbells obegchaet hold the body in a stationary position and allows a better focus on muscle contraction. Do not bend or unbend his hands at the wrists by the end of the set. Keep your hands in line with the forearms. Application To: Everyone, from novice to master.

When: At the beginning workout for biceps. After lifting dumbbells for biceps standing Make lifts concentrated on biceps or upgrades to the biceps in the block machine. How much: 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Sports Rises dumbbells biceps standing shock increasing the weight and force of the biceps and other muscles involved in elbow flexion and forearm supination (turning the forearm around its axis outwards). The strength and power of these muscles largely determines your sport performance in weightlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, hockey, mountain climbing and other sports, which is characterized by bending the arm at the elbow. 3. Pump up your biceps: Middle and upper biceps, upper arm / Formative Exercise / Thickens mid bicep technique Take dumbbell in each hand a neutral grip (palm facing the side of the thighs).

Contraceptive Choices - September 18, 2011 by Jackie

Sometime in his youth, before the start of family life, I came upon a very small booklet. I do not remember the names and what she did not know, but here's a plate of it crashed into a memory forever, and ever since I use this knowledge and to practice them continuously for about 28 years. As a result, no unwanted pregnancies, the wife had never taken any hormones or something like that. Here is a small excerpt from the journal 'Gynecology. Magazine for practitioners. " 'Almost all the women start to use contraceptive 1 time in 25 years. Mostly it is oral contraceptives (hormone pills) or barrier (condoms). Latest cause more resentment than pills or hormone helix, which is pretty most use of their women.

In Russia, when in need of family control 46% of women have resorted to using condoms, 29% use IUDs. The most popular in all countries studied, are hormonal contraceptives: 90% of women are aware of them, 45% had ever used and 16% use in present. About tablets know 88% of those surveyed, 44% reported ever having used them, and 15% said they currently use. " The problem is concerned, we will solve it as follows: Table 1. All numeric data are given in days.

Cycle of early menstruation and before the next can, but we must remember the three days is impossible. Or protected by traditional. The best period. You can all! 21 2 8 11 22 3 8 11 23 4 8 11 24 5 8 11 25 6 8 11 26 7 8 11 27 8 8 11 28 9 8 11 29 10 8 11 30 11 8 11 Knowing that the egg lives 8 days not fertilized dies, it shall use. Suppose your cycle is 28 days. The first 3 4 days is impossible, it is clear, the possibility of an infection and no aesthetics. Also, doctors warn that the sperm remains active for 3 days (do not know who it is measured, but just in case it will be remembered) and what remains for us from the column number 2: 9 – (3 +3) = 3 days. Not a lot, but with courage and with all sorts of fantasies. Worse things are among those who cycle less and are much smaller. Well, further into the plate I I think everything is clear. Waiting for those 11 days – what a foretaste! It remains to acquire calendars. Especially men. Watch carefully for a wife or girlfriend. And the best just to ask, in the end it because it is also necessary. That's it. Hot and liberated you meet. Can quarrel in komentah indicated below the blog, or add something more substantial. I think that I'm not the only one who knows about it.

Princpiales Changes In Women After Pregnancy Pregnancy - September 12, 2011 by Jackie

It seems that everything but doubts before pregnancy, but really after birth there are many issues that mothers who have their first child are also raised. After birth, the mother can be released within twenty-four hours, but must do so under supervision and with caution since it is weak and may experience dizziness. Actually, the mother will come before 24 since urinate between two to four hours and you will notice discomfort in the bladder. Thus, with the emptying of the bladder, the uterus may regress correctly. With regard to personal hygiene, showers should be very short to avoid prolonged contact with the scar. On the second or third day if no complications, the mother can return to word1 and begin to perceive changes in their morphology.

First, the uterus is a wound caused by the placenta that leads to lochia acquaintances, which are red or yellowish substances result of various tissues and secretions. It is normal to have bleeding time, although it should clear up within the month or the fifth week. Compresses Cotton will be the main element of this phase are to be changed frequently. Do not expect to already very wet. The wound should be washed with soap and water. The soap should be neutral, such as coconut or other indicated for this purpose. This operation must be repeated at least twice a day, and use for the wound dry sterile gauze. To dry properly is not necessary to drag, enough to give hints as when we heal a wound in our daily lives.

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