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Gorgeous, acrobatic, and lit up, Sailfish rank as the # 1 sporty catch of south Florida. But there are many who are involved in the capture and release of these sought after game fish, after all, its price is not the best table. How much vacuum can be smoked sailfish eat? So what is involved in fishing for sailfish? What kind of bait? What is the best rod and reel set-up? What are some of the techniques used in the water? Let's start and learn from the end result and work our way towards the beginning. The fact is Sailfish fight with the heart, showing themselves in the acrobatics seen again and again. Have you ever run the 100 yards in high school? What happened when you finished? If you were like me, stood with his head between his knees and tried to catch his breath. A sailfish not have the luxury to sit and catch his breath, sinking. So what to do when you get a Sailfish that looks half dead beside her boat? It is necessary to revive him! Put on your gloves, grab his sandpaper like spindle beak, remove your hook and hold him boat side, preferably with the boat running. It is necessary to revive him for 5-10 minutes before letting him go. This may take a little patience, but the reward is great when your prize catch away in good health ready to fight another day. The above scenario is a bit traumatic for sailfish, do not you think? Not to mention a little novice. Most cases, when a sailfish has to be raised is because it has prolonged the struggle. Fighting Sailfish on anything less than 20 proof will prolong the battle unless you chase the fish. Personally I prefer the fight of my sailfish, without the help of the boat, but we also have that luxury, as the fish of a center console. My clients have on numerous occasions, he congratulated me on not to pursue the fish, shows the capture of their fish on their own. For example, if your 12 with a set-up, you must maintain at least 400 yards on your reel, and could still get queued for sailfish to his environment if not throw. Even if you do not receive queue is fun to see the fish jump, 300 meters from the boat not to mention all that line dragging in the water increases the risk of breakage. And finally, you could have your fish boat side an hour later. Fast reels, Hot baits One of my favorite companies set sail for fishing is a Shimano TLD 20, tail with more than 400 meters from Berkley Big Game 30-pound test, accompanied by a seven-foot, half action rod Oceanmaster. This rod and reel-up has caught tons of Sailfish over the years and remains unbeatable offshore. Maintenance of 4-5 pounds of resistance established in the position to strike, sailfish stay more within 150 meters of the boat and taken to the stern in 20 minutes. I use Berkley Big Game fishing line on most reels, it does not have a lot of stretch or memory and

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