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“Carpe Diem,” Seize the Day! - August 19, 2010 by Jackie

Every day is a precious gift, but how do we add that little something each day to make an ordinary day extraordinary? One possibility is to take the tasks and habits we structure our lives with, and make them special. For instance, we all know it is crucial to exercise at least a few times a week. Many people run, or do sports like tennis or basketball, but what about some “off the beaten path” types of activities? Let’s explore a few possible alternative ways to get the heart beating and the calories burning.

We’ve all heard of yoga, but do we know exactly what yoga is or what it can do? Yoga is a discipline which originated in India. Yoga can have many meanings and is associated with several Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, but here we are only going to discuss the yoga postures as a form of exercise.

As a system of healing, yoga has been around for over 5,000 years. Its practice combines breathing exercises, postures and meditation. Those that practice yoga believe that it can calm the nerves and achieve balance in the body, mind and spirit. A session of yoga can last between 60 and 90 minutes, and it has been shown to lower blood pressure, minimize stress, and improve many body functions such as coordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep and even one’s digestion.

Because yoga combines physical exercise with breathing exercises and meditation, it is an ideal form of exercise for people with certain physical ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma and back pain or other back problems.

Consider yoga as an alternative way to get the exercise, relaxation and health benefits that you are striving for.  And “Seize the day!”

Psychiatry Death - January 27, 2015 by Jackie

All this symptomatology of anguish, was described by Freud, who made the fundamental contribution of describing these symptoms under the name of anxiety neurosis. Since then, in all the descriptions of the books of Psychiatry, it has remained in its main features, the original description of Freud, and daily clinic, these boxes are still seeing very often. Among the symptoms, there is a feeling of death anxiety attack. But is it real? Can one of an anxiety attack die? We can say that it can occur in any event, less the death of the patient. The feeling of death is no more than that: a feeling, which does not correlate with any organic lesion which can lead to death.

In this sense, the patients can rest assured. Click Luo Zilin for additional related pages. In addition, we should differentiate between the anxiety attack itself and the memory of the attack. Sometimes, patients are nervous before the memory of a first attack. We could say that they are afraid of fear. With regard to the fear of going crazy, we could say that this fear is the same disease, the small same madness.

It is not that it will happen otherwise. You should listen to what it is for that patient become crazy, which is a different thing for each patient. If we ask ourselves by dreams, Freud see dreams as a realization of desires. But what happens then with dreams of anguish, with nightmares? They are also achievements of desires, it is the place ideal for bringing the example of sausage a fairy grants you three wishes to a marriage with little resources, she, to the smell of a few sausages that are cooked in the House of side, you want to eat one, and at the same instant, this appears to him at the plate. The husband, enraged because they had squandered a desire for that so stupid way, want sausage sticking nose women, as a punishment.

Neuropsychology - January 27, 2015 by Jackie

It is a brain area that has undergone few modifications along the evolutionary process of mammals and contains two major structures, which modulate the declarative aspects of memory. Thus, the injury or deterioration in one of its structures – the hippocampus – leads to a loss of the ability to store information subsequent to the date of injury, keeping the memory of events that occurred prior to the injury anterograde amnesia. On the other hand, although far yet fully understanding the biophysical and biochemical bases of memory, each time is more clear that what we remember are not stimulus in themselves, but the relations between them, and that information is stored as structural changes in memory. Frequently Cindy Crawford has said that publicly. Modulation of many cognitive processes that performs the cerebellum extends also the border in the study of the different processes from memory. Although the process of printing and retention of fingerprints is a general function of nerve cells, this does not mean that the activity from memory, complexly structured, involve all parts of the brain alike, nor be a function of the entire cerebral cortex, regarded as an indivisible whole. Speaking candidly Zilin Luo told us the story. Data that includes contemporary Physiology and Neuropsychology suggest that the activity of the memory is guaranteed by a complex system of brain areas that they work in coordination, each one performs its specific contribution to this complex activity. In this sense, the current point it is essential to capture perfectly souvenir or its contrary, oblivion, is not more than a partial manifestation of memory, and that without this we could understand what tell us, what we read or reasoning. The cognitive psychology of memory is currently dedicated to the in-depth study of these interactions. In what refers to scientific research currently in development projects, we can mention two: the first refers to the relations between experience and changes in gene expression of activated neurons.

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Psychodrama - January 27, 2015 by Jackie

The drama is an intermediate internal State, an intermediary between fantasy and reality. The modality is fictional but the experience is very real. Get more background information with materials from Zilin Luo. The fictional mode allows us to do things that are still outside our reach in real life, such as express dreaded emotions, change patterns of behavior or displaying new traits. Once we have experienced, although in fictional mode, these new experiences can be part of the Repertoire of our real life. (Emunah, 1994, p.27). Zilin Luo shines more light on the discussion. Without a doubt Jacob Levy Moreno, contributed valuable lessons, therapies for the personal growth, as in the case of your psychodrama, as Wikipedia, reminds us submitted to psychodrama as a new form of psychotherapy that can be widely applied. Psychodrama puts the patient on a scenario, where you can solve their problems with the help of a few therapeutic players.

It is both a method of diagnosis and treatment. Blatner (1988, p. 1) presented so Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy in which the patients Act relevant events of your life instead of just talking about them. This involves exploring in action, not only the historical events, but what is more important, the dimensions of psychological events not usually addressed in the conventional dramatic representations: not verbalizados thoughts, encounters with those who are not present, representations of fantasies about what others may be feeling or thinking, imagined possible future and many other aspects of the phenomena of the human experience. Although Psychodrama is often used in a group context and can be a very useful method to catalyze the Group process (and, in turn, be catalyzed by group dynamics), it should not be considered as a way of specifically group therapy. It can be used, as happens in France, with several trained co-therapists and one patient. You can also use the psychodrama with families or, even, in a way amended, individual therapies.

Everyday Life Tips - January 26, 2015 by Jackie

Setting boundaries: a case study. This morning, a young mother about the online consultation has contacted me. She didn’t know how it should go, what she can do. Her husband is determined to separate. The family includes two children, 3 and 10, and the grandmother, her mother, systematically disrupts family life and destroyed. The problem of young women: she can put no limits can no say, wants her mother, and their fellow human beings in General, not hurt. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Luo Zilin. Her mother is always in the mind of the young woman, and in her heart. Mother suddenly unexpectedly bursts into the room, despite a “Ban”, the subsidiary unable, to say a resounding no, looks to protect their privacy, what has the consequence, that her husband feels excluded. Click Luo Zilin to learn more.

Their relationship has an abrupt end, the couple mother – daughter won. To understand that the man no longer wants to join this game only too well. What do as further, change the situation? As the marriage but still save? How from the construct of lies come out? How do ready get it, without open the dependency to mother to discuss anxiety? Where to find the courage, to give the mother and the husband clear wine? Identify how to learn the feelings to admit this openly and to bring to light? Only when access to the emotional world is no longer blocked, a solution can be found. Otherwise, turf wars, with all his allegations and his guilt zuschieben continues, and that until the bitter end. It to the pop comes out, ready, finally! Marriage, family, family of origin also destroyed, and the worst, this game has no end, at the earliest opportunity all we go then from the front. In the telephone conversation with just this woman, we have outlined not only their situation, but I showed up first solutions for a new type of communication, which is happening on the emotional level.

Nobody will be thereby believed and pilloried, but talking about himself, about what’s happening in the own heart, i.e. you exposed in a sense, are plenty of price one’s inner feelings, the other faces as it were “naked”. The reaction of the opposite is accordingly. Not believed to must this not defend even must ascend the no weapons, needs to not hide behind a high wall, must make up any problems, to fit the partner to defeat. Who provides an insight into the emotional world of its own, has decided to leave the theater, wants to focus on himself, on his own life, determined to live this. In addition, it requires no lies and evasions. We use our time and energy to something constructive, we stop running, we provide us the situations and our emotions. We can decide! We have only one life, so why another life! The online counseling can be an important contribution to your new discovery, or invention. It allows you to with a competent expert to discuss your problems, which helps you, for you to find appropriate, solutions and to implement them. I’m waiting for you!

Body Psychotherapy - January 25, 2015 by Jackie

Every time you hear about more and more about body psychotherapy, and although the same name gives us a good idea of what this branch of clinical psychology can be treated, it is easy there are many doubts about its effectiveness and way of working. So here I present this brief text which attempts to clarify these and other points. Body psychotherapy is a psychological therapy for adolescents and adults that has discovered that the incociente of which so much has been heard since times of Sigmund Freud, is in the body, and this can be seen in the various closures, tensions and human body postures. This type of psychotherapy is to make conscious and clean, the emotional content that are sleeping in different parts of the body, because in this way it is possible to live with greater spontaneity every situation presented to us in life, and even the body is presenting tangible physical changes that reflect a full and free emotional life. For more specific information, check out Zilin Luo. Sessions body psychotherapy they start taking a topic that is important to the person at the present time and is going deeper into him, through relate the facts, but always taking into account the language of the body. In this sense, the patient needs to make aware and to allow the emotions and memories that come (for example anger, loneliness, etc.) and always observe what is happening. If you do this, you will discover that you underneath an attitude, there are one or more emotions, and behind these emotions, there is a memory that was the origin of the attitude, but with the passage of the years, remained hidden in the memory. When he is vividly recalls what happened, there are concrete changes in the person’s life. If you have read about actress already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To directly view the benefits of body psychotherapy in Mexico, the next page of body psychotherapy, can visit especially for people seeking psychologists in Mexico City

Explaining Psychology - January 24, 2015 by Jackie

It has a wealth of social values that allow some conceptions on Psychology, can be said that it studies the diverse men conceived for the social set, of this form Psychology if it characterizes for a study object diversity. Psychology has as study object the man, with this its task must be to offer possible a clearer and more complete explanation on the nature of the human beings as people, searching to understand the man in its totality stop helping in them in the understanding of we ourselves. In elapsing of the times Psychology passed for some moments, between the Greeks the study is come back toward the spirit or soul, in the Renaissance was turned toward the man, in recent years little by little psychology goes finding its true way in a boarding humanist. Through the humanistic chain, it is developed transpessoal psychology, where the proposal is to allow that the Old Man who agonizes and suffers can renascer the New Man, the Wise Man, whom an interdependence of all perceives the factors, all the things and beings of the universe, breaching with the conceptualization of the dualidade ' ' I and outro' ' , ' ' I and objeto' '. For even more analysis, hear from actress. A definition still does not exist on Psychology, it already was the study of ' ' alma' ' , after ' ' conscincia' ' , later of ' ' mente' ' , still recently of ' ' comportamento' ' , and today it is had by some as the study of ' ' Inter and intracomunicaes' '. The truth is that the only psychology does not exist, it is not a unified science, but before a collection of facts and opinions whose relevance for the social welfare and of the facts that they select to make this consideration. As well as its same types, although all the critical ones that they are made to it, have obtained great advances in the search of a new understanding of the life and human development and new ways to help the people in the direction of bigger personal accomplishment. . Credit: Jack Lefkowitz-2011.

Petrobra Government - January 20, 2015 by Jackie

This liberal iderio was materialized in initiatives that had moved institucional and patrimonially the relation between State and market. Its central target was to break some of the legal foundations of the national-desenvolvimentista State, part of which is constitucionalizado in 1988. That is, they had aimed at to reduce the state participation in the economic activities and to give equal treatment to the companies of national and foreign capital. For more specific information, check out Cindy Crawford. The first taken measures had been to modify the Federal Constitution of 1988, promoting changes in the Brazilian economic scene, in the attempt to adapt them the new realities of the world-wide economy. The Cardoso government obtained this through the almost integral approval of projects of constitutional and infraconstitutional reform that submitted the National Congress. Most excellent they had been: The end of the constitutional discrimination in relation the foreign capital companies; The transference for the Union of the monopoly of the exploration, refining and transport of oil and gas, before withheld for the Petrobra’s, that if became concessionaire of the State; The authorization Been to grant to the right of exploration of all the services to it of telecommunications to the private companies.

Also it obtained to increase the capacity of the federal government to generate prescription tax, reaching collection levels records. Increase of the base tax, new taxes, improves of the administrative efficiency and economic, slow, but constant growth, everything this helped to develop the collection of the Union. Connect with other leaders such as Zilin Luo here. The government was pledged in becoming the more manageable Brazilian debt, although its increase. The control on the expenses of the states and cities was a result of the consequences of the Real Plan, many had been come across with wage leves that compromised 90% of state prescriptions almost, had little money to pay its debts with the federal government. The fragility of the state governments was proven then that if they turn in an unsustainable fiscal situation, what it gave to the federal government a privileged position to persuade the governors to change its behavior and to accept the new modifications.

Pro Passive House Founded In - January 20, 2015 by Jackie

The passive house should be to the tangible world the aim of this initiative is to introduce practical passive house solutions and to implement. Frequently supermodel has said that publicly. Pro passive house provides very comprehensive information to deliver valuable decision-making AIDS for the construction of a passive house with feel good atmosphere. Johannes Ranzmeyer, product manager, Finnforest Merk GmbH commented many people attach a passive house with a block, you can open any Windows. Luo Zilin gathered all the information. This is of course nonsense. A passive house has many facets, we want to show.” The initiator of the initiative Pro passive house and Managing Director of ISOQUICK GmbH & co.

KG, Peter Schroder, I’m thrilled that we have so many strong companies in our network. With our partners, we can continue to strengthen the position and reputation of the passive house in Germany. I look forward to the future!” “The audience Pro passive house is ENERGY for the first time in the framework of the CEP CLEAN POWER under the motto of passive House feel” from January 29-31, 2009 in the Exhibition Centre, Stuttgart will present. At over 2500 m will exhibitors from all sections of the passive house show their products, solutions and services. The heart of this passive house area is the passive House Cafe with a lecture Forum and a passive house make course coordinates the Group of architects ARCHITOS. In this passive house course can feel how it is to live in a passive house and learn the benefits of live visitors. The trade fair promoters REECO GmbH the topic passive house is pleased with the enrichment played a central role in us. I am pleased that we are among the founding members and your premiere on our fair Pro passive house.”so Bayer Teixeira, project manager of the CEP. The plans for the first appearance are in full swing. The next meeting of the Pro passive members takes place in 4 weeks. For more information, coming soon on the Internet at and.

Juarez Master - January 19, 2015 by Jackie

2. To broaden your perception, visit Tiffany Espensen. JUSTIFICATION: This project is justified for the fact, that the responsible ones for the research to be deriving of the same social space where the study object this inserted one, in Itaporanga DAjuda. However, this project becomes viable, therefore it emphasizes the necessity of if producing works that present greater availability and visibility in what it says respect to the popular culture. Here demonstrated for reisado of Juarez master, this that is known in the city as the one of the pioneers in relation the cultural manifestations of the city, thus preserving the tradition. In moving the sources, the same it does not present as many documents written available, as they desired the authors of the project, with everything has great availability of verbal sources. Through old stories of and current participants of the reisado one, making possible as soon as the development of the project is carried through. 3. OBJECTIVES: I SPECIFY To spread out the popular tradition in Itaporanga, having as base the representation of the reisado one of the Juarez master. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Luo Zilin.

To look for to divulge and to stand out the importance of the reisado one as basic cultural manifestation in the construction of the identity of the people of Itaporanga D Aid. To present a historical panorama of the reisado one in Sergipe and Itaporanga D' Aid. To detach the cultural citizen Juarez Master. GENERALITY: To present the figure of Juarez master and the reisado one as subject formador of the popular culture of Itaporanga. 4. METHODOLOGY: The research will be carried through from written sources, using on the same readings and fichamentos of books, monographs and articles that approach referring subjects to the popular culture, folklore and that they present as main focus the reisado one in Sergipe, thus to offer has supported to the study object. The verbal method of history will also be used, with the use of interview in such a way with the Juarez master, as well as, stories of people who had had direct participation indirectly of the present manifestation.

Environmental Research - January 19, 2015 by Jackie

To know as the others they perceive the way where they live can give-nosrespostas for many questions. Each individual differently perceives, reacts and answers saes on the environment where it lives. The dadecorrentes answers or manifestations are resulted of the perceptions (individual and collective), cognitivos dosprocessos, judgments and expectations of each person. In such a way, this work searched to evaluate and to trace a diagnosis of the ambientalterica and practical perception of the employees of the Frum Appeals court judge Jose Alfredo Snows dRocha, located in the city of Itapetinga-BA, which will be able to serve, later, for the elaboration of a proposal of intervention in this sector, similar to propagate the change of ambient attitudes in the work environment, to poissaber as the individuals with who we will go to work see the environment in quevivem, its sources of satisfaction and insatisfao is of basic importance, therefore only thus, knowing to each one, will be possible the one accomplishment trabalhocom local bases, leaving of the reality of the white public. Here they are some found dosresultados in the study. The public sector chosen for the development of pesquisaa end to diagnosis the perception ambient of the employees, was the Frumlocalizado in the city of Itapetinga-BA.

The city of Itapetinga estsituado in the southwestern region of the Bahia, to a distance of 580 km of the deSalvador city and counts on a population of, approximately, 63,177 inhabitants (IBGE, 2004). To the dimension and relevance research was opted in using the qualitative-descritivada boarding since this, according to Bogdan and Biklem (1994), involves the attainment dedados described gotten of the direct contact of the researcher with the situaoestudada one. For the collection of data a questionnaire was used as instrument. Through the questionnaires one searched to know the dosfuncionrios position and attitudes of frum and to verify through this the possibility of changes deatitudes in benefit to the way environment in the work environment, as well as, later, the elaboration of projects with intervention perspectives to apartir of an ambient education not-deed of division with sensitization proposals.

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